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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2017-07-20
Teacher: Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for this group of loyal devoted followers you have assembled here at this time. It is with such deep gratitude that I assemble with this circle once again together with you Divine Parents, to lift us up, to guide us, to show us the way. Bring us these pearls of wisdom that we can cherish, that we find along the way of our journey when we seek you and your emmisaries of light. We come now looking for more pearls of wisdom, more jewels to keep with us all of our days. Let it be now that we share with you in this open communication and let it be so that we connect with you and all your emmisaries of light as you so will. We so will at this time as well, let it be so.

Charles: Greetings to you all tonight, I am Charles on duty to take the call and I am summoned by this act of positioning yourselves in worship and in prayer so that you are ready to receive what may come after that. So here we are once again, your petition and our response. It's always a pleasure to join you this evening. I understand that there are no topics for consideration on the floor and that you open the floor to me to make the first move tonight. And so, I will take you up on your offer and see your gesture with one of my own.

If I am allowed to pick the subject, the topic for discussion, I would choose this sentiment of devotion, of sticking with the cause. As you may observe, human life is so very full of distractions, things that pull you to this side or the other, to demand your attention, to take your time. Your consideration for others and the desire to be in service often takes you away from the business of supporting the self, of growing your own individual spirit. This, after all, is the task at hand in this life, to grow and nurture your own individual spirit, to build upon your relationship with spirit and bring to it actual experience, to have and to hold as you develop forever more.

So, it is with great pleasure that I observe the members in this group who have shown outstanding devotion to show up for class, to be in attendance and not be seen as late or absent. So what is within you, each one, that drives you and propels you forward to come to class, to not miss the next class, even to attempt your assignments when out of class. Why do you show up? I ask this question because you ask this question; you want to know where spirit is present in your lives. You want to point to examples where spirit moves you and you are flowing with your spiritual component as one. Times like this are those times that you can point to and know of a certainty, you would not be here if you were not led and following your spirit leadings.

So, from time to time, when you ask: Is this of real spirit, this encounter, this experience, this moment that you observe? You may judge it by how it feels in reference to this experience we share even now because you are in spirit, you are connected, you are following your inner leading else you would not be here. Then, as you observe, you always win, you always take something home from playing this game. There is always a lift that you feel and a verification for your having invested your time.

So perhaps the most important thing any student may learn by their devoted act of showing up to class, to this class of spirit, is what it feels like to have and maintain this connection, what it feels like so that you may return easily at will. You may recreate the conditions experienced here and now as-you-so-choose. You need not wait for an opportunity to show up at class to feel the feeling. You may not need to wait for others to participate as well to feel the feeling of spirit connection. This is but one of many many avenues of approach.

In experiencing these different methods and avenues you are building your confidence about your ability to connect here, connect there and to reestablish connection in this manner or in that. You are testing the waters in this life of what it is like when spirit is present, or not. When you bring it to the equation, or not, you are observing the difference that such an addition to any equation makes; indeed you are creating this very difference that the infusion of spirit may make into any equation. And this is what you are here to do, to experience these different methods, to play with them as you are powerful co-creators and it is with great pleasure that I observe you all as steadfast players on the field of spirit, ever willing to try to return the ball or move it in the direction of your choosing.

And so, as I am allowed to choose the topic of discourse this evening, I choose this pursuit of spirit as a devoted student of spirit, to be expressed in so many ways and manifested in so many ways that it is a joy to watch as you choose your varied approaches, as you choose the ways that it works for you and with you and as you employ these methods you are becoming familiar with. That is where I would pause in any remarks this evening. I would step back to allow for others or questions or dialog as we see this certainly as a two way street, thank you.

Question: Yes Charles, today as I was journaling, the thought came up: Why is God no respecter of persons? We as His children are admonished to always respect the personality of man and we are co-creators with spirit and He loves us. How does that not translate into respect for persons? Is it because we are not yet full fledged spirits and that would come at a later time?

Charles: Thank you for this question. I believe insight can be found in the limitations of the human language, that a statement that God is no respecter of persons is probably more meant to reflect that the Father does not respect individual persons, one over another, and this may have been lost in the translation and the meaning has therefore suffered because you know in your own hearts, of course, God respects all persons. It is also true that He does not respect any individual any more than any other individual person in respecting all persons.

This is a very human institution that is certainly embedded in human thought, this relative respect for persons, some more than others based upon traits and observations about individuals. Mankind is quick to have these relative judgements respecting one group of persons or person over others because of their stature and their significance within society. This, I believe, is what this message was to attempt to illuminate but that the Father does not respect one individual over others, does not respect an individual person over all persons.

However, there are major limitations in human thought, in human word, in human expression and so we are left with writings that must be interpreted. You here today have some awareness of the challenge of accurately transcribing thought that has become word and are making these copies from the original available to others in the written form. In this process you have become aware that words which are spoken are not necessarily even heard correctly. Then there are the words which are missed and others substituted in their place. Then there are the words which are scrambled and make little sense together and are then edited to reflect more closely the original thought.

This is one of the issues we deal with as we attempt to communicate thought and spiritual expression. We must distill this down to its most basic component of word after word after word and we must structure these together in a fashion so as to attempt to convey the thought into word so that it may have meaning to another. This process is fraught with difficulty of translation so we do our best. Here is where your discernment button has been triggered. Your very question indicated that there was a wrongness perceived by you in that expression. It was inconsistent with your awareness of the Father and His love. It did not represent for you your idea of the Father's expression and so, bravo, your discernment button was pushed and you rang the alarm.

As you can see, any illustration like this lends itself to be a learning experience, an episode that you can take and learn from, perhaps a lesson on discernment, perhaps a lesson on interpretation, perhaps an opportunity when having your discernment button triggered, to seek answers for yourself, to go into prayer and meditation and worship and ask the question, why does this not feel right within my being? It does not fit. What about it is incorrect and in need of revision to more accurately depict the concept that you envision?

So I thank you for this question and the opportunity to reflect on the facets of such a question and the opportunities presented by such a question. Fear not, there will be many mistaken concepts. This process, as I've said, is fraught with difficulties. But we will remain steadfast and trust me when I assure you that more good and positive is done even with the mistakes that will be inherent in this process than if you never undertook this process at all. As humans, one of the most difficult things is to forge ahead in the face of mistakes, inaccuracies, short comings and incompleteness because you are destined to have all of these. You are destined to encounter every aspect of imperfection as you move forward in your divine ascension.

So it is not whether you will encounter these things, it is what you will do when you encounter them, how you will react, whether your discernment button will be triggered, whether you will reconcile the vast differences from a spiritual perspective of acceptance and tolerance because you know that you are human and these things will be encountered and this is as per design. Wonderful question, thank you for your submission.

Comment: Thank you Charles, I feel a lot better.

Comment: Charles, that was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

Comment: Charles I want to thank you for once again so tightly tying together those concepts of spirit and creativity. As you were mentioning [while] giving your lesson I thought of that Urantia definition of a human being, as a creature, [as we are] created, a creature of free will dignity and the way that free will depends upon a choice. We have something to choose, we can exercise our will and choose. As our life throws up something moment by moment it's our own personality, our own spiritual creativity that comes up with that alternative that indeed allows us to be a free willed creature. So thanks for once again tying those two concepts together, spirit and creativity. I think of it as that spirit, creative, you mentioned in this eternal now that's just very personal, so thank you.

Charles: Thank you my friend for your sharing. I see that you have your finger directly on the pulse of a very important aspect of your being because you, as you have illustrated, you are a spirit being. You have choice and this is your gift of grace from on high. You have been given not only your existence as a spiritual being with potentials to be an infinite being but you have been given this gift of grace, this ability to choose how you will manifest this grace and which expression you will choose to unfold of this gift you have been given. And so while you are granted this spiritual being to experience all these things, you are also granted this sovereignty of free will choice which reigns absolutely supreme in all aspects of your being. No matter what, in the end the choice is yours and the entire universe bows and honors your choosing. If you could really allow that truth to sink into your being you would realize that you are this beginning of divine expression, this creative force that goes forth sometimes unknowingly creating destiny, creating reality, manifesting the very truths you are aware of.

So all of you have this endowment, this ability to chart your own course and yet connect with spirit throughout, to bring your own path and your own experiences while being associated and hooked up with all that is spirit. So I thank you for pointing this out, that you are a spiritual being having a material experience and that you have the key to all destiny and eternity in your possession to use at will. I applaud that all of you are attempting to make use of this grand gift, attempting to not be asleep at the wheel, attempting to have an oar in the water of your destiny. As you see, when you are in motion, things happen and all the forces of the universe rush forward to assist you when you plot a course and set out in motion because you are activating a divine principle, you are choosing and the universe will honor this choice to the end.

Thank you for all choosing to be here tonight, for making this choice, once again demonstrating your devotion and your willingness to go where you are led in spirit. Once again, I call you to witness, you take something home with you for your efforts. Once again we have revisited this sacred citadel of spirit together and I stand in gratitude. I bid you all have a good evening, you have much to consider. I now take my leave, farewell.

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