[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2016-11-20

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No. Idaho Team 2016-11-20
Teacher: Jonathan, Machiventa
T/R: Cathy Morris

Jonathan: I have also studied the aspect of "is-ness." It is most liberating to be able to let go of expectations and judgement. Acceptance of the current situation leads to an opportunity to step forward in any direction desired. Opportunity surrounds every moment and your awareness of "what is" allows complete freedom of action. Your acceptance of "what is" clears the path to new possibilities. Your lack of attachment to the existing situation will allow you to reach out in love and acceptance to new opportunities. During this time of change you will be challenged daily to adapt to the new "what is". Real change will be continuous as we proceed to the beginning of Light and Life. I am always with you on this path forward.

Machiventa: I wish to encourage your future participation in this group. Although the official curriculum has been completed for some time you have opportunity for service. This group has been formed for growth and spiritual development. Sharing experience and spiritual insight will strengthen each of you and broaden your perception. I am pleased that you have embraced the possibilities for growth that exist apart from our teachers messages. We are here to facilitate growth however this manifests for you. New lessons will of course follow as you grow into this new capability. It will be my pleasure to provide lessons for you.

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