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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2013-02-03
Teacher: Charles, Unknown Source, LIght
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Charles here to add my two cents worth to this mornings discussion and I think I will start with the familiar phrase: "Which comes first, the horse or the carriage?" You all know that of course you have to have the horse in the beginning before you can pull the carriage behind it; likewise is it all so true that one who is venturing into exercising their co-creative prerogatives must indeed have the faith before the act, must indeed put the proper order in the equation, must come to the equation with the proper attitude and stance and posture that make it possible for you to then hitch on the cart, whatever your cart of prayer will direct you towards, health, healing or any manner of physical environmental changes.

All these things as you have come to know are possible, they do happen, they are within the scope of the universal laws and principles that are in play. So it is not those principles or laws which are in question, rather the important thing is, is the horse ready to assume the posture, ready to pull the cart in cooperation and with mutual work towards the same end? So let's consider then, if the primary and most important aspect of the circumstance in this analogy would be the horse and its readiness, its preparedness, its training, its understanding, its willingness to provide such a function and finally its readiness and corresponding attitude of readiness.

The more the horse is prepared, the easier it is to hitch on any cart behind it and it doesn't really matter too much what the cart is or how different the journey may be that the horse is undertaking. What matters most is the compatibility of the horse to the process, to the cart of desire. If the horse is prepared, if the horse has been trained well and has an attitude of willingness and acceptance, then that is the part of the equation, the familiar phrase being offered earlier," work like it all depends on you," then it is appropriate for you to say that "it all depends on God," that is, the next step is to exercise a great faith. If you have been in readiness and you are prepared to join yourself to the task, then it is necessary for you to align yourself with the process and with the greater aspects of spirit.

This is hitching the cart to the horse in readiness. This is preparing the way and cinching the reins and being prepared to make the journey, being prepared to see it through; even though as a participant you may be unaware of what transpires before you, nevertheless you are willing to saddle up and ride. That's courage, that takes strength, to be prepared even in the face of doubt and uncertainty, to saddle up and be ready to head out into the darkness of the unknown, in faith and in trust that there is a final destination worthy of your attainment and that you are ready, you are prepared, your gear is in place and you can envision the conclusion of your journey even as you begin it. This is the aspect which can bridge the gap between all the readiness, preparedness and faith that one brings.

There lies before you uncertainty of how exactly each step of the journey will transpire but absolute conviction in your success, in your attainment, in your eventual destination. This is what provides you with the stimulus that in times of doubt and uncertainty you may need to push forward and work like it all depends on you, meanwhile trusting and having faith that it all depends on God, but that you are working together doing this spiritual work together. Then as you have all witnessed in your lives, things happen, things transpire, perhaps things out of the blue that are uncertain, unknown but nevertheless, to one who has a firm compass heading, the journey is not deterred. It may be delayed, it may be detoured, it may be impinged upon by factors in the way but to one who holds this absolute conviction and certainty of ultimate destination, all these are but transient events in the journey towards this eventual destination.

Interesting to consider, that while it is important to hold in your consciousness, the reality of arriving at the destination, one must also be flexible enough and willing to adapt and change as is required along the way to accommodate that which life brings into the journey so that while the destination may be envisioned, the journey may not and there is required of the journeyer, not only to hold in their expectation their safe arrival at their destination, but to be willing and ready along the way to embrace the unknown until the time that all these unknown steps result in the desired destination.

This is the balance that one must walk, certainty and conviction must be present and exercise of faith must be demonstrated. This also includes faith in what may arise before you as part of the journey, part of your solutions, part of your plans that may change, alter or be presented to you anew. This makes for a banquet indeed my friends, a banquet of uncertainty, a banquet of challenges, a banquet of disappointments and a banquet with mixed in throughout successes and observations of growth and richness brought to the journey.

Thank you for the opportunity to join you in this mornings discussion, it's always a pleasure. I understand this forum has others who would participate and so I would yield the floor at this time, thank you my friends.

Unknown Source: [Cathy] In the case of the parable of the well, I offer some perspectives. In these instances of life, the result is desired but the channel for creating the result may be obscured. There is a disconnect from the end result if a focus is completely on the process at work. I found in my life experiences that it is sometimes needed to gather faith and move beyond the process into the desired end result. You will begin by one small step and recalibrate as the process progresses. It is not possible for modifications to occur unless you are in motion. The solution is to be found in the moment, that it is necessary to begin with the small act in the direction that seems best. You may later recalibrate and see other options open up. It is somewhat like a journey that presents options for side trips along the way. The temptation is to stop at the present point and admit there is a failure. It is indeed part of the process to rethink the problem and look for other options. In this life you are seldom left without any options, it is only needed for you to take another small step to move to a different viewpoint. Feast on possibilities instead of disappointments. Help is available for you, believe.

Light: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light, drawn towards the conversation about exercising co-creative potentials of course. This morning I would offer that there is of course, a magic combination as you are becoming aware, of potentials that come together and cause actuals in your sphere of awareness and understanding. Indeed, things must line up and come together and as you have learned, things attract to themselves other things of similar energies and come together and bind and become stronger in the process.

So it is with these fledgling encounters that you all have as mortals of the realm. Every once in a while the factors seem to all line up and there is a flushed sense that something magical has just happened, something miraculous has just occurred, that all factors have come together to produce this magical circumstance and, in some sense, your perception is right. What is inaccurate about your perception is just how magical such a line up really is because from a vantage point of a mortal of the realm, it appears to be inconsistent and happenstance and only happen at all in rare circumstances. I concede that from your perspective, the misses are far more than the hits when you have attempted to exercise these principles.

Largely this is due to your perspective, from where you stand. Your coming to spirit is bringing you into new arenas of awareness and it still remains difficult for you to shed the last vestiges of your mortal awarenesses and understanding and to shed firm beliefs that you have earned through a lifetime of experiences. You all contain these seeds of doubt, you all harbor within you these elements of [the] unknown, even doubt. When, in regard to life's circumstance, it is easy to say, things don't happen like that or just because I want it why should it be? or, in the real world this stuff just doesn't happen.

Those are all deep rooted convictions that have their roots running through your being, and from a completely mortal perspective they are justified and sound. But what you are learning is that in order to engage the universal principles at play, one must be in a different arena, one must be in the arena of spirit. If you go into this arena of spirit with the intention of activating the principles that are present there, it is required that even for brief glimpses of time, that one shed their unbelief, that they check it at the door of the spiritual arena for it is this unbelief, it is this uncertainty, it is this lack of conviction, that in any equation of co-creative expression contaminates the experiment, it spoils as mold brought into a cooking recipe. It is inappropriate to be there in the equation and it cannot be overcome by the rest of the ingredients.

So I invite you to consider that this speaks to the preparation and stance and attitude of those involved in the circumstance and that successes have been achieved, demonstrates to you that it is possible, if even for a moment of time, you can truly relinquish the dark aspects of doubt and uncertainty and criticism that are so mortal and so prevalent in mortal disposition and truly give yourself to love, give yourself to the process that love would unfold, literally relax and let go of all your preconceptions of how, where, why and what should happen, what might happen, what could transpire, and let love find the way. Let love demonstrate to you the path to take with no preconception, with no expectation other than the expectation that love will guide and that you are willing to follow.

This is a true exercise of an individuals faith going in, to act with conviction, to relinquish doubt and uncertainty and still act, still move forward, still demonstrate willingness to be engaged in the process, still proceed as if you fully expect that your actions are in accordance with spiritual principles and then to be redirected and re-guided as necessary, to reformulate your position as is required. If all these factors are in alignment and such proves to be the will of the Father and such proves to be the will of the Son and even the sons of the Son, all these alignments occur, then certainly it is. It may not take the exact form of expectation nor the time of expectation but, something will happen. An act of miracle or magic which is really only an act of the laws of nature, nothing more, no more magnificent than the creatures who activate the process.

So be it in your lives, so be it in our experiences as we move forward. We can rely more and more on our faith, our trust and exercise our will in alignment with the process and with the Creator, thus aligning our creative attributes together. Thank you for the opportunity to bring some more light on the subject of discussion this morning. It always remains my pleasure to be associated with you. I take my leave, thank you.

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