[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2017-09-03

Tom Newbill t.oldbill at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 21:26:12 PDT 2017

Subject: No.Idaho Team 2017-09-03
Teacher: Charles
T/R: Cathy Morris

Charles: I join your group to support your efforts at healing the physical body. Remember that the spiritual and mental component of health is key to creating a physical body of heath and vitality. There is a deeper connection between the spirit and physical than is recognized on this planet. Your focus has remained on science and the perceived physical surroundings. This group is aware of the great power of intention and spirit. It is one of your assignments to enhance the connection to your divine creative potentials. As you have learned, the mortal/God connection through your Divine Inner Guide can be enhanced and utilized to bring forth new creations. You were designed to use this creative potential. You were designed to be as your Father and your Brother. You are a part of this divine family of creativity. Be assured that it is encouraged to step out in creativity to help your brothers and sisters.

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