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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-02-19
Teacher: Jonathan, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello and good morning my friends, I will take the seat that you have pulled up for me at your table this morning, I am Jonathan here, pleased to be referenced by you as one who has had a common experience with you and this is so very true. It is a unique circumstance that we share where we have first formed this union of friendship between each other and then sought in service to combine our intention towards the good of a fellow comrade that we both knew and loved. And so it was we acted together, with many others who we were unaware of in service to our friend Charley.

We extended our desires for the best that we could envision, the highest that we were aware of. Our desires to foster these things in our comrade, and I will witness to you and with you, that these efforts were in fact successful in providing an observable alteration of course. This was as has been noted, a gift for all of us, even more so than a gift for our comrade, this was provided for our efforts. And so, as a result, we all now have reference in our own data base, our own formation of self as to what things are possible and in reference to the conclusion of the story, what things are not.

We were not able to restore our comrade to an unburdened state. We were able to provide support and light and love into the equation and thereby modify the experience. We are all well aware of the cause and effect of this mortal life. We know that the seeds will grow if they are planted at the right time, that the laws of nature and physics will be observed once again and in accordance with these laws we know when to plant and harvest, know when to lay up our supply of the years firewood in advance of these natural laws which transpire around us.

So it is good when we branch out into our other dimensions and function with these other aspects of our being and impose our will for love or light or peace in the struggle for a broader view and context of the circumstance. These are things which can greatly affect the circumstance itself and these are things which we may impose as a matter of our will to do so. So while it is true and will ever be so, that the rule and laws of time and space are fixed, to those who will overlay a spiritual component with the intent to do so, can have some moderate jurisdiction over the time component much as your Master demonstrated in the making of the wine. The laws of physics and nature were complied with, only the one experience in time was modified and in the end, the goal, if you will, of this world is the making of the individual experience, the unique contribution to the Supreme that this creates and the treasured value that this has.

So even if you are only able to have impact on the peace and comfort that another feels in their experience, you have modified the essence of the equation, never mind the environment around the individual or around the world. The individual experience is supreme and this you have learned may be modified. It is an extraordinarily unique opportunity we share to share this experience, to witness it and participate in it and be engaged in it side by side. I cherish your observations and sharing of your experiences around this experience. We all occupy a different seat around this campfire and all have a valuable contribution to make in observing it. I offer mine to share with yours, to co-mingle into one grand pool of awareness that we may all drink of and share. Our comrade left us with many many cherished memories that become a part of our being as well, literal fragments of others that stick to us as we go through our ascension career. I am pleased to have these nuggets to cherish and remember my comrade by and in his own words,"it's never over, it's just over the wall."

Michael: [Cathy] My children, it is a Father's joy to gather with you and join the conversation. You have more ability to influence the material surroundings than you are currently aware of. I encourage you to experiment if you wish with the application of light to enhance functions of the physical structure in disorganization. This physical state is of course temporary. You have the ability to move into higher spiritual states. This is the way of bringing in Light and Light to this troubled planet. Part of the plan of up-liftment is to bring others with you to a higher vibration. The focus on mercy and compassion is emphasized as we join together in love, to realize the potential of each individual. Our connection in brotherhood and sisterhood will bring about this up-liftment we desire. I embrace you all in love and peace.

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