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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2013-02-10
Teacher: Michael, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Thank you so much Michael, our Divine Parent, who cares so greatly and deeply for us that you would reach out and connect on such an intimate and personal level as we feel you do, as we know you do. It is one of the greatest aspects of our being to be able to come close to you in this way and to feel as though there is no distance between us. Thank you for your continued reach in our direction, your patience, as we as muddle through and ask the silly and mundane, perhaps even stupid questions except that all these are our attempt to find you and to be with you and commune with you. All these represent our hearts desire to reach in your direction and to be as close to you as we are able. Let it be so, now and always, that we reach to each other in this way. Let it grow to be that we may even lean on you as you have your hand on our shoulder always. So be it, even now. Thank you.

Michael: Hello my dear ones, I am your brother, your Father, your parent, your friend and I receive your petitions of gratitude and issue them along to our Divine Parent above who has made all of this possible. Likewise, I offer my own petition of gratitude to the Father for the likes of you, each one. You are my beloveds, you are my offspring, you are the result of my intention, the focus of my desires and I will ever reach in your direction. We are in this together. Now this bring me great pleasure, the more-so since you so willingly invite me to be a part, the more-so since you provide me this latitude, this gift of grace on your part to share, to include your parent, and so we are both so very blessed to have each other in this process, to share the experience with, back and forth.

We are therefore never alone, but rather walk side by side through whatever this life or the next or the next may bring.This truth remains constant, that we walk together, we traverse the experience together, the more-so since you invite me and allow and accept and embrace as I do, the opportunity to share this experience together. Truly, the results I witness in this Urantia process are truly grand when those such as yourselves may be born illiterate of circumstance as an animal of the realm, a mere mortal being of time and space and in one short life experience, traverse the distance from separation, doubt, uncertainty and unknowingness through the development of your spiritual aspect into the realms of spiritual certainty, of conviction of purpose, of knowledge of belonging to the greater family.

Truly this entire experience can be seen to have worked. This gigantic plan appears to be effective when observing individuals such as yourselves. The process is unfolding in spite of some debilitating circumstances around this planetary development. Nevertheless, all moves forward towards good, towards truth, towards beauty, towards our Divine Parent and as I have said, I am overjoyed to have you as companions and comrades. We do indeed have an eternity to traverse together as we so desire.

Thank you once again for turning your attention in my direction and reaching our so strongly that I cannot help but to respond. It will forever remain my pleasure to respond to you. The Father hears the voices of the children and knows what's in their hearts so rest assured, I am in love with the real you, the you which is the desires of your heart. Go now and be in peace and in love and share this love about to all the others, farewell.

Jonathan: Good morning friends, I am Jonathan here to take advantage of this precious opportunity. As has been stated in this mornings conversation, which of course peaked my interest, this opportunity that has arisen between us is in fact most unusual and in that sense, even more special, even more rare but then as I reflect on this group and the sincere seeking I have witnessed, I acknowledge that many things have been out and beyond the scope of normal and regular parameters and have been brought within and under the jurisdiction of individuals in this group. Things which did not exist before now exist, things that have not happened before have now been documented, opportunities that have existed have been exercised and time and eternity will record the fruits of these spiritual ventures.

There have always been of course, pioneers, those who strike out in new and different directions and invariably those pioneers are rewarded with unique discoveries. Some of these discoveries make it back to the rest of civilization and are then used as the inspiration for many to go where once only a few ventured. Such is the exercise undertaken here, such is the same scenario applied to the pioneers of spirit in this day, those who would wade out into the uncertain waters and go first and be able to call to those who stand on the shore that the water is fine and they should come on in, and witnessing that you have not suffered as a result, many are then inclined to follow you in.

But there always must be the initial ones, the ones willing to take the dive, to embrace the experience totally so that they can then accurately and completely encounter the truth of that experience, the reality of it for themselves. Everyone has many opportunities throughout their lives to dive into a new experience, to embrace a new reality, to go out and venture beyond comfort zones and safe havens and it is in doing this and being unafraid to go where there are no tracks, being unafraid to try and even better, being emboldened to try because of your spiritual context, your relationship to the greater truths, beauty and goodness.

Having this standing relationship with spirit can provide one with an adventurous spirit, a curious and optimistic approach to forsake common paths and take the unknown trail to see where it leads in objectivity and honesty and then you can report back to the tribe and tell them what it is that you saw and felt and encountered and now there is real experience to draw from,not conjecture not hearsay, but real personal experience.

This is what makes me so very pleased, honored and excited to be a part of this group. We are, make no mistake, venturing out beyond the boundaries of normalcy in context with what others may think is true or real. We are discovering our own definition in our own context of understanding and awareness, our own experience of truth. All this is occurring because we would invest ourselves, will put forth the effort, will try, will believe and have faith, and in this process, new realities are created, truth is expanded and former unknown territories are claimed and settled.

Let it be so as we continue our march into strange new worlds and go into new realms of reality that we may or may not have envisioned. Let us lean forever more on those elements which are unshakeable, those foundations of truth, beauty and goodness which stand firm until they are built upon, until they are expanded and increased by virtue of our diligence, our effort to expand them and increase them. This is a glorious assignment, this is the marvelous task, this is the opportunity we have before us and that we have before us to share such a gift of grace.

I am forever in gratitude for this opportunity as I know you are and so I suggest we make the most of it throughout the day, seize the moment and take the opportunity laid at our feet. Let's see where this path goes, let's see where this journey leads us, let's go there in good cheer and in faith, armed with love. This is my prayer, this is my petition to our Divine Parent. I invite you to join me. Let us make it so together. I take my leave now but I delight in returning at any possible opportunity. Until next time, see ya later.

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