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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2017-02-02
Teacher: Light, Monjoronson, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, we come to you once again to drink of your cup of love of peace and grace. You know all things Divine Parents, therefore you know that our hearts may be troubled. You have heard our petitions and we now come to you in trust for your guidance and your embrace simply to be in your presence, soothing and calming to our being. When we come to you in times like this we are seeking that soothing presence, to know that we are in your company, even in your embrace. Help us to feel the truth of that conviction. Help us to reach out and embrace as we are able in return. Let it be so, even now.

Light: Yes, you do have me and I have you, we have each other in this embrace of spirit that we share even now. It is refreshing to make such contact again. It revives our sense of each other and brings it to the fore again. I come in response to the inquiries of the heart this evening about the use or direction of light as seen as a tool by you. We have addressed this issue a number of times and you are correct in your assertion that there is perhaps no greater thing one might choose to do with their time, in fact, your time, as it goes by, is your only contribution to the Supreme. What you do with your time is what you contribute back to the First Source and Center.

Your choosing to spend your time as you will is what is unique and treasured about you as an individual, and so when you choose to allocate your precious time to a service opportunity such as the bathing of individuals and circumstances in light, it is noted on high that you have chosen to act in service, that you are choosing to be part of the solution as you see it and this is a grand gift that you give your Creators. There is the impulse to ask, is this proper, is this beneficial or useful or significant? But, in your hearts you know the answer to this because you know the effect that divine energy has on all existence, it has had it on you. You have enjoyed this effect of being showered with divine energy and now you choose to wield this creative power and bestow this gift of grace on others as it is your choice to do so.

Recently the statement has been made in the public eye which I will use for this illustration. Recently it has been heard, "When they go low, we go high." That should be your clarion call as to how to respond to all circumstances before you; when they go low, you go high. This is the only real way to genuinely contribute and impact the circumstance. You are contributing an alternative viewpoint, vibration and reality. Your contribution is to continually return good for evil and in this way, all will know those who are in accordance with divine principle and those who are mastered by other values.

Always choose the opportunity to go high, to influence the circumstance, to raise the vibration, to supply the air underneath the wings to achieve flight. Do not succumb to the wrangling and discontent of the hour, rather see beyond this moment into the next where there is peace, where there is grace, where there is love. This is your opportunity to choose to make that kind of difference, the difference of elevating the equation into the divine realm above the fray of mortal tempers and using the far sighted perspective of those who are familiar with the spiritual dimension and its perspective. As they go low, you go high.

Always seek to bring the best you can envision into what may appear to be overcome by the circumstance, nevertheless, I assure you, if you contribute the energy from on high it will impact the equation at hand. And all this is what you might consider to do with your time. Time is all you have to give and so it becomes more important to you as you may near the end of it and while it may have been frittered away in youth, it becomes important in seniority and you will begin to understand how important the moment is of time. Every moment that passes by has the potential to transform your life.

I am most pleased that you consider this shining of light, spreading of light, the bestowal of light to be part of your prerogatives. As you are light workers you have mastered certain levels of wielding this gift of grace and I invite you to indulge in your abilities. It has been a pleasure to dialog with you. I appreciate hearing from you and knowing the concerns of your hearts. If I could bestow one sense to all who bear this burden I would bring you the sense of relaxation that as you are aware, you are taken care of, that all is in the hands of the Master and this will never change. This you should be sure of, this should bring you enough peace that you should feel the love and I pray that your sense of this presence will be expanded as your spiritual growth transpires. Thank you for hosting this forum. I would now make way for others.

Monjoronson: Hello, I receive all assembled here this evening, I am Monjoronson. It has been some time since I have made use of such dedicated workers as are in this group. I would like to take this opportunity to return and bring to you my encouragement. You have been told of the many potential changes in the winds around this period of time we find ourselves in and many a faithful apostle may be told of events to come and not be able to fully grasp what is being told to them or its significance. This is where we find ourselves.

You have been told that there are great changes afoot but generations have been told the same thing and so it is incumbent upon you to keep the faith even though years transpire and seasons come and go, all occurs in the proper time. You are beings of time and it is diffiucult for you to grasp the relative significance of time as pertaining to universe plans, and so necessarily there is a disconnect between how mankind views the passage of time and its significance and how the universe views the passage of time and its significance.

Nevertheless, many devoted faithful believers hear this clarion call of spirit and believe it to their last day and so, in having done so in having invested yourself, it has been true for you. You have conditioned your time, what is happening immediately before you, you have conditioned this with your will, with your belief, your faith and with your trust. You have created the very reality around you as your time moves by and I would like to thank all of you who have been so actively involved in these teachings for you have shown dedication to this purpose and it has been noted.

I have complete trust in you that if it is the will of The Father, that the time arrives even now when you should be ready and prepared, that you are indeed ready and prepared as the result of how you have chosen to allocate your time. This is all that your universe family could ask of you, for you to actively participate and choose to grow and this you have offered freely. So I want to thank you all for your devoted participation without which this experiment would be nowhere. Trust that great things lie in your future, it is all a matter of time. In gratitude, I now take my leave.

Jonathan: It is my pleasure to greet you as well, I am Jonathan and I have a phrase running around and around in my being that I would like to share and that those of you may know of my fondness for the song 'Soon the Light'. Soon the light, it is on the horizon, it is out there about to break upon this world as the dawn. Fear not my friends, only believe. Hold steady to the course of truth, beauty and goodness. Project only these values and be the light, that is how soon the light will be as we will be the light. Thank you for the opportunity to join you and be with you in this circle of love. I too get my batteries charged as you do by coming to these gatherings where we all can feel the spirit presence. Let us all be the light as we move forward, a good day to you all.

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