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Teacher: Jonathan, Teacher Gorman, Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Mark: I'm inspired to invoke the presence of our friend Jonathan [Rick Giles]. I have the lyrics to one of his songs which I would share to get the ball rolling here this morning. He wrote a song called gospel in which he distills down in four lines some of the basic tenants of the gospel of the Master. The first tenant is the description of love in which he says love is the desire to do good to others, the desire to do good to each other. These are rounds which go round and round as we have sung at these Michael birthday gatherings. The next round is I love my God with all my heart, all my mind, strength and soul. The next is I will love my neighbor as myself, I will love my neighbor as myself. The last line is I will do for you as you would do for me and you would do for me as I would do for you and we will treat each other as we will come to see, the way God would treat each of us, you and me. Thank you Rick.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning this morning my friends, I am Jonathan here willing to accept the offer made to participate with you here this morning. I am also honored to have one of my compositions remembered and I will weave this into the conversation, that the lyrics to such a song as this are as the pathways or the avenues you discussed earlier. Each one is a thought pattern which is distilled into its essence and when revisited repeatedly, can bring you to the essence of that thought pattern. I take for example the simple statement, the definition of love, that it is simple, it is just the desire to do good to each other. It is not a complicated thing but it is a multifaceted thing. It takes on many many characteristics and dimensions and yet in its most simple and basic definition it all comes down to the simple desire to do good and everyone, anyone, has a relationship with this; this concept resides deep within everyone. They know it when they experience it and most of them would naturally refer to it as this sensation of love.

And so it is that you proceed to find the many pathways before you in the direction of your desires and after finding and traversing some of these pathways, you are then able to distill to the essence the meaning and value contained in the pathway and by invoking the same symbol that you design to stand for this avenue you are able to revisit it quickly and easily. This is of course, one of the main values of prayer and stillness, to go revisit these spaces, to go check in again with the stable island of spirit that you find in these places. In so doing you reinforce and re-infuse this action with meaning and value and come away from it enriched and you find it even more attractive to revisit and even easier to recreate with each attempt made.

This all hinges on your dedication of what resources you have to allocate, what energies you choose to donate because all these pathways, all these neural networks are formed as a result of your practice, your efforts, your repeated intentions. There is no substitute and so they represent your choices, they represent your intentions, they are what you have grown in the process by your own choosing and then they are yours; as you are wont to say, you own them at this point and no one can detract or take away from what you have gained and earned in the process, rather they accompany you as an aspect of your being once they are internalized and will be with you for the rest of your experience. They will even be with us all as we share these experiences into the Supreme. They will benefit us all, this learning of these pathways into spirit, this dedication of individual energies which represents such a divine word oriented choice.

Thank you very much for thinking of me. In this way I truly am part of the group still and even further I thank you for inviting me to join and making it possible by virtue of this network that we have built and continue to support between us. It is a cherished link and so I cherish it and I thank you. I will now open up the forum as I know there are always more participants eager to be involved. Good day to you all.

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, I just wanted to make a comment to the conversation this morning. It seems like no one mentioned it so it is important that it is mentioned. In terms of the mind, it is more mindful the less you have in it, thank you.

Charles: [Mark] Good day my friends, I would throw in a couple of words to add to the tapestry here today, I am Charles. In reference to the conversation to building pathways to where you would like to be, I'd like to reckon that to the time in your country's development when there were great unknown portions of the land and people were called to rise up and become trailblazers and some of these individuals are known and well respected for having mustered the courage and imposed the enduring strength [above] and beyond the known boundaries of the safe and known world and venture out and blaze a trail.

As soon as this trail had been blazed, it became open for others to use and follow the way. In this way the trail evolved into a path which changes into a roadway which may eventually one day become a super highway, all because it was charted and it was explored by an adventurous soul. Then, after reporting back that the trail is useful and if followed will bring you to a predictable destination, others gather their confidence. If it has been done before, I can do it again but it always takes those first trailblazers willing to venture out in uncertainty and search for themselves the correct pathway before others are so willing to venture forward. Therein is the great value in establishing a pathway, arriving at a destination that is worthy and reporting back to the others that you have found the path, the way, the passage through to the other side and it is good an safe and well worth the effort put into the journey.

Having ventured out in spirit and reporting back to the others, you may be a useful guide, explaining what is required to find the path, to access the path, to endure the path and what is to be found at the destination you are destined to arrive at if you just maintain the course. That is what all these useful exercises, books, scriptures, descriptions, preachers and doctrines are all about; they all foster a pathway that has been utilized and found to bring certain success and then many others decide I will follow this pathway that has been laid out for me. It is trusted and tried and I will arrive, if I stick to the path, at the destination.

The point is, of course, there are innumerable paths and most individuals are not in awareness or possess the strength or courage to venture out and blaze a new trail on their own. Even though they would meet with certain success, most individuals would choose to follow others who have been there who will save them the effort of being trailblazers and enduring the uncomfortable unknown. So, as experienced explorers yourselves, there is much you have to offer to those around you who are looking for the path and would like to know what your personal experience is of having traveled the path and through this will gain much assurance and security that it is not only possible, but that they may have some personal reference if not to the path itself but perhaps to you an individual who has been changed by the path. You may be the only representative of spirit they ever come to know and your expression of your experience can be transformative to others.

I just thought I'd offer a few different angles of perspective on forming a path, staying to the path, cultivating a path, maintaining the path, exercising the path and sharing the path as it may come to pass. It is your pleasure and your privilege to do so as you are all becoming aware. It is wonderful to discourse with you this morning. Thank you for hearing my words, be in peace, farewell.

Light: [Cathy] I also wish to comment on the mind as a vehicle for change. In the song about 'Baggage' it is mentioned that you need to get rid of that 'stuff'. This aspect of mind and spirit is clear, you are the ones to clean house as it were. The mind is nondescriminatory in its storage of information. It is your focus on information that reinforces and brings aspects to prominence. It's useful to use light to focus on the existing information to illuminate the most spiritually connected and to highlight the thoughts and memories that strengthen spirit. Also important is the delete function of mind. You do have the capacity to focus your spiritual light. This reveals the darkness, the dysfunctional, the information that does not reenforce spirit. It's easy, the way is through light. With light you are able to discard damaging information from the past and replace it with spirit. It is like cleaning house, you only need to roll up your sleeves and begin with intention to simplify and bring forward value. I am happy to help you.

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