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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-08-27
Teacher: Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Jonathan: Hey guys, Jonathan here. Since you left the door open I will proceed through your garden gate. I thought it would be fun to work with this thread of creativity offered into the human mind matrix. I'd like to point out that when one is involved with this creative spirit, they are truly working with factors that are beyond their own selves. It has been known for a very long time that there is this interaction with spirit. It has been called the muse. It is the side of spirit that choses to engage with you when you are in pursuit of the expression of spirit. This creative venture before you allows you to position yourself accordingly and to align yourself with the forces at play in the equation and you have all come to know that there is a force at play alongside you and with you in this process.

You feel the rush, as was said, it may take hold of you. And when this rush of spirit comes forward there is this desire to interact and play, to add your contribution, to be scribe for the contribution of others and to allow this interactive process to play out in your environment. It is interesting to note that just as one must learn the skills to play the musical instrument so that you are not challenged by the process of playing a musical instrument, so it is helpful for you to school yourselves with the proper vocabulary and terms of use and the proper method you know so well that may be employed.

This co-creating is truly a thrilling component of the human adventure. It is another way you can get close to spirit, another avenue of approach you may use and, you will all witness, that there are always borne certain results for your efforts, that these efforts do not go unattended or unnoticed. There always seems to be a helping hand causing you to stay up late with inspiration prompting you to go the extra mile because the idea is right there before you. You literally can lose track of time and space when involved with such creativity and wake up to find that much time has passed that you were unaware of. These are your demonstration that you function on different dimensions, where your creativity and willingness to work with spirit may cause you to depart from your normal awareness of the passage of time.

The same is true with many other pursuits you might engage in - prayer, worship, meditation, gardening, hiking, being at one and at peace with your task for as the saying goes: "To the master at the art of living, they make no distinction between work and play."

I want to thank you for your sharing, that we are aware you make available to us as well. They are unique contributions to the whole, a side of reality that is only borne by the individual until it is expressed and shared so that others may make attempt to feel the feeling, to experience the reality of another though this sharing is a sacred gift and contribution so I thank you for your contribution. I make it my duty to come and share with you as well for I have received so many gifts I desire to contribute one or two as well.

Our cooperation and participation here today is another example of transcending mortal limitations, of having an experience outside of the normal range of human experience and in so doing we claim this new territory as ours. As normal to us, we would share this contribution back to the collective that it may gain our experience, that it may broaden its parameters of acceptance to accommodate our reality as well, the reality that we are functioning in spirit at will, here now, today. In writing our composition or when working in service for other fellows we are working in conjunction with spirit and thereby we are transcending our mortal limitations day by day.

It's always a pleasure to drop in and join you my friends and I do think of you all as my friends and I am proud to be able to make that statement. I thank you all for this gift and I leave you all to a wonderful post Michael's birthday glow of celebration that I share with you. We take this spirit sentiment with us all and cherish it as part of our very composition of being. I certainly cherish mine. I bid you all good day and good week, farewell.

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