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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-10-29
Teacher: Wave, Steven, Serena
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Mark: I have been petitioning Wave for some time and I believe I have a response so I would welcome Wave into our circle.

Wave: [Mark] Indeed, you do have a response and I will say it is all your fault. [laughs] You are indeed responsible, in this instance for the ringing of my bell and the summoning of my presence with your invocation of my name and its surrounding energy. Indeed it has been some time since I was in this very place and so fondly enjoyed the experience we had back then. It brings me great joy to come and visit you once again. Some of the very very few individuals on this world who might have some reference to me let alone the ones who might welcome me. So I thank you for this welcome.

We have a unique relationship and as such, in the scheme of things, this brings with it great potentials we might choose to engage in, not only you and this group, but including myself as an active member as well. You are indeed assembling quite the team that may be harnessed to achieve many divine results. I wish to more formally request to join your mission, to follow you into service and to be more an active part on your team than I have been. This may be accomplished by simply circling up and tying our interests together so that these energies that may be combined and issued into avenues of our choosing.

You may have noticed that your world seems in a bit of a turmoil these days with many values being challenged and questioned, ignored or emphasized. I believe you are counted among those who had some premonition of such times, albeit complete ignorance as to what they would look like as you will bear witness to now. I join you in your bid for service in whatever capacities you might choose to focus on. In a time of great tribulation it is nice to enjoy the solid footing of our spiritual connection and this connection we share even with the First Source and Center. Join me in gratitude if you will:

Divine Parents, it is so amazing to enjoy this experience which you have laid out before us and to take the steps of our own choosing and to create the path that we would make back to you. Thank you for the opportunity to do this with comrades and to be with each other in this process of growth and expansion. The journey is made so much sweeter when there are those to share it with and so we thank you for the gift of each other in this equation, for the camaraderie that we share when we travel these paths of spirit together. Drink this cup of love and joy with us as we celebrate this connection. It is with deep and humble gratitude that I join with you today and look forward to joining your next meeting, thank you.

Steven: [Mark] Yo dudes, it's me, Steven. I want you to consider that when you are engaged in your creative process and when things seem to fall into place and be "clicking" and you are riding this wave forward and merely attempting to keep from capsizing on this wave, that I am one who is there with you in those moments. I am one riding that wave, that surge of creative energy with you. It is something that we are generating in the process and then attempting to harness along the way. The energies are present and we are stimulated, causing them to rise and become a force of their own, of our own as we create them and I am with you in this process. I invite you to consider my presence when you are feeling the rush because I am there feeling it with you, I am there sharing in the excitement of the manifestation before us.

Find me on this carrier wave that we experience together for I am there with you enjoying the ride as you are and bringing to the equation the inspiration as you are and many times we are quite in synch my friend but you may not recognize my energy amongst the energy of the wave we are riding. Suffice it to say, I have been enjoying our latest efforts and looking towards the many opportunities that this progress presents. I work in such tandem with you as I have been requested to and am provided with the permission to be closely associated with you in this process. I continue to acknowledge these privileges you have provided and look forward to working with you more as we move forward. Thank you for setting a place at the table for me today. It has been my pleasure to be requested.

Comment: Thank you, keep me on the right path.

Wave: [Cathy] I am indeed joining you today in the attempt to expand your field of possibilities in manifesting and healing. Some of you began with manifesting myself and Light. That was a real step of faith into the unknown. For that step I am forever grateful. I have learned in subsequent experiences that manifesting operates within specific rules and patterns that are established by our Creator. You have begun the foundation for this activity. It is now available to step forward into an expansion of possibilities and these possibilities are boundless. You have moved in faith with a path so together we can form a new boundary of reality. You need to trust in each other and I will be there also.

Serena: [Cathy] I am pleased that you are discovering the basic patterns of universe reality. This will expand the possibilities for healing action on Urantia. Our plans are moving ahead of expectations. We are encouraged by the progress so far. Please bring the group together and proceed in bringing the healing of the Correcting Time that is needed.

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