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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-12-09
Teacher: Light, Nebadonia, Michael
T/R: Cathy Morris

Light: I am thrilled by the discussion of light energy and would like to add another thought. The use of light has been a topic of this group for some time and our use of this light energy has become most effective. As opportunities arise on the planet we have the ability to focus the light and create change. The creation of our portal was an indication of the ability to manipulate this energy for positive use. Now as material changes in the planet occur we are capable of adding light to the chaos. As the planetary changes produce anxiety and uncertainty, we can stand as beacons of light and project our truth of the spiritual experience. Do not doubt the power of your experiences. Hold to the guidance of your Inner Guide. The potential of this group action is enormous. Together we can reflect love and light to areas of conflict. This is a way to bring the planet forward. This is a way to prepare for future advancement of the plan of Michael to bring Urantia to Light and Life. I will be with you in this effort. My love to you always my friends.

Nebadonia: My children, I am so filled with love for you as you discuss the trials of this world. You are beginning to walk with assurance instead of halting steps of the young toddler. My hand is always available to grasp as you stretch your muscles and venture forth. Your Father and I are so proud of your first halting steps. We of course, are fully aware of all outcomes from our perspective. It is a real joy to participate with you on your first real adventure in spirit. Feel my loving embrace as I hold you near in love and pride.

Michael: I also am available to join you in your daily adventure. You only need to invite me to join you. In these times I am not so totally involved in the changes forthcoming but that I would welcome some time with each of you. I am always your Father/brother.

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