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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2015-09-24
Teacher: Charles, Dr. Mendoza, Jessona
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: Yes, thank you for welcoming me, I am Charles in response to the lines of thinking that are thrown out. There is so much to play with in all these different offerings that have been made. I would comment on the observation made of the observable and tangible aspects that you witness when you are observing the activities of this Pope or when you are participating in a prayerful intention to plant a peace pole. These are the rare times that one craves in this life when looking for where spirit is, where it exists, where is it moving and flowing and one can begin to readily discern where these places are, these places where service is performed, these places where truth, beauty and goodness values are elevated and considered, even portrayed by those who would bring them up for discussion, who would point them out for consideration, who would make an attempt to steer the thinking process a little more toward divine values and principles. Just as when you gather in prayer to plant the peace pole, you are changing the very energy field, not only around you yourself, but as a collective change, you create a new vibration and this new energy field is sensed by many others.

So I just decided to take the opportunity to remind you of these instances and what they are signaling, that spirit is manifesting as the material doings and workings of the human life and these are the places in which you may observe it and discern it as being in contrast to other places. Thank you for this contribution of your observation of the impact you observe as the result of these acts of goodness offered by others. I would now relinquish the floor to another who is waiting to serve as well, thank you.

Dr. Mendoza: Hello, I am Dr. Mendoza, I take my turn at the podium if you will, to receive warmly these requests of the heart as to how to best facilitate these medicinal arts that you are practicing. I will always be ready to assist you in so far as you will allow and to this end I will offer perhaps another perspective. In regard to the question of how much is appropriate or is it too little or too much and what should one do to be just right and is it about each individual on a distinctly separate basis or is it a collective phenomenon?

I invite you to envision your efforts at prayer, at healing and at the direction of energetic forces as your contribution into the great pool that may be administered to all those who are in need, and while it is good and proper to consider each and every individual in their own right as you bathe them in this pool of health and healing, it is also appropriate at any time to make a general contribution to the whole, to the health and well being of all, your contribution to the pool of health. It is always welcomed, it is always valued, it is always needed in the process that we go through and so, make every attempt not to get in your own way about the process and its application and unfolding.

Another question was about obstacles in the way. This is one, this tendency to harbor a guilt or a dissatisfaction with ones contribution as perhaps being not enough, not good enough, not long enough or not done well enough. You must lay this down, you must forgive yourself all. If you harbor any resentment towards yourself over this you must release it as none is due, none is necessary. This, as you requested, may be seen as an obstacle to your own individual part in the process. You must be willing to grant yourself forgiveness and peace in the process or you will remain as a obstacle to the process.

It may be considered even easier to forgive another than it is to forgive yourself for perceived shortcomings. I will say that you are all very hard on yourselves compared to how you are seen by your Divine Parents and how you are loved by your Divine Parents and forgiven for all your imperfections because you were born into imperfection. It is your journey to move towards perfection and become more and more perfect, but right now, in your imperfect state, you are perfectly imperfect.

Therefore do we rejoice in witnessing your experiences as mortals of the realm and attempting to offer assistance where it would be accepted. And so it is my pleasure to share these words with you today. And now, I would step aside to allow for another speaker. Thank you for your questions that may be addressed and I would be happy to join you at a later time, good day.

Jessona: Hello, I take voice today, I am Jessona and I am forcing myself to come forward in this scenario. I cannot stay silent in the face of such sincere petition from one whom I Iove so dearly. My dear friend, my dear friends, it may be much to ask you but based upon our short encounters and yet our long lasting relationship, it is required that we hold the presence of each other and trust and have faith that what has begun here will indeed endure for as long as we shall so desire. We have in fact done more than many in simply declaring that we know each other, we have created relationships, we have started what may last an eternity.

I am quite recessive by nature, therefore I have not made my way to the front of the line by any means. This opportunity that you present to give voice to the other side of the veil is quite unique and cherished and I frankly was challenged by the issue of "my own self worth." So, todays lesson by the master healer has indeed been appropriate. I am indeed so deeply grateful that you think of me and still consider me and wonder about me. I am indeed well for you having asked after me and I assure you, in times ahead we will have much more ease of access to each other than the strained attempts that are made under these circumstances. Fear not, what we have begun in time we will continue in eternity, thank you.

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