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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2015-11-05
Teacher: Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Mark: Thank you Jonathan for desiring to be a part of tonights event.

Jonathan: Well enough and thank you my friend, we would not be anything if we were not working together on this, each of us trusting, leaning, believing, having faith and having strength enough to put forth our faith in action and in so doing, secure this connection that we have. Certainly we both must actively participate and choose and that is always what makes relationships so meaningful and special, both of our choosing to act together in the formation and maintenance of any relationship.

Several intriguing topics are on the blackboard this evening and let us seize this thread of belief, this tie that binds so many things together. Truly it can be said that your entire mortal experience may be viewed as opportunities for you to grow and develop and strengthen, eventually trust, rely and manifest the truths that you have come to know in this process. As a mortal of the realm, it is required of you that you develop some trust. First as a very young child you are entirely dependent on others for your very survival and you must trust that your needs will be met and filled. As you grow up and struggle with life more on your own, once again, you must come to trust that things will work out and that your needs will be met. The more you observe this to be the case, the more your faith is bolstered, the more you rely on it and come to count on this truth that you have experienced.

But it is a catch 22 in that in order to develop faith, one must confront the need for it and in order to develop it, one must seek it, find it and use it. And so life presents you all these opportunities for this very thing to transpire, for you to be pushed and challenged, for you to rely on and lean on your conviction that your faith brings to the process. This growing of your faith, of your trust in universal principles and their application in your lives is an ongoing process and one can always feel as though they do not have total command, that they are still in need of some learning and growing and some mastering of these faith muscles and this is the very nature of your existence. There will always be another opportunity just around the corner in which you may summon your faith, you may challenge your faith, you may reexamine your faith, you may look for more and build more as your experiences prove to you the truth of your beliefs.

The Master truly summed it up in the fewest words when he said: "Fear not, only believe." If you could always reflect on this catch phrase, then you would always remind yourselves to guard against fear as an obstacle and to apply your belief and draw on your faith. This truly is a key to success for looking out for your fear to be a stumbling block and overcoming any such fear with belief is the key to moving forward in any situation. This is only learned through experience and experience is only derived as a challenge in your lives.

All great individuals have mastered these techniques to some greater degree than the masses and their examples shine bright; whether they are male or female, what shines through is their awareness of these truths and their mastery of their faith and their belief. So full hearted is their belief that no room is left for doubt or uncertainty. No fears of failure, of falling short, of not succeeding can reside in their equation as there is simply not enough room left. They are filled with absolute conviction, with peace of mind, with intention, with purpose, so much so that these fears and doubts simply cannot exist. That is what you see when you are impressed with these individuals that stand out and appear to have a real presence or command over any situation. They enter it void of fear and full of belief. So in your seeking and searching as you continue forward, always recall that you are honing these skills, these skills to forsake the fears and use the belief. If you would utilize these tools, your journey will be made much more effective.

As much has been discussed recently regarding healing, its application, its techniques, approaches and aspects, I move that we join together as a group and go out into the lab and work together on a project as something new to try for us all. I invite you all to circle up at this time together and pool your energies into the center and see these energies as this bright, glowing light. See these energies as emanating up and out from the circle that you all form in this process. Let us choose a target, let us project this beam out where it bounces off the heavens and may be directed as our desire would so choose. Let us choose now the direction of the many many who you would refer to as refugees, those displaced individuals which are in desperate need of feeling connected, feeling loved and feeling joined as a member of the family of man.

Let us direct these lights out to bathe this group of individuals, to rain down upon them this light that we would direct, that we would generate and foster as a result of our belief, our faith in action. Let us demonstrate our conviction at this time by bringing purpose to this light. Let us envision divine infusion into this stream that we would shine down upon all those in need. Let us ask for the assistance of our Divine Parents to work with us, to infuse this with divine energy. Let us see this in our perception as infusing this light with a purple hue. Divine energy connection now surrounds all those in need binding them together, letting them feel the love of their Divine Parents, bathing all of them in a purple hue of love. Every man woman and child who is in need may bask in the glow in this love from on high.

There we have an exercise of intention, an actual application of our faith. This energy field created is now able to be used and infused by those who would join us in the process. We have just spontaneously created another avenue of love, an avenue of service. We have now made a contribution to the love of the Supreme and added and combined our own and directed these energies out for the good of all. We talk about it many times. Every once in a while, just to stop and do it brings it home. And so I thought we would engage and indulge in this opportunity provided when so many powerful created beings are assembled together as we have here.

I thank you all for your willingness to participate with me in this exercise, such a life on such a planet.

Question: Jonathan, what is the significance of the purple hue?

Jonathan: Thank you for asking my friend, the intention was to bring in the energy of the Most Highs, that is, the energy of divinity. I symbolize this by referring to your Divine Parents, the source of divinity. This energy is most easily perceived as being of the highest range, purple. Since this has been discussed previously and the significance of colors mentioned, I thought I would bring hues, particular tones for us to use in this exercise. This may be serviceable to use in your visualization of light and application. When observed, the spectrum of light noted as being purple is representative of divine energies. This is a universal principle and one that you will come to know well. But for now, I introduce it as one more tool for you to use in your toolbox of visualization techniques. [Thank you.]

Question: And each of the colors that we can visualize, the classic colors of the rainbow, has a different power, property?

Jonathan: It might be appropriate to say it represents a different aspect of the whole. Envision if you will, your chart of chakras in the human body and observe that each one is denoted by a physical location as well as a color. These represent different points on the system of the whole, that is not to say that any one point is magnificently significant over the others, rather they are all contained within the whole. This is what is significant about coming to understand the many different aspects of the whole and how they are represented by different energies, different wavelengths, different vibration; nevertheless they are part of the entirety of the being of the universe of all creation.

In my attempts to provide the guided meditation, one of the aspects of significance was this idea of generating a point source of energy visualized as light and projecting this point source out where it bounces off the heavens if you will, and is directed as you so desire. In this act of creation, projection, direction and intention there is also the bouncing off of these energies from on high and in so doing, they are colored and flavored with divine energies, with the grace from on high, the peace from on high, the love. All these are added to your projections and in this way all of these become co-creations. That is what we just did, that is what we do on a regular basis when you have prayerful thoughts for another. That is what you do when you are petitioning the universe for an answer, you are bouncing your projected energy off of the heavens.

Question: So in essence, the white light that we project is refracted into the necessary colors?

Jonathan: Indeed my friend and if you go for the further analogy, as you have all seen, this single white light reflected through the prism contains all the various hues, they are all in there. The entire rainbow of spectrum is contained within the beam of white light. So, is purple better than red or blue or green? No, it is simply one of the expressions that manifests from pure white light.

Thank you for entertaining this line of thinking. We have not dabbled much into the various frequencies involved but as we move forward in refining healing techniques, it is one more skill that may be honed in this process.

Question: As my belief is growing, I wonder how important maybe my intent could be? Maybe the intent will make it more powerful until my belief....

Jonathan: My dear, I am reminded of the phrase that you have well heard before, that being, it is not so important what you know or believe today as what you are growing to believe and know in eternity. Your intention is in fact more important than any momentary snapshot of the condition of your ability to believe. You are in process of growing all these things and it is your intention to be about this process which is far more important than any daily snapshot of where you may find yourself. [Thank you very much.] Fear not, only believe.

Comment: It's not so much fear, it's just doubt.

Jonathan: Doubt my friend, is a form of fear. Doubt enables you to be fearful of the unknown.

So many good questions and observations tonight. I thank you all so much for your participation. Will there be anything else? I feel quite rewarded having had a turn up at the blackboard this evening. I have enjoyed greatly our conversation and have endeavored to facilitate this meeting to some greater awareness. I can truly say I have rather deep affection for all of you and nothing brings me greater pleasure than to spend the evening with you in such great discussion. As it was before, so it is again and I am grateful. I bid you all farewell.

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