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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2015-06-04
Teacher: Charles, Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers

[Ed. Note: Prior to the session there was a sharing of readings from Walt Whitman and others.]

Charles: I delight in this angle of conversation, I am Charles. What is so notable about this sharing of other individuals work is the accessibility of it to the human mind. This is because it has its origins in the human mind, the very vibration and energy and wavelength that it is on is recognizable by human mind and it is easy to latch on to this train of thought, even to relate to it and when appropriate, to identify closely with it. This is what is so significant about the contribution of individuals who are willing to lay their thoughts bare for examination. These are simply the thoughts and considerations and musings of a fellow much as yourselves. But, there has been effort applied and care taken to put down in human thought form and to use word symbols to do so, the wandering thoughts and meandering musings of the human mind and I call you all to witness what a great benefit it is to you even in this moment, even though far removed from its original transcript, even in a new context that you bring to it by reviewing it at a new time in your lives.

This is the significance of witnessing and sharing your experience. These are God's children whom you cite and recite, no different from you. That is why you can so closely relate to what they have to say and so greatly benefit from their efforts at having structured their experience so that others may follow their thought train. Keep in mind that every single mortal of the realm has valid experiences, thought streams and individual unique experiences that may be shared or may simply be enjoyed privately and then lost from the consciousness stream. A few of you will take the time to document some of your experiences and, as ripples in the pond, these will have effects on a great many out in time as they vicariously experience your experience.

There is a saying that religion is the belief in anothers experience, while spirituality is having your own individual experience. I'd like to bring this distinction up at this time for as valuable as it is to share ones experience for the benefit of others and for the benefit of the Supreme, it is also incumbent upon you as individuals to not solely rest with the experiences of others but rather to use them as inspiration or guideposts into leading you into having your own experience. So whatever it takes for you to arrive at that place even with the great help you may receive from others, nevertheless, in order for you to truly master this ascension, you must have your own set of personal experiences around your beliefs and your faith.

I understand there is a question on the floor which I would respond to regarding the effectiveness of healing in various capacities. I would offer the response that no effort devoted towards the general health and welfare of others is ever wasted, can ever go awry or ever somehow miss its mark. That is by virtue of the fact that all energy is contained within the system which is overseen by, as you say, Mother Spirit. However, you, as individual healers and directors of your own free will and intention, may as well be responsible for directing your energies as you see fit. That is, it is your creative prerogative to decide to focus your intention as a result of your awareness on any given specifics, time, places, individuals, circumstances or overall themes.

All of these represent your ability to distinguish the differences and your awareness of these distinctions. But, in all cases, in every case, your simply taking the time and devoting your intentions and spending your energies towards the health and healing of anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere is gladly accepted into the equation. All of these circumstances represent enormous equations in which there are many determining factors and your willingness to devote your creative prerogative towards using the equation will always be well noted and appreciated. It is not required that you know the specifics of every circumstance or equation, merely that you cast your vote that divine energy infuse the equation and then allow that divine energy knows best. Simply open the channel of connection and allow the divine energy to flow and accommodate as necessary.

If you do have some awareness and understanding of specifics, then you are more than welcome to apply yourselves as you see fit, always realizing that you, from your vantage point, may not be aware of the proper course of action that divinity would take and therefore all your requests must be tempered with the humble awareness that divinity knows best. So in essence, to the one who is aware, all prayers are for divine action and intervention, whatever form they may take. So even if you think you know what would be best, it is always beneficial for you to recognize that the Creator truly knows best and to simply donate your energies to the direction the Creator would choose. In this way you truly are aligning yourselves with spirit, identifying yourself with divinity and creating a certain alliance in the process. That is the purpose of your prayers for healing; that is the ultimate goal for the one receiving the healing as well as the one attempting to administer. All of these reflect a similar goal of alignment, of connection, of the flowing of divine energy.

So fear not that you may somehow do it inappropriately but I understand your desire to do it more perfectly and so I respond with these words of encouragement, to simply seek to align all the factors at play so that the natural divine order may be restored, may be attained, may be sought and may be found. This is your greatest prayer for health and healing, that the natural divine order be restored. In all cases and in every case, this petition should be sufficient. Your very act of attempting such positioning signals to the universe that you are a willing participant and ready to be in alignment with the process and that is your goal, that is your attempt, that is you lining up with divinity.

I hope this serves to flesh out some of the practicalities of the simple statement made of praying for someone and facilitating in someones healing. What does that mean and how does that work? This is what it means and how it works quite simply; plug yourself in where you are willing and be part of the flow of this divine energy. Thank you all for your attentiveness to these questions. It is a joy to see where these thought streams go and to be a part of flowing with them and getting on the same page. [Thank you Charles] It's my pleasure indeed. I now would take my leave in deference to another who would like to address you this evening, good day to you all.

Dr. Mendoza: Greetings to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza. I have felt the invitation that you have offered with your questioning about health and healing and so once again, I am eager to address you all, my physicians assistants about the role that you play in the process in health and healing. I have clearly made an offer to work with any who will work with me in this health and healing opportunity before us. I have addressed you as my 'physicians assistants' because there is an important role that you each play in the process.

You have access to me, the physician. You also have access to the patient of your choice, therefore you represent the liaison, the connection between the healer and the recipient. They may never have cause to have an understanding of who I am but they will most certainly have opportunity to gain an understanding of who you are. You may speak for me, for us. You may represent our healing offer. You may be the one to spread words of comfort and healing. It is not necessary that you refer to me because as a qualified physicians assistant, you are able to function in this capacity yourselves. If you need to receive assistance, then certainly I will gladly assist, perhaps stepping in at the opportune moment to oversee the procedure but it will be you who conditions the environment, who prepares the patient, who sets the tone and the environment wherein healing may occur.

This may be a simple process of representing the peace involved so that the patient may become relaxed. This may require more words of comfort which you are able to provide so that there is an opening for healing. Some of the preparation necessary so that the patient is willing to receive may be accomplished by your simple witnessing and testimony and speaking of your own truths. In all of these ways you are facilitating the process, you are building the connection and so I speak to you frankly about working with me in this process and I working with you as you go about preparing and conditioning for when conditions are right, all will witness the energy flow. The restorative capacities of divine energy are transforming and you are each conduits of this energy. You have plugged yourselves into the equation and now you have access to others who have access to others and in this way are part of a great healing network, a web which exists beyond your location.

This is how we may work together. We already are, we already do, I only bring these words of description to cement further in your consciousness this connection that we have and this universe principle at play. But you are all becoming well versed at playing with these principles and seeing how they play out in your experiences and what makes them work better or worse and you all are desiring to become more perfect servants of the Lord. That is why I am here in response to your desire. That is why I will speak frankly with you about working together to facilitate our effectiveness. I invite you to devote yourselves even more to this new level of awareness that you may attain, this level of awareness which will provide you with even greater access simply because you have increased your capacity so that now you may accept this new reality is the direct result of your efforts and your willingness to pursue your ascension careers.

So take this next level of awareness, this next step in your evolution. Use it as a springboard to propel you into new and greater dimensions. Embrace this as your truth, accept it as your reality and become these truths that you are aware of. These are the steps of growth that bring you step by step forward in the process. It is a joy to be with you as we transcend these steps. Let's work together as we move forward in the process and as you will so allow by your awareness. [Thank you] I echo your sentiments of gratitude, we are enhancing each others experiences exponentially and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity that we share as you are.

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