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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2015-10-01
Teacher: Elyon, Light, Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers

Elyon: Yes, I am here to honor this request of relationship and association, I am Elyon. Just as you may have fond recollections and memories of me, likewise, I hold you all in high regard as well. You are some very special friends that I have from a very special place under very special circumstances and so I do cherish this bid to build a greater and greater relationship between us because it is possible and because we will choose to do so.

I would be happy to field this inquiry into the distinction perhaps between utilizing what is the circuit of mind in contrast to utilizing what is the circuit of the heart and one may wonder and consider which of these is more profound, more effective so that energies may be directed accordingly. I invite you to pause and consider that such a question in and of itself indicates morontia awareness, even desiring to search for such a distinction is an indication of a higher awareness and understanding for you do in fact have multiple avenues of approach, multiple circuits which come to you and operate through you. You have, just in this questioning, referred to two but there are others.

But let us discuss these two and which might be more appropriate, the focused intention of the mind or the feeling circuit of the heart. In any case, I would draw your theme of reference to whether it is more appropriate to focus on which needs the patient has. Consider this in terms of supplying them water or whether it is more significant to supply them food, more solid nourishment. Given this example it is clear that both are required and necessary, both are part of the living equation of the patient, the individual at hand. Both needs are responded to and met and this as well as meeting numerous other needs is what is required for the total effect of healing restoration.

It is good to speak to ones emotional needs, it is good to speak to ones spiritual needs, it is good to speak to ones physical needs, it is good to speak to ones need for love and to connect on the heart plane. It is appropriate at any time, every time, to address any of these avenues of approach, to comfort them with the solace of fellowship on the human mind circuit as well as to provide them the connection of another who simply loves them and cares for them. This enters the equation from an entirely different perspective and all of these various needs must be addressed, none may be overlooked for the totality of healing .

A patient may need someone to simply be with them or a patient may need someone to help them consider things, talk things through and use your individual and collective mind circuits. An individual may need to connect with you on a spiritual plane, rising above these material considerations, to view things from a spiritual perspective with someone who will go there with them. And on the other end of the spectrum, the patient may need physical assistance. All of these possibilities and approaches are constantly available and ebbing and flowing.

So what your question or concern actually represents is your supreme desire to be the most effective ambassador of goodness that you are aware of, and so your diligence at research and discovery drives you invariably into all these different avenues of approach only to discover that while they may be different, they are not necessarily better, they are not necessarily inferior, they are simply yet another aspect of the human condition, another way you are connected and joined together.

So there are these multiple approaches and options before you. The advice I would offer unsolicited is to play and enjoy with all the different approaches. Some prefer music, others prefer art. Others are touched with the spoken word. Are any of these greater or lesser avenues of approach? Rather, they all are portals to experience, a unique expression, so honor them all for there will be those who have need of every one of the aspects. Fear not that in your efforts to do good you will somehow fall short. It is simply not possible. But bring perhaps a more joyous and playful attitude into the experiment that you are doing, using these different avenues of approach and experimenting with the results and the effects. Life is but a gigantic lab exercise in which you are experimenting every step of the way and observing the results and reacting to them and round and round the cycle goes.

It has indeed been a pleasure to be considered, to be thought of and enjoy this sense of relationship and connection which is what truly does bind us through our eternal careers. I am glad to be bound to you so far as we both shall choose. I would step aside at this time.

Light: Good evening, I greet you all, I am Light and it is my pleasure to join Elyon and you this evening. As we gather together I will try to embellish this thread which is before us and invite you to consider that you often refer to using the light, focusing the light, transferring the light and this is so in that when you cast out your intention you do indeed direct the flow of this light energy as you so choose. Visualize if you would your dwelling place. You are surrounded by various electrical circuits which co-exist simultaneously around you all the time. It is your conscious choice to go to the wall and direct energy that turns on the light or that makes it possible for your devices to operate.

The wires are simply the avenues of approach. It is you who determine which is activated and used for what and for how long. The construct of potentials around you is similar. All of these connections, all of these portals which may be used to direct energy exist before you. These different circuits of mind, of heart, of spirit all exist for you to use, to be creative with, all exist for you to use in the process. So which switch will you flip and when and why? It is all before you to be chosen and activated. Sometimes you will deem it beneficial to direct energy this way and you will flip that switch and you will send light in that direction and it will have an effect. Other times you may choose another circuit to activate and charge with this light and it will have an effect and it will be you at the switchboard, you plugging in this creative life force, this force of light into the various circuits which are before you for you to choose.

I offer this sidebar of visualization for you to get more near the perspective of all the different options that come to you and are available to you just for plugging into them. I very much appreciate the opportunity you provide for me to offer these 'sharings' and I bid you all a joyous week ahead as you decide what of the circuits before you on your switchboard will you connect with and plug into and make happen and charge with your energy.

Dr. Mendoza: Greetings to you all, I will step forward for the opportunity is present. I will plug myself into this circuit here now with you as you have plugged in and I will invite you to consider that an additional circuit is available to you as we have discussed in terms of healing. There are additional resources which can be garnished and used in this process and I have attempted to make it known to you that these exist so that you may build the process. I come before you again to remind you of this truth, to remind you of this reality as you look and seek for the different avenues of approach and as you identify avenues such as the mind or the heart.

I invite you to consider that as a child of the First Source and Center, you have a circuit which is readily fired, a circuit of compassion and love and when positioned by the desire to heal may be brought to bear in any equation. This is the circuit in which you are in partnership with divine desire, that healing may also be present, combined with in your case, material desire that health be present and a genuine acceptance and willingness to allow this grace to transpire. I have taken it on as my project to assert myself in your equation as I see the option arise, to once again remind you of your role in this firing of the healing circuit and how you are able to anchor such energy fields by your very faith and willingness to do so. As such you are indeed valuable physician assistants in the process of making this grand connection. You are necessary in the equation. It simply cannot happen without boots on the ground so as you may seek, surely you will find.

So I am here because you all harbor desires to be helpful, you all seek for guidance in how to do so and you all are willing explorers in the spiritual realm and so because you seek, you are brought more and more. It is my pleasure to join you once again and remind you of this collective avenue of approach that we may subscribe to in service together. Just a further extension of my invitation to join me as we function in this capacity together. There is no substitute for local assistance in the equation. Thank you for hearing my words and co-mingling our energy signatures so that we may become more and more familiar with each other and more comfortable with each others presence. I bid you all good day, farewell.

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