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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-02-12
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Thank you for this warm greeting, it is always a joy to join this group where the sense of spiritual fragrance is upon us all. I would make a few comments based upon your sharing here this morning. First, to that sense of feeling as though you are the same individual as you always have been, this is the essence of personality, this set of conditions that has defined you and has brought you to the vantage point you now have are a unique combination in all of time and space. This unique combination of your personality and what you have made of it is what is the cherished part of the combination you refer to with your Onboard Partner, your Fragment from on high.

The union of such a divine bestowal and such an original composition give birth to the miracle that is projected to be your destiny. You will always be able to feel the same, that is, the same internal individual as you always have been, and while this individual has been shaped and affected along way with the experiences designed to do so, the core of the individual, the observer deep within, is still the same. You have been the observer from the start, from your eyes first opening and the first sounds you ever heard and you are still the same observer who is being called to witness a different set of sights and sounds.

Nevertheless, you feel about these things the way you did way back when. You have an original self, a core of your being, that observes all that transpires, that grows and becomes of greater and greater capacity. But you will always be who you are and this is defined by what we have referred to as your energy signature which has the unique characteristics of your individual being. So it is true that you can both be the same and altogether different because you have been the observer, the pilot of this ship throughout, and having sailed many wonderful journeys you are no doubt a more seasoned and wise participant.

Along the journey with you, onboard, has been your partner, your spirit guide who has also as a matter of course been there to observe side by side with you, to perhaps influence or guide in your process. You all are aware that your destiny is to fuse with this combining of the spirit with the mortal and this is as per design. That aspect of yourself that you refer to will always be cherished as a vital part of the gigantic puzzle that is being assembled. So this concept of holding on to the self will be fostered and promoted; as your incarnation may change, your sense of self may remain and your energy signatures will be identifiable as they are now. We will know each other by these signatures.

Thank you all for your attention. I would now make way for another who would desire to engage with you.

Jonathan: [Mark] Yes, I have been knocking on the door too, I am Jonathan. I cannot seem to stay away these days from this my cherished set of friends and associates. This discussion of feeling the same and seeming the same is so interesting when it is considered that this is in fact the gift that we are able to offer to the Supreme. Our unique combination of self and experience are treasured by our Divine Parents and are in fact our gift to the Ones who made it all possible.

As mortals of the realm, it may be difficult to master a sufficient appreciation for the magnitude of individual self. It turns out, universe upon universe has been created just to foster and promote and create individual beings, all with unique perspectives and experience. In this way, all that can be experienced by individuals may be combined in the experience of the Supreme. While this may seem at times like a small, perhaps even insignificant contribution, you must know that the scale of the Grand Universe takes well into account every single individual in this grand scheme of creating divine beings by starting in the mortal realm. Each member's contribution to the experience of the whole is cherished.

So it is good and true and right that you feel and maintain this sense of self for this is what the whole game is all about, that you have a perspective unique, that you have a sense of being this long time observer and that you are willing to share your experiences back to the experience of the Supreme. Such a lofty pursuit which is accomplished by such a humble mortal beginning, therein is the miracle, therein is the grace, therein is the perfection of this plan, therein is divine influence.

It is always great to join you in these morning meetings. I bid you all have a great humble and magnificent day today, good day to you all.

Light: [Cathy] As light increases in this part of the universe, I wish to encourage each of you to bring the light in and become a conduit to direct this powerful force for good. You have the capability, you have the encouragement. Do not feel hesitant to hone this skill and benefit others around you.

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