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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-01-15
Teacher: Jonathan, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Mark] I feel the welcome my friends, feel it to the core of my being and I graciously accept it. I am honored that I am remembered and thought of by such a group of loyal friends. This thread of conversation that I join at this time is one that is near and dear to all the hearts of those who are mortal beings. This constant transformation of self is moving from one dimension of your being into the next and having to decide what still fits in this new dimension that you now inhabit. Will you still recreate old habits, old thought patterns? What will be brought with you into this next generation, if you will, of yourself?

It turns out that this is one of the reoccurring themes throughout all time and space. This redefinition of yourself in reference to the aspects that you will keep and save and cherish and build upon and the aspects which may fade away, having been replaced by newer and superior versions of themselves. Many examples have been offered here today in the conversation of transformation to individuals and to entire species as it was for them to learn that the sun did not in fact revolve around the earth. They were so rooted in this belief that they were thrown off when they were challenged by new ideas, by this new fangled thing called science and certainly their first reaction was to avoid it, to dismiss it so that they could maintain their comfort zone.

This instance of human history is used over and over again to cite these pivotal changes that occur in perception and awareness but many many pivotal changes occur in the individual along their route of eternal careers. Even in the mortal state one is required to rethink many things; Santa Claus, tooth fairies and other erroneous thought patterns are replaced with what is embraced as truth or reality, only to be refined as one goes through life as to the why and the how. It is heartbreaking for a child to find out that there is not a mythical creature such as Santa Claus but as the child grows he not only understands why he was told such a thing but will then oftentimes repeat this act upon the next generation with an awareness of what it is he is doing and an acceptance of this action.

So within the course of the life of a mere mortal of the realm, there comes many times when one must confront whether something is true or real and this provides such fertile ground for one to ask questions, to seek answers and to find for themselves what they will embrace as the ultimate truth. What you are discovering in these days which are at hand is the potential for each and every individual or groups of individuals to adopt a truth of their liking and to cling to it regardless of what facts may indicate or in place of what others might believe because they would so choose to surround themselves.

I will point out that you all do this, every mortal of the realm brings to them what they accept and reject things which are incompatible with their framework. This is normal and natural behavior. Where the difficulty might lie is in accepting what parameters are used to accept aspects as being of truth, because as was stated, truth is always relative in circumstances such as this, this imperfect state that you exist as mortals and as such you are seeing the effects of this relativity. What is true for some and believed to their very core is rejected by others as false.

There is no universal context being applied to peoples decision making. That is where you are correct in your assertion that the only true fount of wisdom that you seek is certainly within. There are many who would consider this answer false as well. After all, how does one prove what one believes, what one has faith in, what may guide their actions, what principles they may use. These are all personal and subject to a very individual perspective. But nevertheless, to you as individuals, you are coming to understand this is all that matters for you are all individuals on this entire world, each one a sacred beginning who may choose their own set of circumstances to accept. There is no external force imposed upon you mandating that you must choose this and such, you are granted free latitude to make these choices and to surround yourself with the conditions that these choices impose.

This causes much misunderstanding and frustration because it seems there should be a commonality among all humans and human thought and human values and even human circumstance when in fact, there is far more individuality and diversity than there is commonality. This is by design, this is part of the grace in action although you may find it hard to see it that way at times. You who may have developed this deeper, perhaps more far reaching perspective, may understand that all will be made well, that you are cared for infinitely, that your well being is assured and that all the rest are simply details. But to many who lack this internal conviction found only within, they will be set spinning by all the different potentials out there that are in play.

But still, there is a peace, there is a comfort, there is a knowingness that may be found when one forsakes the scattered influences that are surrounding you. When one retreats to that internal place of awareness, of peace and security, they may better than raise the elements which are all around them. So in the end, your assessment of the situation is accurate for no matter what goes on out there, your place of sanctuary may always be found in there, may be found within where we may all take solace and comfort and refresh ourselves with the association that we feel with our Divine Parents and even with each other in this place.

As I said, it is a great pleasure for me to be invited and included in these round table discussions. I feel as though I am there when you are witnessing your personal vantage points and offering your contribution for solutions and methods which may be used to navigate these unsettled times. Fear not is still the watchword. This does not preclude your taking any action you deem necessary but this indicates a freedom of oppression, a freedom of this sentence of gloom and doom because you know it is not so because you know that all will be made well, even all is well in the face of turmoil. This is the peace you have earned in developing this connection with spirit. This is the peace you cannot define for another and which may not be accepted by another as real, but you have developed these faith muscles and now it is up to you to exercise them. As was stated earlier, this is a necessary component of your having these muscles, to use them or lose them.

Thank you so much for the chance to join you, visit with you and offer my contribution such as it is. I now would take my leave unless there is dialog.

Light: [Cathy] I wish to encourage you to send your light to those in need. The idea of the violet wave has application in addressing the need of people in these times. The high vibration light is arriving on earth in advance of a change of spirit that is the beginning of Light and Life. The Creator has provided the light and energy to uplift the planet as intended. Your energy will become more potent with the addition of this higher frequency. You are a light vessel, you are also a conduit to bring forth the light for others. It is part of the beacon that will bring others to you. The capacity is there to help you use this new tool. You have been prepared for this uplifting light. You can bring it to others and uplift them too. I am always available to help you if needed. It is another plaything for you to master and enhance. It is a gift of the Creator for His children of Urantia.

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