[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Tea, 2012-12-23

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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-12-23
Teacher: Michael, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, my children, this is your spiritual brother Michael here this morning to be one with you, to take comfort in the nest with you for it is the nest I wish to speak about this morning. Not only the spiritual metaphor of the nest as a light anchor, a portal base, but the nest as a home, a base of operation. The bird is constantly in motion. The bird flies, the birds land in trees, the trees are in motion. Everything is in motion. The bird knows this yet the bird also understands that to keep the lineage going there needs to be something stable, something grounded, something familiar in which to not only rear young but to pass on its legacy of the bird.

The building of the nest by the bird is no small task. The bird has to determine the appropriate place for the nest. The nest is usually anchored into the structure of something which already exists just like your nest is structured and anchored around your firm belief and faith in the true spiritual sense. The nest is built to withstand everything, the weather, the conditions of the environment, the atmosphere. It has to be safe and secure. It has to be big enough for her to sit and create a heat source to incubate the eggs of her yearling children. And, the nest is permanent for the life of the bird. It doesn't in any way interfere with anything in terms of its natural ability to be at one with the environment and to protect life itself for the life of that bird. The idea of something being that safe, something that secure, something being that unshakeable is a notion that draws you deep into yourself in search for this spiritual quality, this divine birthright.

So my friends it is here today in this nest that I sit amongst you as another group that has banded together to serve the will of my Father on this planet, to live in the light, to live by the light and to live for the light, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I am most enthusiastic to hear your commitment to using the power of light that has been earned by your efforts as individuals and as a group. You have, through your intention, expanded your capacities and skills in the arena of light. You have divine guidance within. You have tools to use in the focusing of light. You have grown in wisdom and in spirit, all has brought you to this point of service. Together we can be a mighty force for good, for spirit. The world cries out for guidance. The world cries out for spirit. The darkness is dissipating as our light is expanding. We can be the beacon. We can bring the lost to our Father. We can show the way to peace and love. Together we can bring healing to the planet. Doubt not the capacity that we hold. Doubt not the skill. Doubt not the will of our combined group. Be the force for good that our Father expects. I am ready to act with you, let's proceed.

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