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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-11-04
Teacher: Mark Rogers, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Mark: I literally got the message, you know whereof you speak about these very things, why don't you speak?

Mark: [Mark shares some insights about one of his near death experiences.] I'm being nudged to go forward in this direction at this time. I have been asked if I would go forward witnessing experiences in my life which speak to the issues which have arisen here this morning. I know this prompting comes from my Inner Voice whom I immediately turn around and ask for help and of course I get the affirmative. So, I request at this time, assistance from my Inner Voice where it would be most beneficial for all.

In trying to gather some of the themes that I hear this morning, the theme of 'suddenly,' the theme of time and its relativity, the theme of change and its pressure upon us, I was recalling that I have through a certain life experience direct contact with these phenomenon all tied together. I will remind my comrades here of my experience of having had a rock climbing accident and at that point I can tell you that there is a 'suddenly,' and when the 'suddenly' happens, there is a before and there is an after and everything is changed in that 'suddenly.'

For me that 'suddenly' in my story is represented as a fall I took as a rock climbing accident where one minute I was in the zone of normalcy and the very next minute the 'suddenly' happened and I then encountered the full and first hand effect of a shift of time because there was a massive and sudden acceleration of time which happened at this juncture, at this space of 'suddenly,' it kind of accompanied it. All of a sudden, what was encountered in one dimension in my earthly experience as one thing was completely shifted and there was such a great expansion of this dimension of time that there was no resemblance, the one to the other, there was literally one state in which time meant this thing and another state in which one would have to have a complete redefinition, if one could even find one to this new space.

Then there was my experience of being associated with a new and higher voltage or grid and the shifting from the more mortal, earthly and mundane frequency of grid that I was used to, and being thrust into a higher voltage greater grid and having to immediately accustom myself, assume the voltage of this new grid. That was the point at which I had this amazing feeling of calmness and welcome and peace and belonging to this greater grid. So there was this recognition of having shifted energy fields and then there was this enormous experience which happened because I had shifted fields and was not in a new grid.

In this grid, what I relate to about todays conversation, is the magnitude of potential thought was so great and was so easily transferred, that there was this noticing of two different grids in that realm too. The grid of mortal mind and how that one can assimilate information and understand, and then there was the encounter with the spiritual grid where one could embrace and understand and absorb massive amounts of communication, of energy, because in that dimension of energy it is simply a transfer of energy. So there was a greater capacity in that spiritual realm for awareness and understanding, comprehension, because words were not required, direct energy transfers were the norm and those are very difficult of misunderstanding.

And so I felt I was fortunate enough, in this one experience, to directly encounter many of the attributes that were discussed here this morning. I believe with all of my being that as goes the part, so goes the whole in terms of our awakening as a culture and as a society, and that I fully expect to go through these same patterns, this same dynamic shift that I have been fortunate enough to encounter once, and fully expect that there are these same similar dimensional shifts that may be encountered along the way in mass, that there will be a 'suddenly,' that there will be a before and after, that there will be this kind of new reality, this new sense upgrade of our standards.

Then there will be this encounter of spirit where this upgrade has made it possible for us to share in the spiritual dimension where true knowledge and wisdom may be derived and that all that will propel us into this new dimension with a new sense of being and a new sense of awareness as I encountered having survived my initial experience. My life was completely altered, my direction and purpose were forever changed, formed, and have been the mainstay of my approach since that time. I believe we are in for this as a planet because there are no real lines when looked at our planet from afar, it is all one and although some of us are tribal and some of us are warmongers and are every imaginable thing in between, we also are all one in our ascension and that we will have the opportunity to experience these very phases that one goes through when they would make the transition from the mortal to the spiritual naturally, that this pattern is simply the universal pattern that is repeated throughout, that we won't escape it as a culture just as we won't escape it when we transition.

The difference I perceive, if there is any, will be in those who have had their spiritual awareness and capacity enhanced to the point where they will have some bearings throughout and that is why I cherish this opportunity that we share together which is the honing of our skills for the process. I appreciate the training and the lessons we have received in preparation for such a macro-sized shift that I have become familiar with on the micro shift level.

So I bring you my personal witness that I have been there. I have seen these things, they exist, there is a 'suddenly,' there is a shift, there is a dimension that is greater of which we are a part of the whole. There is great enormous downloadable energy available to us. There is an entire plan which encompasses all of this. I just appreciate the fact that we can have some sense of it, some small degree of awareness of the plan because it makes it more exciting, more thrilling, more endurable in any form it may take.

Prayer: I am grateful to our Divine Parents for this gift of experience and for this gift in this hour, this day, to be together in fellowship with those who nurture the soul and who seek for the greatest truth wherever it may be. I am honored and pleased to be in this boat together and navigating these waters, thank you all.

Light: I am pleased to be so welcome among such beautiful souls. In response to the question earlier stated regarding how one might be more effective in conjunction with the portal, I would make a few observations. I will call you all to witness in your own experience that the very prospect of creating something which now has been named the portal, brought some rush of enthusiasm and welcome to your being. To be offered a project on which you could focus your intentions gave you all something to position yourselves in relation to. This offered a focal point and a direction in which to proceed, in fact the very suggestion of this activity was the initial spark which was then offered in play by each of you in your own individual exercises and applications.

All the while, while you were engaged in this devotion of your intention and your energies, there was the fanning a these flames, there was the generation of this space that was created and in fact as a result of the efforts made and the energies donated to this equation, this space referred to as the portal, indeed took on form and grew in dimension in relation to the energy donated to the project. What was being created was impossible of mortal definition because it was composed of energy, energy that moves, energy that is transferred, energy that sustains the space.

All these things are not tangible to the human senses, they are not recognized by the human intellect because they are not seen and for all intents and purposes, unproven in the material world. Yet each one of you was willing to make this contribution and donate this energy to this unseen application. As a result, something was created, a field that was not in existence before was in fact created by virtue of your intentions and applications. This, that was merely a suggestion, has, I assure you, become a reality.

Now this space that has been created and exists independent of its creators, may then be utilized by a great many and you have all recently been engaged in undertaking the opportunity to see yourselves in relationship to this grid of energy. As an energetic being yourself, seeing yourself as in relationship to this other energy source, able to both give and receive energy transfers back and forth as that is what you do when you have willful intention, and donate your energy to the fostering of this field, you are donating energy when you seek to tap into this field and to draw off some of this energy in prayer and stillness and in contact with the whole. Then the energy flows in another direction and you receive the benefits of tapping into this field of energy which is indeed at a higher voltage, a greater magnitude than your individual energy fields. You feel this flush of spirit as a result.

Now, I invite you to consider the next step. Not only is it within your power and authority, and this is where you are told you are powerful beings, not only is it within your power and authority to draw off divine energy for your own use and edification, it is also possible for you to draw off this divine energy as a tool of focus, as one who would deal in these high energies and work with them in your own way, as one who would sponsor these divine energies and direct their use and application. So first there was the thought, the idea, that such a thing as a portal could exist if it were only for powerful creators such as yourselves. Then there came together such creators and now, almost as if it were taken for granted, this energy field, this portal project exists.

Next, you consider your relationship to it as an individual and how you both give and receive from this divine source, this space that has been created, this meeting place of spirit. Now, I invite you to consider, as powerful creative beings, the use of this energy beyond yourself, through yourself, utilizing yourself as the instruments and projecting this energy to those who are in need, to those who are seeking, to those who are drawn to this energy as moths to the flame. This is your next creative suggestion, to assume this role of not only the one who knows of the portal, not only of the one who has access to the portal, but one who can utilize this creative space as a tool to implement divine will and intention. This is truly a great opportunity and a gift of grace. The great gifts of grace happens to those who do the Father's work and who are tireless in their pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness. It may be a difficult challenge to assume such grace and to receive such gifts, so that one may embody such divine nature and portray this nature abroad.

It is always such a great pleasure to join you my friends in this group and to share bigger and greater visions, larger and grander versions of dimensions of truth, beauty and goodness that are encountered as we move through the program. Thank you all for hearing my words today, I bid you all have a good week.

Group: Thank you Light, right on target, a bull's eye.

Light: It is my pleasure to interface with you at any opportunity that makes itself available. Rest assured I will be seeking these out as I think you will too. There is where we shall meet, in this space that has been created to do so, thank you.

Mark: Well, ready or not, 'suddenly' is coming.

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