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Subject: No.Idaho Team 2017-09-17
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: Yes, I am here waiting to join you in conversation because I can. I am Charles and I would like to seize upon the line of thinking that was offered earlier and in its simplest form stated as 'no pain-no gain.' One of the greatest opportunities before mortals of the realm is to learn of this very principle and in learning of this principle and applying it to your life experiences it does indeed change the key, the flavor. The experience itself is modified and changed when one understands how the equation works and to a real master who understands this requirement of strain to the system in order to grow and increase your capacities.

The master who understands this will look immediately for the gain that is to be had because of the perceived pain when it is experienced. Immediately they look for the rainbow in the storm and if you can train yourself to have such a response, then the transition from pain to gain is greatly relieved. To one who does not understand this principle, this period of stress and strain may be more lengthy and enduring than perhaps it needs to be, until the lessons are learned and until the experience is mastered.

So, of the sentiments offered here today I see this one as a cherry on top because to those who have arrived at this point of awareness and understanding, this principle may be utilized more effectively and may have greater latitude in transforming the one who is looking to be transformed, the one who is expecting that when there is strain there will be growth, to look for the where it is and how it is and explore that dimension. Truly this awareness is morontia awareness, to be able to immediately see the signs and look past the pain to find the gain.

It's a joy to adopt this train of thought and to get on board to where it's going. I appreciate the offer of such fertile fields to work with and the opportunity to work them with you. I stand in gratitude for this opportunity, good day to you all.

Jonathan: Hello my friends, Jonathan here, I am moved to join you in word today to reminisce about so many of the life experiences which one can point to which reinforce this universe principle of the pain and the gain. Recalling such experiences as splitting the firewood and then enjoying the great warmth and glow of the efforts. Experiences of bending down and weeding and picking the garden and the savory joy of taking in the bounty. The many efforts at cleaning up ones yard and tidying up outdoors bringing you both the sore back and the fond gaze of your efforts.

Clearly the mortal life requires the investment of effort, maybe even some pain but there is constantly the reward, the achievement of having done so. It serves to instill this sense of effort required to move forward, to make progress to expand your own experience and dimension. And so it is, as we move through the journey of growth of your eternal career, it will always be required that you have some 'skin' in the game, that you put some effort forward, that you create the motion and then as a result of your efforts, look for the growth, the increased capacity, the greater awareness, the expanded perspective. As above-so below, in this case as infants of evolving spirit beings, you learn the same principles that will apply throughout. You must put out effort and you will receive the benefits and rewards.

Thank you for supplying the content of todays lesson. It is always a joy to eavesdrop on your meetings as we are so allowed and even a greater joy to join you in contribution and conversation around such lofty topics. Until next time, talk to you later, bye.

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