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Lightline Teleconference 2017-03-09
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, join us once again as we circle up, as we come for your peace, your love as illustrated through so many of your emmisaries of light that you send on our behalf. Thank you for this gift of grace.

Dr. Mendoza: Hello and thank you for your invitation, your invocation of my presence. I respond because it is my desire to connect with you as well. I am Dr. Mendoza and I would respond to the sentiment offered, and that being, what can one do to protect themselves in a challenging environment? I would be happy to discuss some of the different components of this and try to illustrate the different facets of this equation for you.

When you consider exposure to your environment, there is some concern about what you take into your being and this concern is biological and chemical and purely mortal. And alongside this is the spirit potential of growth that is contained in this equation, that is to say, there is a whole separate component that may be utilized to any varying degree alongside the chemical cause and effect of your mortal life. It is true that one should be concerned as to what they are exposed to in their environment and how to mitigate any negative compound and promote positive compounds within your immediate environment to establish a state of well being. This is good and true and right. One needs to be concerned about the quality of what touches them and particularly what they take in.

And so it is, one should look to their basic needs and do their best to insure that they are pure and wholesome. You live in an age where there are many different options available to you and for this you are blessed and so it may be wise and prudent to avail yourselves of the options out there which enable you to control your exposure in the material world. This is a matter of consideration, a matter of thought, a matter of knowledge, a matter of the mind with a conviction of the heart and this is done observing cause and effect and respecting the laws of nature.

And then there is another component which exists side by side but may be used to infuse the other component of life with meaning and purpose and this is the spiritual aspect of your being or that is what we will refer to it as. This component of spirit enables you to impose the grander perspective over the transient event. It allows you to bring the comfort of your faith into any equation and in this way it truly is capable of modifying your reality, that is your perception, your awareness of your connection. This imposing of the spirit component literally infuses the situation with a different character, a different nature, a different focus, a different degree of trust and faith, an added component of conviction. These are brought into the equation with the advent of this other component of self.

So when you are discussing things out there and how they may affect you individually, remember that there is cause and effect and then there is the different vantage point of belief and faith and you exist somewhere in the middle. You apply yourselves with some of both in different proportions at different times and so you are a flexible being capable of changing the very reality that you are existing in and observing. Those of you who are aware of the peace of spirit connection may bring that into the equation and may bring peace of this awareness.

It is a pleasure to be asked to participate with you in a forum such as this where I am offered to give my view to share with yours. I was going to say I wish I could ease the sense of struggle that I observe with you but upon reflection, this would take from you one of your greatest opportunities and I enjoy witnessing you in this struggle of learning, of growing and becoming greater and greater beings. Would there be any dialog or questions before I take my leave? [pause] Thank you Dr. Mendoza, I have Jonathan now.

Jonathan: Yes hello to you all, I am Jonathan. I would address another question on the floor and that being the significance of listening. I would gladly address this because if represents one of my greatest joys in mortal life. It is truly a gift that you both give and receive, the open hearted reception of the sharing of another is a sacred gift. It is a direct gift that is shared between the two and so it is always a valued and treasured opportunity. So I appreciate the observation of the significance of this because it is true that if you can do nothing else often you can be there to share the burden of another as they so choose.

So whenever you have the opportunity I invite you to take this opportunity to be there for another to find expression and become more of themselves in the process. Thank you for bringing this up, it is a joy to join you all. I take my leave and bid you all a joyous journey.

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