[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2016-12-04

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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2016-12-04
Teacher: Michael, Gerdean
T/R: Cathy Morris

Michael: My children, I am most pleased that you are looking forward to challenges that will accompany the Correcting Time ahead. As we move forward with this plan there will be many opportunities for service, there will be choices to be made.Your role is to be open to the situations to arrive. Many times you will be guided to others that have strength and knowledge you need. You will never be alone in this journey. You can rely on help arriving when you most need it, you can rely on Me. You can rely on your brothers and sisters. Together we will move this planet into the Light and Life of it's destiny.

Gerdean: My buddies, I am glad you requested my comments. I have been so busy with new projects. I am happy to add you to my agenda. I love that you reach out to me in affection and expectation. It will be my pleasure to participate. I see a need for a regrouping of the Teaching Mission. I have spent much energy during my time with you on earth supporting this group. During future challenges it will be beneficial if the ties of communication are re-newed so there will be group function. I will do what I can to promote this.

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