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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2013-01-27
Teacher: MIchael, Inner Voice, Jonathan
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is good to be here in this warm circle of friendship, in the cocoon of woven light. Thank you for the many observations this morning with which to choose to speak upon. The innate desire within human consciousness to help others is a tremendously strong sense. That one would actually potentially risk ones life for another is a high honor as human brotherhood goes. To service in this capacity out of the compassion in your heart is a tremendous service. You live on a planet where the growing recognition of the Indwelling Father, the presence of something greater within which gives hope, which gives a feeling of thankfulness, is growing stronger, sort of exciting times in which you not only do you get to play a part in revealing what is within, but that you can also observe how others are revealing what is within them because not everyone is going to reveal the same thing.

The Spirit Within chooses to express in ways which are particular to individuals but it is not necessarily something which individuals will come to understand until they have discovered the Presence Within. It is true, many people think of God as something outside of themselves. It is reflective of many things. You know the initial spiritual search may truly begin with believing that God exists somewhere else but at some point that spiritual search will cross paths which in time will bring one to the recognition that quite possibly, God truly lies within.

One can only question and one can only act upon the information and the understanding one perceives. Perceiving any understanding at all is of a great service because it is true, everything impacts everything else. Everything is attached to something, nothing exists in isolation, not even lonely minds. They might think they are in isolation but all they have to do is open up the windows, draw the curtains, reach out and see that there is a new day, see that there are many who are willing to assist. The universe is friendly and you are beginning to see all over the planet in situations that have been hidden, enshrouded in darkness and fear, suddenly are bursting forth like bombs of light to bring attention to the darkness which surrounds them.

You have reached a point now where the growth of society has to do with the movement of people on a global scale, not just an individual country or an individual idealism. The majority of what you will experience in your lifetime depends tremendously on how you view yourself and are you willing to do something with what you see available to you? Many times the greatest impact is not the most dramatic. Sometimes the greatest impact is very simple and mundane, helping another, helping yourself, helping others help others, leadership. The journey quest for the Spirit Within is a tremendous journey. It should be one all of you are willing to take no matter what the risks and no matter the cost. It probably will be life altering, transforming, and in a certain sense bring you back to where you started into a very sure understanding. So yes, it is okay to ask questions but many times, the ability to act promptly has greater effects than just casually asking questions about things, prompt discernment and prompt action.

In a certain sense, what is called kingdom work, the notion of bringing everyone into the brotherhood, into the same page with God as their Father or a 'King' as some are wont to believe, the problem with the 'King' metaphor is that the 'King' is still someone outside of yourself, someone telling you what to do and controlling you, where the notion of the Father, the Father Within oneself, the Indwelt Presence, personalizes you, brings it more into a reality focus, a system of checks and balances within the human mind, consciousness.

To the greater extent, many people are working within this capacity. Most don't know it yet but they will. They will begin to discover that things such as inspiration, synchronicity, grace, abundance, ability, that these things have to do with how you hold the thoughts in your mind. Do you hold positive thoughts? Are you allowing thoughts to freely flow within you instead of clamping down on certain things and not letting go? Mentally that is not healthy. You need to allow yourself openness.

Yes my friends, it is safe to say that you are in the dawning ages of the arrival of the brotherhood concept, a concept which will be earned, unfortunately with a tremendous amount of pain because something as great as a universal brotherhood will not come easily to this world. It will become a struggle every step of the way and even though you may not see tremendous results, every effort and all persistence is truly honored. Many times the reward for service comes in different ways. It can come as an understanding, it can come as an awareness, it certainly can come as grace but many times what it does is gather a momentum for the future that pulls things within your path.

One of the paradoxes of spirituality is faith and belief. You know a spiritual reality does not truly exist for one unless you truly believe that it does and yet until you have procured within yourself, have willed this faith into existence, this belief, this sense that the spiritual world is not real to you, spirituality becomes a concept. So it is this activation of belief, this constant uphill struggle. Maybe it is not an uphill struggle, maybe it is just that this faith and belief brings you a tremendous inspiration and awareness, especially to many of those who are not traumatized in some way although a majority of life on the planet is traumatized. Children growing up with war, generations and generations growing up with violence, war and aggression until at some point you bring into the world the children who instinctively know that this is not good enough. They want more out of life. The spiritual universe has designed life to operate completely on its own. It's a default, it is hardwired into life itself, yet in a spiritual sense there are many many things which bring a refinement, a quality into life that would not exist if life just created its own variables.

Many times, spirituality only rearranges the variables. It only rearranges the conditions, the options, the opportunities, the ways of looking at things, how you react, how you do things; this is what spirituality does, is it takes the default out of life and puts it into manual operation, it puts it in your hands. This is what spirituality does, it lets you decide how to move forward even with your present understanding because as understanding goes, it is also constantly adjusting to what must be understood. Then you come to a place where you are at a loss for understanding. This is the point at which spirit can truly be heard within. Many times a human consciousness must reach that point, a point of quietness, a point of opening up, forgiving, a point of not knowing any more, of not understanding, of not seeing it, that point at which a human begins to actually listen, to actually pay attention to hear what this echo is echoing.

My friends, there is no easy facile solution. It is a simple mathematical situation; the more aware and conscious individuals which exist together in society will bring about the needed change in consciousness, that the way business is done will begin to shift. The complete understanding of something will not necessarily engender an immediate result but an understanding will truly begin to help others who are in need to understand.

Thank you for allowing me these words this morning to you my friends, it is I, your brother Michael. Go in peace, know that I am with you always my friends, thank you.

Michael: [Cathy] My children, I am embracing you in the activity of weaving light about our world. Your dedication to this project will bring great fruit to our mission. The world has begun to awaken to the possibility of spiritual connection. The world is moving with us to a view of brotherhood and love. It is needed at this moment to reflect your light on the areas of conflict. We can embrace together the light and flood it on to the awakening spirit in our brothers and sisters. You have become most serviceable in the use of light and love. Your intention and practice in the wielding of the skills you have developed will expand the perception of light in others you contact. As we awaken to the possibility of love and brotherhood, it becomes possible to awaken to their inner guidance and perceive the path to our Father. Together we can be the guiding hand that can be held as the first uncertain steps are taken into a new view of the possibilities for this world. I am your greatest support. I am here to uphold you as all move forward into a new age of light and love. Your Mother and I delight to walk with you on this journey.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Hello my friends, I will take this opportunity to co-mingle some thoughts with you. I am this one's Inner Voice and I am drawn to bring with me perhaps some greater perspective on the events of a mortal life. It was noted here earlier in discussion that many great individuals have crossed over to the other side and that indeed, in the end, I will invite you to recall that every individual inevitably will cross over to the other side, reflecting the familiar term that as a mortal of the realm, nobody get out of this experience or this game alive, that is alive only in the mortal sense.

You all are well aware that as a matter of course, all material things give way and you as students of spirit, are privileged enough to have some glimpse of insight as to what the next step might be, the very fact that you can cross over to something of which you are dimly aware. So I invite you to expand your perception and change perhaps your natural disposition toward the inevitable occurrence that individuals such as yourselves, even individuals as yourself, will inevitably and invariably get to the experience of transition and crossing over. It is designed into your mortal experience.

So, to see it as somehow a punishment or an affliction of some sort is to not see the greater picture because immediately upon transition it is as if your computer system shuts down and it appears as though the systems are over and all activity ceases. But, in fact it is merely rebooting your entire system and when you again fire up your eternal experience after transition, you discover you have been upgraded, that you have greater capacity, greater awareness, greater database for understanding and a whole new data bank before you to be filled.

So, is it a good thing or a bad thing, this transition? When seen from the mortal side it may seem as though a tragedy, an end to a chapter and certainly it is an end to a chapter but this tail of this journey is very very long and this chapter must have an end so that the next may begin and each chapter becomes more filled, more exciting, more capable, more interesting, more aware. So is it a bad thing to leave the first chapter and enter into the second? or, is it a reward for having made it through the first chapter, for having endured to the end whenever the end is, and under what conditions the end may be to simply have played out the chapter to its end. It must end and so I invite you to expand your awareness that it is more of a new beginning than it is the tragic ending and to be willing to, in your own lives, have the stance, the attitude that you will gracefully accept transition at any time and under any circumstance that you are presented with; not that you aren't
interested in prolonging the current chapter because it is familiar and you have read this far and mastered the material to this point or so you think, the next chapter is greater, full of more life, full of more understanding, full of more opportunity, more-so than you could imagine in this chapter.

So while it is good and right as a mortal of the realm to seek to preserve your longevity and endure this experience to its very limitation, while this is a noble and admirable trait of any aware surviving mortal, likewise may [it be] an admirable trait to embrace transition as the part of the process that it is and be willing to turn the chapter when the time is ready. The issue usually arises in consideration of when the time is ready and in all such matters you are learning in your own individual personal spiritual experiences that such matters are in greater hands than yours at times. This is where your trust and faith come into play, when it appears to you that the unjust has happened, somebody has left the game too soon, somebody did not receive healing, somebody apparently had a tragic end.

If your could take two steps back and realize that after that apparently traumatic event in this individuals life, immediately thereupon were they provided with an upgrade, a gift of grace from on high as in response to their having transitioned they are acknowledged and upgraded and rebooted to be anew. The real trauma in any circumstance is in those who do the observing and assign these traumas to the victims and indeed bear them themselves. This is also normal and natural because you are one; you feel each others experiences, you share them in the collective consciousness.

But I invite you to bring a greater perspective into the equation and share that into the collective consciousness as well and this greater perspective is that any such event is so temporal, so short lived, this event of transition, that it constitutes a mere insignificant blip on the radar when compared with the eternal experience. Surely all events on the route are significant and may be traumatic or may be inspiring but the continuum is so long and the experience is so vast that it is, as they say, but the blink of an eye in context.

Once again, I endeavor to remind you of these truths, to bring some of these perspective from further down the road and try to illuminate what it is you are seeing when you are looking at these fellows who are transitioning as indeed all will, every one. It is part of the design and if it can be seen as part of the grace involved in the design, that would be the gift you offer to the collective consciousness regarding your awareness of what this event truly is. To one who was spending their life in prison and finally succumbed to illness, is it proper to mourn for their transition. In a very real sense, you are imprisoned in your mortal status, confined to your temporal being, challenged with temporal events all around you. Is it proper mourn for your transition from such confinement to such freedom as your next incarnation provides you? I think not, I think perhaps it is the reward that is undetected in the equation. How could you detect it, how could you know the truth of this statement unless you have some experience? This collective consciousness that we contribute to is where you may draw your strength but in the end this experience will be yours, each one as an individual, to add to your long string of experiences which you then may contribute to the Supreme. In the end, no matter your having been introduced to these concepts, you must embrace them for yourselves and encounter them in your own experiences. This is part of the graceful plan as well.

Thank you all for allowing me this time to offer these thoughts and contribute them into the thought stream, into the pool of wisdom that is accumulating as a result of questions, seeking, answers and offerings. "Go in peace" as your Master said and go in love as well and go with greater and greater perspectives as you carry each one for your enhanced capacity to receive them. Let it be so, now and always, farewell.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello and thanks for asking friends. I would share this one thought with you in regard to the last offering and that is the affirmation that the experience having begun on Urantia as a developing spiritual being is a continuum. It begins under mortal conditions, it morphs and changes into spiritual conditions but it is the same experience, the same continuum, it merely picks up and leaves off and begins over again in a series of transitions, the most mortal and material of which is the material transition of mortal death. Such a dramatic example in the mortal life of a life having begun and then coming to an ending point because it exists in the realm of time and space and things within that realm are regulated by the confines of time and space and age and length and duration all play into that paradigm as they are designed to do so.

And so it is that we experience this process of having started and then having a finish point. But, I will tell you in my experience, that there is no finish point, that the definition of the mortal end of the line is simply out of context with the reality of the equation. It is an event on the continuum line of this experience as are innumerable events and if one could see it only as such an event, not the cessation of all that has come before it, rather the portal with which one must pass in order to transition to the next segment of the continuum.

Of course, in the Urantia Book we have discussed how every mortal of the realm will no doubt be surprised by their new surroundings and awareness upon arrival on the morontia spheres and this experience in and of itself changes the definition but not until after the fact. Here, as we are able to share and discuss, it is possible for you to change the definition of this term within your experience before it transpires. I am not sure you can grasp and fathom the magnitude of this offering of grace but I do pray you accept it and embrace it, take it in as your own. Here you are offered the keys to success, the keys to awareness and enjoyment, the keys to embracing the experience instead of fearing the unknown of the experience.

These truly are, as they say, keys to the kingdom, the kingdom of spirit which mankind has called heaven. So I invite you to adopt and accept this grander perspective as has been outlined in some of your texts and many of your teacher lessons. Accept that all that transpires is part of this gigantic plan, all of which end up as events on your timeline in this experience, as events on your continuum line in eternity. It is the same line, it does have a beginning, that is what we share as having begun in this mortal state but it is an infinite line on which many many events may be planted and attached or strung as you do with your light.

Thank you for your invitation. I hope further attempts at expressing these truths meets with some success. I love you all, you are in my consciousness, thank you.

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