[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2014-12-21

Tom Newbill t.oldbill at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 10:52:48 PST 2014

Subject: No. Idaho Team 2014-12-21
Teacher: Serena, Light
T/R: Cathy Morris

Serena: I am visiting you this week to remind you that each of you is equipped to move forward on your spiritual journey. We are moving forward in preparation for the beginning of another phase of this mission. Each of you is connected to spirit and each of you has developed skills to be used in this next phase. The world is in transition and progress is good. As a liaison between the Mission and your level, I bring you our encouragement to go forward into unknown territory so to speak. You have the ability to step forward into experimentation with new levels of understanding and action. The time is approaching for action. The time is approaching for all aspects to come together in unison in the uplifting of Urantia. We rejoice in the glory of God and His plan for the future. As always, I am with you and available for consultation.

Light: I am happy to bring light to the discussion. There is a darkness remaining to be dispelled. You have the ability to direct light and bring light with you. This is an activity that you are able to pursue if you desire. We have the ability to experiment with light. I encourage you to set aside some time to play with me.

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