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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2015-08-06
Teacher: Inner Voice, Light, Michael, Elyon
T/R: Mark Rogers

Mark: I have a sense to go in the direction of playfulness in spirit in the sense that I had the recognition there are a number of spiritual presences available to us and I was inspired with an exercise. Since we're friends here, if you each would think of a personality you would like to invoke in the process of thought word and deed and creation and start with a short statement or question to get the ball rolling. That is the thrust of the exercise tonight and if this is so, who would we choose to ask, what would we say, what would our dialog consist of because we can, so let's try it.

Prayer: To that end I would make broadcast to all our friends and associates, come gather with us our circle, come into our lodge, join us as we circle up together and think of you, think of our relationship to us, the unique relationship that we each have with you individually and invoke a sense of this and in so doing, invoke your presence openly in our circle. It is our desire to make it so, thank you.

Question: If I might be so bold, I would like to hear from each of our Adjusters and perhaps they could give us some counsel as to how to right the direction we're going into a truer direction.

Inner Voice: I would respond, I am this one's Inner Voice and first I would address your desire to hear distinctly and directly from what you recon to be your Inner Voice. This experience that you so desire is extremely personal and individual, therefore it is not entirely possible for an exchange with you to be as intimate and personal as it will naturally be within the countenance of your being. I can however speak for the essence of the Father Fragment that is within you and with the tones that are contained therein; they may strike chords of resonance with you even though the words may be strained at times, the vibration of love present that emanates from on high is what is consistent throughout all of your individual experiences in this realm. The certainty and security and peace that are registered in the being when you have opened up to the ways of divinity, the ways of your Father on high.

This is most easily and readily accomplished by this individual and personal relationship you each have by design; it is meant for you to have to grow to understand, grow to interpret, grow to choose and decide for yourselves as to the validity of this relationship. It is by design that you are given all manner of choice as to how to proceed, where to proceed, perhaps not to proceed; all these are yours for the choosing. So when you ask, how do we work together for the greater good, it is in this routine everyday step by step process of choosing and choosing again and re-choosing, perhaps with new insight or awareness each time. This is the design, this is the plan and you are most certainly executing it. The fact that you have concerns for doing it well is the mark of an eager student and to these who ask, they will find much in their seeking.

I wish to allow plenty of space for other interaction although I am always pleased to be recognized in any capacity at any time by any choice that you might make to allow us greater mingling in the process. I am gratified and overjoyed to meet you more than half-way. Trust that I have been with you since before you could remember. I now make way for others, thank you.

Question: I'd like to hear from Light. She is such a beacon in times of darkness and situations and I will be on the right trail as far as positive thoughts, what more can we do? At some point I'd like to transmit Light but that hasn't happened.

Light: Thank you dear friend for your gracious invitation. I am touched by your affection for me and my work, my composition is appreciated and it brings me great gratification. I would hold a mirror up to you my sister and say, you are equally as bright. You cannot see the brightness that you create. At this point it is required that you have faith and accept that these works of light do indeed cleanse and purify and grace the occasions, that you are indeed on the right track of believing, of applying, of trying and choosing. This is all you can ask, is that you are in play, you are on the field. There will be victories, there will be misses. Not every attempt will meet with such obvious success but I assure you that every attempt earns a certain respect from all those who know what service is about.

If I could bestow one gift of grace on all of mankind, it would be this gift of 'you're okay,' you are fine, you are well, all is well. Be at peace my dear ones for you cannot see the goodness that you create but I can, we can and we are grateful for your efforts. Grow where you are planted, follow where you are led and assume that you are positioned here by an entire universe of action and creations and choices. So this must be where you are supposed to be. I am overjoyed to have association with all of you, to be a part of your group and circle and friends. I cherish this relationship and I will always be not far away from any of you for I have chosen to adopt you as you have adopted me and to be available to you as you have need of me, as you have reference to me such as now. Thank you, I now allow for more because there are more, all of us in attendance, all of us with the desire to be of service to you, just as you ask about your desire to be of service and what to do. So it is we are graced with your asking and can respond, thank you.

Comment: Well I feel I should ask something of someone now but I don't know. I have no specifics, I'm just grateful to be alive and in this dance and the daily journeys, especially right now, my life is a growing adventure [on] the interior plane. The gig seems to be knocking down the blockages to the open sea of consciousness, getting rid of the conventional thinking, the doubts, any sort of fragmentation in thinking caused by compartmentalizing and as Emerson says, the" thou shalt nots", just releasing into compartmental activity, monkey mind I believe it is called and just opening to Father's will, there it is, there it is, thy will be done and cleansing the palate, erasing the chalkboard of all previous reckonings, thoughts... just opening to consciousness itself, Father's will and not trying to capture it in thoughts and concepts but letting the flow lead me, as was said earlier, follow, let us follow. Anyway, I really have no questions, just grateful to be on this adventure, thank you.

Michael: My son, I am your Father and your brother and I would offer a line of thought in response to your sharing. When considering how one may become great, when considering the steps to greatness, many times in human thought it is considered that it will take much effort and much work and much diligence and effort to get to this place of becoming great and so mankind goes about straining in the effort to do the work and extend the effort necessary to achieve a place of greatness whether it is a place of physical greatness, a place of spiritual greatness, a place of mental greatness, I would like you to consider that the Son of Man chose a different way.

Rather than work hard towards the goal of success, I spent time in association with our Father and learned through this process to surrender those aspects of myself which were inconsistent with greatness and so there was a great deal of discovering things to let go, of deciding and grappling with ways I was familiar with which were to be abandoned, with understandings and awarenesses that were merely stepping stones on route to different ones, vantage points that would shift and change. Throughout this entire process mortal man is confronted with this challenge of letting go of what cherished thought patterns he has in order to have the room, the space, the foundation on which you can build new awarenesses and understandings.

You spoke of this yourself when you said about referring to constantly looking for the higher way, the will of the Father, and as part of the looking to discover it, there is also the willingness to accept it and go with it, to surrender to the higher way. This is how transformation occurs, not through struggle and forced effort. These are only tools one may use to exercise their creative energies, but in the end, final transformation is a surrendering, a letting go of what does not fit anymore, what does not work anymore, what is outdated, outgrown and no longer applicable so that you have new energies for new truths and greater awarenesses.

People seem to see this method as somehow too passive, somehow too easy, after all, all you have to do is to keep choosing higher and higher ways. But you have to as well, accept them, embrace them, become them. And so you do not get to greatness unearned, but it takes a variety of types of effort to attain greatness and one is the passive style of surrender. I bring this for your consideration after you generously shared your thoughts, thank you.

Comment: Thank you, surrender is the perfect word, thank you.

Question: I would like to hear from Elyon about the basics, he knows what I mean.

Elyon: It is my pleasure to respond to your request, I am Elyon and I do know what you are referring to anyway, as you grant me access to your data base as part of our relationship. I do appreciate this line of questions because it is very true that any structure may only rise on the strength of its foundation. We've spent much time and much effort in our attempts to build for you a working scaffolding of awareness so that you could then revisit it over and over and build it and work on it and cement all the different aspects into place.

You will witness with me that there were many years of repeating this process, all the while expanding on concepts but building on the same basic building blocks of process, procedure and principles at play. Now, we look back at what has transpired. There is a great structure atop this foundation the likes of which none of you can truly grasp. All of this that you would refer to as the Teaching Mission or combined Magisterial/Teaching Mission, all rests on the very foundation that we painstakingly worked on way back when. The stillness is still an integral part of what is important in this process and we still utilize it and include it in our process. The methods have not significantly changed. The interests of generations ebbs and flows as a natural course but the work stands on its own. The contributions made by all the participants are as bricks in this great citadel of spirit.

So while all the significance of this may not be evident for quite some time, I assure you that the basics, the opening of the doors, the laying of the foundations and the charting of the structure have all been done and done well. They are now there and serviceable for all others who come after you. In this regard, our initial foundations have served us well and I am very grateful to have been a part of such a creation across the very boundaries of mortal and spirit and time and space and will endure as we will all endure. It is well, it is good.

I thank you for invoking my presence. I am always eager to join you as an old friend. So be it, I bid you all farewell.

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