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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-25-12
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Greetings today my friends, I am Charles, here to start things off. I would pick up on the thread of conversation offered here earlier about the part and the whole and discuss a little more about this relationship. As an analogy I would offer you your body. This grand conglomeration of energy, has as part of its components, many separate systems as you all well know. These systems are so intricate and so well defined that it may even appear to the observer that these systems are independent and unto themselves for they are so specialized in what they do; but, I encourage you to witness that these systems are all part of a grand system, a greater combination of many systems and that all these systems are indeed impacted and affected by all the other systems, that there is a need for all systems to be functioning properly for the proper health of the overall organism.

This is how you can consider how the part may affect the whole for it appears to you, no doubt at times, that you are rather separate and independent, a being on your own, making your way by your own efforts. But in fact, you are as well, a part of this greater organism upon which rests the opportunity to become a whole and healthy combination of all the little and different you's that you consider yourselves to be. If you can see this gigantic enterprise as being the overall organism which we all help to sustain, then you can see that in order for total health to occur, the organism needs to function as a whole and as a team of many smaller units in order to prosper. When there are parts of this gigantic organism which are in distress, then systems become apparent in the larger organism. So in this way, it may be easy to make the leap as to why it is important for you to be a healthy part of the larger organism, for you to be able to do your function and task appropriately and effectively so that the part that you contribute to the whole, which is in fact required for the health and welfare of the whole, is itself healthy and worthy of your contribution.

There are many out there who are in distress and this causes stress on the overall organism. However, to use further the analogy of your human body, there exists within it the capacity to find and change those stray negative elements, bring to them the necessary nutrients to become whole and healthy again, and to act as guardians for the overall health and welfare of the whole. All these systems are in place and you are discovering these patterns are replicated throughout your experience. So as you move forward with this awareness of your connection to the greater being, perhaps you will visualize yourself as a healthy and happy part of the whole, that your piece that you contribute is worthy of this great overall being of which we all are a part.

This is also what you seek when you have intention to project healing and health to others out beyond your own physical sphere. You are in that instance, sending your imagery of health and healing, of individuals in good health, of sound and healthy environments and individuals. This tune that you play when you do so, this image that you project, is your interpretation of what is healthy and healing and uplifting. So it bears with it part of who you are, part of what you know about health and healing and what it is to be healthy. You are flavoring your own intentions with your own individual experiences and they become potent seeds, as was discussed, that may find germination and even root when they are brought and planted in fertile ground.

I will tell you that even in the example of your individual physical body, the surrounding environment around tissues that are in distress responds and is affected by this distress. Therefore, once again, it underlines the importance of not only being a healthy and active part of the greater body, but projecting out beyond you, that sense that you feel of being healthy and sound as individuals. This projection then permeates all around you and as has been referred to on many occasions, is like spreading the light, spreading the energy beyond its point of origin.

I always enjoy the opportunity provided here by your willingness to accept my presence among you. Thank you, I now respectfully withdraw and allow for others.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning my friends, it is I Machiventa, to add a few more things to the mix this morning. The part and the whole is always a tremendous metaphor which can be viewed so many different ways. I would like you to consider choice as an organizing principle. Choice which takes place within the mind has an organizing affect on the mind. Think about this, when you exercise choice and make a decision and have to forward motion with that decision, the mind begins to organize itself around the decision, the decision all of a sudden brings in different, sometimes new, variables. Sometimes it sets conditions, parameters, defines boundaries, also opening up other areas.

This organizing principle, this ability to organize is a tremendously creative energy. It is one of the aspects of the mind, how the mind can readily grasp something in a moments notice. It may be a thought, it may be something you hear, it may be something you see, something you feel or have experienced or are experiencing. This concept of an organizing principle is tremendously interesting. For example, if a bad choice is made or an inappropriate choice, what would an inappropriate choice be? Well quite simply, one that chooses to go opposite of the Father's will. For example, let's look at this in terms of the Lucifer Rebellion. There were choices made by celestial beings on the planet at the time which not only affected the outworking of the celestial group that was on the planet but it affected every other human being on the planet. Some say that it is still resonating within the rank and file of the organization within human societies, yet it was a choice at one time, not to mention that it was a choice by beings that quite possibly may have known better.

Nonetheless, their loyalties affected their choice and it definitely played out as an organizing principle, this cannot be disqualified. So the Father's will is the organizing principle that connects everything. It connects Paradise to the universes, it connects universes to the individual worlds or time and space. The mind circuit of Nebadon is connected throughout the whole universe of Nebadon by the Mother Spirit. All intelligent personalities, all forms of life are en-circuited. There is a tremendous groundwork that has already been designed to pattern itself with the Father's will, yet there are variables even within this patterning and the human variable, the ability to think and choose, creates situations, situations to learn, situations to accumulate knowledge, situations to grow, for humans are constantly making decisions which in the big picture, don't fit in too well. These eventually reach a point where all of a sudden in consciousness, people begin to know not to make certain choices. There is a patterning which wants to show itself.

The Thought Adjuster is a tremendous organizing principle, probably the closest thing you as a person will ever experience as an organizing principle within the mind, this small yet large aspect of choice, of being able to feel, listen, intuit and society moves forward at this point. The time when the majority of individuals whose choices will become synchronized will indicate more of a way in which things will move forward because it has been chosen so.

So choice, choice becomes the key variable here is in organizing and bringing a greater play of the Father's will into the mix and every choice which you make which aligns itself with the Father's will strengthens the operating of His will, the structuring of His will you are ...ing now. It is an energetic that begins to reverberate.

I thank you for allowing me to share a few of these thoughts with you this morning. As you go about your week, consider that the choices you make are further strengthening the Father's will on the planet. Thank you my friends and go in peace.

Machiventa: [Cathy] I am joining your discussion of the catalyst in change. You are the catalyst that will be needed, the pattern that can be added when systems are in flux. On our side the structure has been unlinked, unsettled. The existing structure of many systems in your world has contained error. The error has been mostly hidden from your consciousness through these many ages of history. The error has been embedded into all aspects of life on this planet. It was a deliberate corruption of the original plan enacted during the period of rebellion. We have focused love on these corrupt ideas. We have broken the deep links binding them to the consciousness of the planet. The institutions have been released from the grasp of error. Movement has been encouraged. This movement has been the cause of much confusion and fear on Urantia.

Like a candy-maker stirring the batch over heat, the recipe has been instituted. Our ingredients are all present, the heat has been applied and the stirring has commenced. All that remains is for the mix to reach the "hardball point," the point where the mix changes into a sweet confection. We are watching the fire and stirring ever so slightly. The heat is rising and it will inevitably reach the point where the candy forms in all its sweetness. You may be called upon to help stir the mix. We are ready for the arrival of the final product. We anticipate success in the process. As in the formation of any confection, it is important to allow time and slow heat to avoid scorching and ruining the candy. Patience is an important component in the entire process. Faithful stirring is most important also. When the recipe is followed the result is assured. In this case, the head chef is expert and has a track record of success.

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