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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-01-01
Teacher: Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: I invite you all to join me in a brief venture to the teepee. This is something we have built, this is something we own, this is something that is ours for all time. Let us claim what we lay claim to. Let us go to this sacred place. Let us gather together there as we have in our familiar times. Let us assemble the energy circuitry once again, see it as whole, see it as nourished, feel it as love. And now let us embrace this wave from the heavens. Let us prepare to receive this grace from on high. Let us, even now, walk this walk as we would talk this talk. Let us feel this expansion, the breath of the universe bringing us a fresh injection of vitality. Let us take this in, breathe it in deeply, drink this cup before us. Let us assume the responsibility of the mantle of who we are. We who seek to do the will of the Father, await the direction and would receive it when it arrives. Let us be those who would light the candle and remove the darkness. Let us cast our intentions out before us. Let us bring this new beginning of a new year into our lodge. Let us engulf it in violet flame in the energy of our love and of your Divine Parents. Let us wield this power with the authority we possess. Let us be now about this business of creating goodness, peace, beauty.

Jonathan: Yes indeed, I do request a moment around the circle with my friends and comrades. I wish to wish you all a happy new year and in that statement perhaps expand it to say I would project with you all a happy new year, that is this casting of intention out before you with purpose and with definition, that you are creating an environment wherein the potentials that you would like to see happen may exist and even thrive. I would point to your illustration of the concept of one day at a time and invite you to consider, in all areas where you may feel apprehension, doubt, worry, even fear, trace these sentiments. Watch them, follow them to their root and at their base you will find that most all of your fears are about potentials of what might come to pass.

Very few of mortal fears are based in the reality of the day, moreover they are extended towards the potentials of tomorrow. If you can realize that this key lies in conditioning the day you are in, in realizing that you have due control over the moment you are in and mind the direction of your creation you will see that, as the saying goes, tomorrow will take care of itself. In this way you may be able to reduce your anxiety level, in truth, your fear level to a reasonable level by asserting this conviction that each day will be the day that you have some control over, that you may approach as you see fit, that you may project to unfold as you desire. Do not fret over what is to come in the form of tomorrow or a year or a month but what is transpiring right now and how does that naturally lead into what may transpire tomorrow when you again have control over your moment.

It is always wonderful to join you in your circle. I feel as though I am welcome in this place among you and so I barge in to wish you and project with you a positive uplifting, even divinely inspired new year. And how is all this to transpire? Because each day, every day, you will make it so. One step at a time, one hour at a time sometimes, but hold fast to your course of truth, beauty and goodness and certainly you will navigate whatever is before you in the process. I am looking forward to spending more time with you as the journey before us unfolds. Let us all drink of this cup of peace that we know the Master has extended to us. Let us have trust and faith as He did in the greater truths and values, even though we may be surrounded by lesser truths and values and we will do all this because we have explored these dimensions, we have found these truths and values, we have embraced them and now they are ours to manifest. I look forward to seeing how everyone in this circle will manifest this truth and become the candle in the darkness. Let it be so. It brings me great joy to visit with you. I go now and invite you to drink of this cup of peace once again, farewell.

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