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Ham: (Tiahuan) Greetings my friends, my fellow students. This is your
teacher you know well; this is Ham. How happy I am to be with you.

I have greeted you as fellow students, and yes, you know me as your
teacher, even as an administrator of many teachers, but I would ask you to
remember our lessons which we explored together. Their purpose was to train
you as teachers. And how do we teach? We teach as we live. We speak as we
our able. In the openings we are given by all those we know. We cultivate
additional opportunities in every exchange seeking to extend the domain of
love whose source is our Father.

Many are here observing. Each of you have grown more than you know, and
while you may have missed our regular sessions, I know you have attended to
the many lessons supplied to you in your own experience. This is always the
master of all teachers. If our Creator Son would regard living experience
as his teacher, then surely all of us can recognize its value.

We are gathered here with much anticipation. I have enjoyed witnessing your
conversations. You demonstrate a maturity we are endeavoring to foster
throughout this world, knowing full-well your natural propensities while
checking these against your own guidance, coupled with the knowledge you
have gained from your studies in your text, in our lessons, and in the
world at large.

Yes, we will witness a great lesson in this coming time, this time that is
upon us now. For in this moment, as in the many moments of the Master's
walk, the kingdom of heaven is at hand, the kingdom coming in great power
is at hand, and you need look no further than your own lives for the proof
of this statement. It is your lives that are showing us and the world the
readiness, the preparation that has been well made to receive infusions of
Light and Life upon this world in such desperate need. And so, again I
greet you and recognize that we have become joined together as fellow
students in this work of teaching the truth of who we are, beloved of the
First Source of all things, living extensions of this light.

There are many here to magnify this light. I would encourage you to
recognize that this light you bear will only grow as you receive these
larger infusions. Those things you may find around you that bear witness to
these infusions are coming forth from within you. And as you have walked
quite a ways with us, we are ready now to walk further but working as peers
more than as your previous status as newly...as new students of those that
you were inclined to regard with great awe and with mystery, mystification.

The paths you have walked since then have made you more able to stand on
your own, knowing you are fully supported in this larger task of the
reclamation of this world. The truth is eternal, the moments of its
manifestation are unique each unto themselves. Each of you with
opportunities designed to engage your heart's desire and your greatest
capacity for service. Doubt not the preparation you have received. Be
emboldened knowing that I stand with you. I have never left you, but I
would encourage you still further, to draw upon the source of my own
learning. For I have told you, someday you may surpass me. Yes, I have
traveled far but I am honored to be part of this Teaching Mission with
souls such as you are. Little do you know the influence you wield. And
though you are not recognized in the larger arena of a mass audience, whose
attention is focused upon the spectacles of entertainment; no, you
entertain the source of all teachers, the source of truth within your
hearts. Within your minds, you attend to the illumination of your
Indwelling Spirit. In this time when many are looking around to find in the
external world a confirmation of this that you hold within you.

Stand fast in what you know to be true. The Father works in and through his
children, even as such as you are. How many times have we said, you are our
hands and feet upon the soil of this world. Be prepared to receive these
larger infusions of light deep in your being. The kingdom is within. It
always has, it always will be. The time for public celebration is well
ahead of us. You are forging a way for many to come after you. Yes, and
those from on high, greater than I, Paradise personalities who have yet to
be known, yet to be introduced to many here. You await a great revelation;
your promised Son with his staff. You have many questions about these and
rightfully you wonder. I remind you to take this wonder to Father within.
Share your questions here in this place of divine illumination and your
questions will become a source of enlightenment for many.

My friends, do you have questions for me?

Question: I have a question Ham. First off how are you? And second...how
best do we engage the reality as it is with the expectation of brighter and
lighter days ahead. How do we approach these days and find the best place
of peace and joy in them just by even, without the need or expectation for
outside influence?

Thank you. Of course I am well, witnessing as I have your growth. Nothing
is more gratifying to a teacher than to witness their students coming of
age, becoming a peer. Your progress makes my heart swell with joy, and
while we may have felt as if there was a distance, it was only to
demonstrate how these connections we have built will span the distance of
the universe of universes. And so you ask how shall you conduct yourself,
compose yourself in the face of so much expectation and so much turbulence
as Urantia makes its transit from darkness to light.

You may be startled to find that what you witness unfolding around you is
the marvel that you have held within you. You have felt at times alone in
this. You have felt isolated for your world itself has suffered such. Be
prepared to discover that this joy you hold at your greatest depth
spring(ing) up in this world in places you have not considered, that will
surprise you. So, my son, prepare yourself to be surprised by joy.

Your world suffers seemingly in this moment. It may writhe in pain, but it
is the pain of birth. You know well the beauty of children. You know well
the labor of birth. Have compassion on those who exhibit hysteria, fear,
discomfort and pain. Comfort them as you would (the) mother of your
children, the mother of any child giving birth. Look with compassion on
those who are confused, for you know well how such confusion can feel. You
wonder why for so many years you have been exposed to uncertainty with
regard to the manifestation of the support of a great universe that
surrounds you. You have become part of this support. Your life is
inseparable from ours. That I remain unseen poses no distance to you. Our
love easily reaches across this apparent barrier. And if we can do this,
how much easier will it be for you to reach across the barriers of
behaviors that are unsettling, that are exhibited by our siblings, whose
faith may not enable them to be at peace in the midst of this storm.

Question: Greetings Ham, it's good to be with you again. Many years ago, I
requested a task that I could perform in service to the mission, and Christ
Michael, and the spiritual hierarchy. and I would ask for another
instruction or suggestion of something that I can uniquely offer in
service. Thank you.

Ham: My son, you and your friends, many here have been endowed with gifts
of expression. You have written songs that have moved the world though it
might appear to you that the entire world is not applauding at your front
door, but you have found support, and you have found recognition. I would
say to you, build upon this that you have already done. Extend the range of
your voice in the manner that you think best, and do not disregard those
you have counseled and encouraged as I have encouraged you. You can be a
teacher of those who compose these songs. You can magnify your voice
through those you teach, through those you encourage, just as I have
encouraged you. So, my counsel is simply continue, but recognize that you
can incorporate this gift that you will continue to exercise and
demonstrate, but your influence will be multiplied as you recognize those
that you mentor, those that you encourage, who are young and intimidated
and frightened, unsure of how to proceed, just as you once were yourself.
In this you fulfill the cycle of human experience, and you begin to realize
the ascension process. Already you're growing in this way.

Is this of any help to you? Yes, thank you so much.

Ham: I would say to these assembled and those of my friends, your friends,
who are not here whose hearts are attuned to this moment, give yourselves
the opportunity to explore together. Do not keep yourselves hidden from one
another. Together you do many things that you cannot do alone. There's
great opportunity here to build upon the foundation of the many years of
our work together. I say this simply as a suggestion to foster what I know
(is) your hearts' desire to support one another in the work before us.
Indeed I would say the many years we have behind us is but a step along the
path of the great work we have before us, and how happy I am to have such
capable colleagues enjoined in this Teaching Mission.

Until we meet again, I say farewell.
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