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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2016-04-07
Teacher: Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for joining us in this conversation of spirit and supporting the desire to learn and embrace and understand that we bring to you. We thank you for your guides and assistants and liaison in this process. We would petition their input to our discussion at this time. Thank you in advance for such sincere cooperation, let it be so.

Charles: Yes I am here, I am Charles and I am eager to pick up and weave the quite similar threads that have been brought forward for consideration, firmly into the tapestry of your understanding.

Your earthly life is the most extreme experience you will ever have regarding the effects of time on your being. You refer to this when you witness about the aging process and your awareness of the aging process and you see it upon you and you see it in others and you witness its effects. This march of time that you witness is the most graphic example you will ever encounter of the impacts of time on a physical creature. And so in one short life you experience this extreme transformation and this effect of time always applying its pressure to you and your being and eventually in the end, overtaking you because of its wear and tear and its effects on you.

This extreme example of time you have right in the beginning of your eternal career. You will not understand the full significance of this for some time. You have an expression that sometimes you are given the test first and the lesson later. This life might be considered such a test first, only to be learned from over time in a long term experience. You witness, even on your world, that the youth have no conception of what youth is until old age has encroached upon them and then they may see the contrast and wish for youth that was once casually enjoyed.

Similarly, you are spiritual eternal creatures who do not recognize your youth, even now, who do not see where you are in the spectrum of where you will be and therefore do not understand that you are as the young millennials in spirit terms whereas simultaneously you are as the wise elders. This all will come clear to you in time, as they say, but it is amusing to witness these breaks in the ascension process, like standing on the side of the mountain to catch your breath and look out and see where you have been. It's with such perspective that you can gauge somewhat of where you have been and where you are going.

So you see all of your considerations brought forward today are all in fact of dimensions of the same aspect of your being, this living and growing in time and space only to transform from this part of your being into lighter and greater parts. It is interesting to consider about what your experience might be like on different planes such as the mansion worlds or others but in the end, these considerations have yet to be imagined in the human mind.

I grant that this issue of age and aging and the pressures of time wears on you all. It is a consideration for all living beings, how much longer they have to expect and so it is natural for this to be in the thought processes. But what is so wonderful and comforting to see from my vantage point is so much of your attention, your interests, your awareness has been shifting into the spirit dimension and in the spirit dimension it may reside forever. So much of what you are learning now is stored with you in your spirit capacity. It will endure the trials of time and space. It will live beyond this dimension of living and dying. It is granted eternal status as you are so granted. It may endure indeed forever. That is what is so valuable about all that you put stock in, in spirit, while even in a mortal capacity, because things that reside in the spiritual domain are not subject to the strict limitations of time and space.

Thank you all for joining this call tonight. I would conclude my remarks there unless there were any other questions generated in the interim.

Question: I was hoping you would address the mindset of the millennium as a moving or shaping force of our current generations or our current situations.

Charles: It is indeed difficult to speak for a generation or a movement or a sect, rather we see these things from a perspective of waves and trends. It has been no different and it is no different. In the 60's there were waves of radical thinking which then became not so radical and in each subsequent generation there have been these waves of distinction, of difference, reflecting a new and current spike in wave patterns. This repeats itself over and over again. The millennials are no different, their issues are slightly different, having greater technology to draw from, but their frustrations are always the same, their concerns are always the same. It is how they are vented, who is blamed for the problem and what solutions may be offered. But each generation goes through a similar conflict, a pressing of the current value system, to find itself and to challenge the existing. From our perspective it is just one more in a long series of these type of rising up of a generation.

Comment: What I am experiencing I challenged when I was young and now I feel challenged by the young so it's kind of interesting, I guess that always happens.

Charles: My friend, what a joyful classic experience to have in having grown from one perspective to the other. You no doubt have come to embrace some of the things that your younger self may have not. This is the result of your wisdom in the process, your ability to adapt and your current state of awareness. It means you are a different person now than you were back then. You have changed, evolved and grown and moved from one position to another. This is the most graphic example the universe can offer you of how things change and go through cycles and mature and grow and learn and evolve. Without having been those two identical individuals in dissimilar circumstances, you never would have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be both on the same timeline, one sooner, one later yet you are both the same individual. Thank you for sharing that, it is a profound example of what is meant by this process of growing and maturing.

Comment: I thought I could figure out a philosophy of life and just go with that and have smooth sailing but it is always challenged. There will always be a generation to challenge that and change it until I realize that life always has to change.

Charles: Just as smooth sailing is quite temporary, it does not last and endure forever but must change, must evolve into something else.

I invite you all in a closing statement tonight, to embrace every aspect of the journey. I know this advice is offered frequently but in reference to our conversation, life is fleeting. It is temporary and so realizing the temporary nature, one should seek to be aware of all the available time one may have because soon enough, it will be gone. The fact that you know of your eternal nature is a great force for you to use, to put stock in your spiritual side, to develop your spiritual nature, to expand your spiritual experiences. This may go with you. This is yours to take so I invite you as you are doing right at this moment, to drink this cup deeply. Bring it into your being. Make accommodations and provisions for this space of spirit for it is here that you will savor in your eternal experience.

Thank you for your invitation to speak this evening and providing the topic for discussion. I bid you all have a good week and farewell.

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