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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-11-11
Teacher: Jonathan, Light, Charles, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello to all my friends, I am Jonathan here to participate with you in todays robust dialog. First I would like to comment on the inherent value derived in a meeting such as this, a meeting of which I am very familiar wherein the individuals who are in seeking mode and who are searching about so willingly share their experiences. By virtue of this willingness to show an intimate aspect of their inner journey, other individuals close to them are able to benefit so greatly and assimilate so easily some of these inner dialogs and inner aha moments between themselves.

You see, once you have come to know and even love each other as you all witness, it is quite easy to assume and to share what your brethren are going through, what your friends are encountering in their day to day experience. When they are willing to offer it up as it were, to share it, it is so very easy to grasp it, to assume it, to feel it for yourselves albeit secondhand. Nevertheless, it is a very real transfer of feelings, emotions, understandings and awarenesses, all in the simple sharing of what one is perceiving from their vantage point and offered in loving awareness to be picked up and taken by those who would receive it in loving acceptance.

Such it has always been with this group which is why I have such an affinity and love for this configuration although the exact configuration varies from hour to hour, the overall configuration remains constant and this leads me to seizing with great pleasure upon the statement which I will restate for the record here and that being, things get shaken up to demonstrate the things which are unshakeable. What a marvelous analogy, I hardly know where to begin to utilize this but I will begin at a point quite personal to me and offer an intimate perspective which I hope will be more or less rather easily assimilated by my friends who demonstrate such willingness to embrace the experience of their friends.

In conjunction with this statement I would offer a real time demonstration and that is that our friendship, yours and mine, is unshakeable but that this life in the flesh may be shaken and stirred, even ended. Yet, none of that affects the unshakeable part of our eternal relationship and friendship, it remains unmoved. Likewise does your life experience demonstrate to you over and over again that some things are fixed, some things remain as points of reference. These things typically are values or relationships. I just pointed to the relationship we share and how enduring and constant that may prove to be as a fixed point in your perspective but many other things that you have come to know and trust and understand and be aware of are also fixed points in your perspective while all other details of life somehow manage to swirl around you, around these values, the value of truth, the value of goodness, the value of beauty.

I suggest to you that your awareness is another standard which endures much change that circulates around it but gives you a basis, a foundation on which to stand and look out upon this this changing sea of world around you. As long as you maintain your focus and your posture upon this sound principle, then all the swirling and flux that is evident around you merely is defined as such, as influx, as in potential, because the thing about things which may be shaken or stirred is that they are not yet settled in definitive sturdiness. They are seeking to be aligned and defined and become attached to things which are stable and the more stable you are as individuals in your own stance in relationship to all else that is, the more of these uncertain shakeable qualities of life may find their security in resonating or attaching themselves to you.

And so while it may seem that you are a lone individual in a snowstorm of swirling uncertainties, recall that while the snow may circulate and blow about, apparently without any direction or purpose, the mountain stands unmoved beneath it and the snow may find a residence on this mountain simply because it is solid and stands its ground and is not shakeable while all the other factors around are looking to attach to that which is solid. So I invite you all to bring this perspective into your awareness this week, that there are those things which are sturdy and solid, the love of your Divine Parents, your eternal ascension career, the guarantee of your soul, the presence of your Indwelling Adjuster and the certainty of your journey if you have accepted to engage in it.

These are unshakeable truths. These are foundations to build yourselves upon and I guarantee that the environment around you, while it is in great flux, even great upheaval at times will be conditioned by your vantage point, by the perspective from which you are able to view it. If you are solid and stand well upon those things which are unshakeable, then all those things that are shaking around you will have a different significance, will certainly not be a threat but rather may present themselves as an opportunity to stir together, to bring cohesion into the scattered circumstance, to act like the mountain so that the snow may fall and gather at peace, come to rest upon the stability. This is your opportunity as islands of stability, to stand firm so that the swirling environment may have some reference and may come to rest and be at peace when they contact something of such stability.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful analogy to be used and built upon. It is ever so true and ever so easy to identify with the truth of this statement. It is ever so rewarding for me to come and share with you such perspectives. Remember that your foundation of stability and certainty, those unshakeable things that you find bring to yourselves and eventually become part of, are those things which go with you, which transcend the shakeable nature of this earthly environment. Those aspects of self are the enduring parts. This is the saving grace that everyone refers to. All the good and true and beautiful aspects of self are indeed preserved and all those shakeable elements which are transient, uncertain and in such great state of change give way to these unshakeable aspects of self. Let it be so and in greater awareness in your own lives, that you not be shaken or stirred but rather that you stand firm as those things which are shaken are revealed to be what they are, impermanent and unsettled.

Again, it brings me such great joy to once again visit this group and feel the welcome that I feel. Thank you all for your embrace of me. I hope and pray that you are able to feel my embrace of you. Thank you all.

Light: [Cathy] I am most pleased with your discussion of floating in the light and expanding your inner light, to project it outward and use it to en-light-en others. You have been using these principles in practice and soon will be enabled to project the light in wider and wider areas. You have truly become beacons of light. You have become the anchors of light that are needed in these times of disruption and chaos. You have been in training for some time. You have gained capacity and skill. You are able to manipulate the power that you have developed through your own spiritual enhancing journey. Never doubt that you have this capacity. Never doubt that it is appropriate to use this ability. Many opportunities will arise, many times will the light and healing be needed. Together we will enhance each other as our combined light can be focused and magnified. I am with you whenever the light comes into play. I revel in the opportunity to join in this group action. Together, we have the power to impact situations for the good, for God's way, for the way to Light and Life.

Charles: [Mark] Hello friends, I am Charles here to interject another thought or two into this matrix. I perceive there may be a niche as yet unfilled in the ongoing inquiry about how one such as yourselves may be more effective and there has been a lot of discretion about light and the visualization of light and the use of light and where light comes into play. I would like to offer one more angle for consideration that may be beneficial to some thought patterns.

There has been much spoken of the term light-workers, and of course all those who come in contact with these words are in fact light-workers. But what does that term imply, what does it infer? I suggest to you that it infers simply what it says, that those individuals who are familiar with the light, who are aware of this phenomenon that we choose to refer to as light and its application and its uses and its principles, those individuals who have this as part of their awareness subsequently become those who can work with this influence.

Now this word 'work' implies that you know the principles behind the light and that you would take this light and use it as a tool, resting and relying on the certainty, on the unshakeable qualities of this light that you have come to know in your own experience. Once one is familiar with light, how it works, how it feels, what it can do, how to direct it, how to receive it, then one is indeed in a powerful position as one who can work with this powerful tool, who can interject their being, their consciousness, their intention into the equation to use this light as a tool.

Here is an example of where the fixed and the certain and the unshakeable are able to direct all that is in motion and all that is in flux around them. If they so choose to direct and guide this flow of light, this flow of energy, it invariably interacts and has an impact on all those aspects around you which are in this space of being shaken up. Those who are confident in the stability of this light are able to create stability in all that is unstable around them. They are able to fix the beam as a lighthouse does so that all those aspects which are in flux now have a point of reference, a point of stability, a point of certainty that they are in relation to. Some may see this guiding light and be inexorably drawn towards it, others may recognize that this light is there but be uncertain as to their relation to it and not seek to approach it. But those who are light-workers are generating these lighthouse beams out around them and those who are advanced light-workers are taking these same principles and directing and focusing these beams of light at areas they perceive which are in need.

So I hope to offer you this example of how stability and instability side by side are what provide those who are in between, those who are in the midst, having a foot on the foundation of stability and yet desiring to have an impact on all the flurry of activity which appears so unstable and how this may be enacted through this partnership, this act of will, the light-worker conceding and embracing the fact that they can in fact work with the light, that it is in fact part of their being and nature to interact with such light, not simply to know of its existence, to observe its characteristics, to be mindful that it is, but rather to take the next step and become workers with the light, those who would take their awareness that the light is so and go the next step to act as reflectors of this light like the lighthouse beacon that shines out for all to see.

The light itself may be the illuminated bulb in the lighthouse but the great reflectors around are what make it visible for so very far. That is what your role is as light-workers. The light is there, you are positioned to be a reflector, you are positioned to shine this light out, to focus it, direct it and to amplify its very nature. In this way you are able to work with this light just as the designation we have given you implies. I hope this finds some resonance within you. It is everlastingly true, that these principles exist regardless of your awareness of them. It is only your awareness that shifts, that gives you greater access to the principles already in play, and so, to those who seek for these answers, to those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Thank you for the opportunity to dialog with you today. I bid you all good day.

Question: The application of this light, let us say for a particular person that we think in need of healing, this light is applied by merely envisioning that person in need, envisioning them and placed in the light?

Charles: [Mark] Thank you for your question. Yes indeed, there is a necessary component of you creating the pathway of light to this individual by indeed, envisioning the actual connection, that is, making a pathway to justify within your own system of awareness of how this light would get to this individual and by what means it would find its way and one does this in the construct of thinking in a variety of ways of course. But your analogy of envisioning an individual in the light, surrounded by the light or conditioned by the light, provides you with the mechanism that allows your mind to accept this principle as truth, but then my friend, since you asked, there is a greater component.

The one aspect is to condition the mind and provide it with a pathway. That having been accomplished, what you are really transferring, what the real key to your bringing this light is, is bringing the condition of spirit, the condition of peace, the condition of healing that you yourself have found in your reception of the light, in your personal experience of the light. That is what you seek to gift to others. That is where healing happens. That is where true miracles occur, in this transfer of what you have found, in what you know to be the unshakeable truths of spirit nature. The projection of these truths, of these things which are secure within you, they are yours, they are yours to project, they are yours then to give away, they are yours to share.

So to those who are in awareness, there is a two-fold process. The one, as you stated, is to make a connection, to envision the other individual, to reach out and form this network with them by an act of your sheer will and intention. Yours is the creative prerogative to bridge that gap. This is where you do your first act of creation. Then your next and even greater act of creation is little more than what you do in fellowship around this group, you share your conviction, you project your sense of truth, you instill in another your sense of well being, you share that which you have grown to have some command over, some familiarity with. This is where the equation is complete. This is where you have accomplished what you set out to do.

Then of course, there is the variable of the other individual and their reception, the other circumstance and its reception. It is not necessarily a done deal with your having done your part, but rather, your having done your part is all that can be asked. Having done so and faithfully executed your task, your opportunity, then there is the opportunity of the receiver to as well accept that which you have offered, to embrace the light and to welcome the prayers and intentions into their being for it to be completely 100% successful.

Nevertheless, the lighthouse is not responsible for all those out there who seek their bearings and relationship to it. It is only responsible for faithfully sending the signal, for faithfully executing the task for which it has been created. Again, there you are. You have been faithfully created to faithfully execute your tasks at hand and in a very real sense, you must let the chips fall where they may just as in all that unsettled nature around you which has yet to be determined. But you may still act as the stable and determined factor and as the saying goes, the actions may be yours, the results are Gods'. This is one of your pillars of strength and certainty and unshakeable nature. Thank you for your question.

Comment: Thank you for the answer.

Michael: [Cathy] My children, I embrace you in the light and love. I join you in the work of enhancing and reflecting this beam to focus on areas of chaos. Join me in this effort. Let us bring the light forward into the residual darkness on Urantia. My children struggle with this veil of darkness and only the light can bring down the acceptance of the reality of light and love. We can bring this gift to those who doubt. We can bring them into the fold, we can embrace them in the light. It is God's will that the light prevail. The light will be all that remains. We are determined to proceed into the state of Light and Life. I love you all as we join together in this effort. I am always with you, invite me in. It is always my pleasure to respond.

Light: [Mark] Light here again, I cannot resist so much discussion of light. I am reminded of yet another familiar term that has been used throughout to designate you, the children of light and that is the term, light-anchor, for as you know, if you are a vessel floating about on the surface, there is great peace and stability when you finally find anchor and you are attached to something secure. You may let down your guard, you may let down your sails, you may be at peace for a time while you are anchored. Such is the role of light-anchors throughout the kingdom. They are the individuals who will hold fast to that solid base that is unshakeable and having anchored to it, provide a tether to all those who need the respite of stability in the storm, to all those who would moor off this point and enjoy this relative stability while all else is shaking about them.

It is simply one more vantage point to view these terms which we have used so frequently which weave so nicely into the tapestry of this mornings discussion. I could not resist bringing up this other term that we've become familiar with and discussing your relationship to it. I understand you have had much to consider in todays offering and I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity to join you once again. Be at peace, go in peace, stay in peace. Affix yourself to the unsinkable by virtue of your light anchor and then shine your light out as the light-worker that you are. In all these ways you fulfill that which you are destined to be. Be at peace. Enjoy your week, farewell for now.

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