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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-10-15
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Mark: Well, I bet we could make a space for Charles. Pull up a chair Charles and join us around the table.

Charles: [Mark] Thank you, I have been lurking in on your conversations and see many observations offered, many questions submitted, many different threads to take and follow that have been woven together and even in the course of this discussion we have seen a come around full circle to your own answering of your own questions. Simply by seeking and stating and pursuing you find answers as a result. So it is only for me to recap on the ground that has been covered here this morning when you bring your own lessons to class.

The first observation is one of contrast and appreciating that there are vast or minuscule differences between what you observe. Your ability to observe these various points on the scale offer you the opportunity to more precisely measure and evaluate your experiences in general. So when there is a really good transcript, for example, one may plot it on the graph to one end and likewise you are offered the opportunity to be exposed to another transcript which you would plot in another place on the scale of things. This is because you have some reference, you have some of this behind you as you have plotted many of these transcripts on your scale of belief and acceptance.

So as new ones come along they must find their way onto your chart, they must pass through your measure, through your filter of self and then it is you who will decide where they should be, to this side or that side of the one before. Is it a good thing or a bad thing each and every time? The real freedom and liberation comes when you realize that it is simply a thing, it is a point on the chart somewhere but it is you who brings with it the judgement of good or bad and how much. And this is as a result of your personality, where you have to stand for something and decide to not choose other things based upon this reference, this scale that you hold.

And so, I invite you to bless this scale of reference that you have accumulated your entire lives. Another way to plot a new place on your scale based upon your observation is when you have a sense of real positive affirmation you may hold on strong to this encounter and yet likewise when you have a feeling of distaste, simply put it to the one side on this scale. Do not be harsh in your judgement, merely exercise your freedom of choice to choose and wherever possible, as you know, choose the best and the highest that you are aware of that brings with it a vibration to condition your entire environment.

Embrace, as you have mentioned, that all things that you observe are created by the Creator, that they all are on the scale somewhere, they all are part of the matrix and if you desire change, as you have been discussing, you may employ your energies to reach out and bring the light and love to any other who is in the matrix. You ask how you may help? There is no stronger help one may give than personal choosing to bestow light upon another. Exercise your co-creative prerogative to do this whenever you are able. This would be as Dr. Mendoza directed, direct your healing energies on this carrier wave of love and send it out on the matrix to the one you envision, to a situation you perceive, even to the heart of the world as I embrace that expression. Let your energies be to the Great Soul of All, the Great Source and Center of the love and let that love be dispersed throughout. This is one of your options to choose to do. Thank you for your inquiry over my input today. [Thank you.]

Jonathan: [Mark] Greetings folks, Jonathan here, good to be with you again. I bask in the glory of the impression of fall and the change of the seasons that is represented when the colors change and the temperatures go down. I would like to invite all of you on my team here to make an effort to experience for yourself an attempt to ground out to Mother Earth. Find an opportunity to walk out onto the ground, to take off your shoes if possible, to touch the earth, to stand there and let the energy of the earth rise up through you and give the earth the opportunity to take from you any negative charges that may have accumulated. This need not be an overburdensome lengthy process but I invite you to bring into your awareness that you are connected to this Mother and your connection can be felt directly, personally and individually by you when you make this attempt to gain direct access, by touching with your Mother.

We are reminded of the sense that the newborn had of the presence of the Mother and when we touch the earth we experience this connection once again. So in suggestion today I encourage you to go out and touch the earth, to ground out, to let your energies dissipate and to take the Mother's love up. This is one of the things available to you as mortals of the realm, as this dust which is waiting to turn to dust again. You have this connection, you are of this earth and you are of spirit. Let these connections flourish.

Just a reminder from a friend to drink deeply of this cup of human experience. [Thank you Jonathan.]

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] Healing is more than a return of body function. As you have observed, the mental and spiritual aspects are integral to an effective healing. Even the planet is receiving the emotions that are being released. It is the task of the healer to focus the energy and emotion in positive channels. It is the task of the healer to observe and diagnose problems and bring energy to balance and reform a situation. This is used in healing individuals, institutions and the universe. The healer connects with a situation and develops the ability to observe and diagnose. You are encouraged to use your senses to expand the connection with situations in disfunction. You are encouraged to bring forth the energy that is missing whether it is physical or it is spiritual. This is an expansion of your training in sending energy. It will increase your effectiveness and ability to bring help. I am always available to help.

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