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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-10-21
Teacher: Inner Voice, Midwayer, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Inner Voice: [Mark] Greetings this morning, I welcome this opportunity. I am this one's Inner Voice and it is my great pleasure to be able to use this material voice in expression at this time. I would like to echo, literally echo the expressions, the mind and experience of my dear companion. You see, he was offering his sentiments of gratitude as were being expressed, and in particular terms, he was desiring to make the petition to his Divine Parents that he continue to be led and guided and continue to have the strength to follow them on the path they would lead and that the action he would take would be pleasing in their sight. Even as these thoughts reverberated throughout his consciousness I was there and immediately this next train of thought was offered in response which I was privileged to share with you at this time.

I invited him to rely on the characteristics of the divine which he had been shown throughout this entire process and invited him to further restate his petition at which time, with combined influence, the statement was refined to one of recognizing and acknowledging that his Divine Parents are indeed well pleased in the efforts, that they do in fact lead and guide and that he does in fact do his best to follow where he perceives he is lead and that all this serves quite well to be quite pleasing in the sight of the Father.

So I offer this up in demonstration that many times in human thought and expression of human thought there is this internal dialog of formulating what it is you would express, what it is you would petition for or desire or vote for as an individual. It is at that instant, at that time, when it is most easy for the individual to simply await response and most importantly, accept response, and realize and overcome the deterrent perhaps that this response will be in the same form as the thoughts that have been generated and formulated as a result of your own individual expression, that is, the response will [be] found in the same terms, in the same inner voice you are used to hearing yourself generate thought for expression. There is no grand difference, there is even no subtle difference in how your mind works in this regard. You have an inner dialog with yourself in a particular voice and this is the voice your mind has generated over the course of time. Thus this is the voice that will be used as well to offer you the responses to your questions, your petitions.

Once you learn that all dialog within found similar, it is easier for you to simply accept that the response will be as if it's you, as if it is a part of you that already knew the response, but the answer is so inherently there within you that you will be surprised or you could be surprised but it only sounds like you because you are interpreting it with the voice that has been designated in your head to generate thought patterns. So remember, there are two parts to offering a sincere petition to the universe. The one is the genuine and sincere formulation of what it is in the highest terms you can imagine it you are petitioning for and the other is the willingness and readiness and acceptance to allow that there can be generated a response similar in expression to the petition.

And so, in this case, in this instance, this petition for strength and guidance was immediately responded to with acknowledgement and embrace and support. The answer to the prayer was instantly there and available. This is usually the case but most times when people are to the point of making sincere petition, they rarely give room for the response or allow that it exists to come from within. I would offer some words of encouragement to all those who have been on the long and interesting path of spiritual pursuit to hold fast, that all steps taken in trust and faith and with the desire to travel in the direction of spirit and for the good of all are genuinely worth while. Even if nothing transpires as a result, something has transpired. You as an individual have acted in faith and this is sacred, this is miraculous, this proves beyond any measure which you may try to use that you are in tune with the plan that is in place for you and that you are getting the lessons that have been delivered, that you are executing that which you have in your power, your free will choice, to act in faith.

When any individual does this in any direction whatsoever, there has been growth, there is demonstrated achievement, there the universe rejoices when these sacred acts occur. To the individual who is racking up these acts of spiritual awareness in their own dimension, they may be unaware of the significance of each and every one for after all, they may become almost routine to those who are routinely doing them. But no act of faith is ever overlooked because each one was a sacred gift given in that instant, in that moment of time because in this time space continuum you find yourself, every moment is a new chance to demonstrate your faith. Each moment provides the opportunity to do a sacred act and every moment counts. There are no insignificant moments, only moments of greater and lesser achievements and awareness.

I appreciate beyond measure this opportunity that I understand to be rare and so I will open up the opportunity for others as well. I bid you all enjoy your next week of sacred moments, of opportunities to express to the universe your understanding, your awareness, your hold on truth, beauty and goodness. Rest assured, your Inner Guides are there at each one of these junctures, at every moment they literally never forsake you and await your consent to be more interactive. So as you are led to be in a state of prayer or worship, invite them in as well, they are most certainly sitting there right beside you in the great temple. Let it be so. For those with ears to hear, let them hear and let us move forward together in this process, ever exercising that gift of faith, thank you.

Midwayer: [Cathy] Be aware of the possibilities before you, the potentials are enormous. Each of you has talent and knowledge to produce fantastic results. You do not know how powerful you are. We are always available to help. You stand secure in your training and faith in the Father. You have assistance from many agencies. Never fear that there is a lack of interest in the search for the Father. You all have a unique place as leaders and facilitators. Soon, all of this foundation will be brought forward into service. The time of action is approaching, the time to serve for the Father is now. Opportunities will always appear, you only need to be open to the possibilities and available for service. From your perspective, all is standing in a holding pattern or even in a decline. From our perspective, all forces are gathering for good, all is in preparation to move the Correcting Time forward. You are the hands and feet, you are the action, you have the choice. Together we will overcome error and bring forth love and community on the planet, the Father's will be done.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning my friends, it is my pleasure to be here again, I am Jonathan. I would like to do as you are familiar with me liking to do, talk about the Urantia Book a little bit and bring up a couple of points in reference to this mornings discussion. You know that when Machiventa Melchizedek arrived, as the Urantia Book states, it was at a time, an all time low ebb in the understanding of deity, of the fact that there was but one God. It appeared as though this concept would be lost. Then, when things were at their darkest, there was a revelation offered to the planet because they care to do so, because they would not let this idea of one God be extinguished from such a glorious planet.

Then again when Michael bestowed, it was at a time when there was great upheaval in the finest religions of the day and they were searching for their answers, their Messiah, their time had come. One again, divinity steps in and offers help. Throughout the Urantia Book there are many references to points of evolution which received influxes of energy and suddenly there was great change. Well, here I have heard you express this morning, a time of great uncertainty, a time of great need, a time in which you are desiring of some great form of assistance and yet you in this group have been privileged enough to have had this connection with spirit lo these many years, who have already told you in advance of these times that there were great plans underway. They have already introduced you to some of the big players who will be involved in these big plans. They have already informed you of the magnitude of change to be expected as a result. You have been briefed and told and in some cases illuminated with the truth that another such grand gift will be given to this planet as was received before and, you have been told of this in advance of its arrival.

I understand that an enormous amount of faith is required of those who will hold fast having been given such privileged insight and yet being surrounded by what appears to be all that is wrong or not of the light. Nevertheless, each one of you is your own light, each one of you contains your own energy which shines out from you and while an individual candle can certainly shine its own light and dispel the aspect of total darkness, when your light stands fast, the universe, spirit, your Divine Parents, your teachers, your friends may act as a mirror behind you, may help you add a dimension to your light and then what originates as a light that is yours, as individual and personal, may be radiated in all directions with the advent of some help from the stage crew, those who would work with you to magnify your contribution and to intensify that which you are because you have held fast and you are the light.

When you assemble as you do today, as we do today, there is a great warmth and glowing affection that is abundantly clear because we get together and shine light on each other, for each other, with each other. This is another way, our contribution as a simple source of light may be augmented, may be put together, may be focused and used into this very act of portal creation and its associated effects. So I encourage you my friends, it is truly not an option to change course on all that has been invested to this point, albeit, all things change and alter and have shifts in direction. The main thrust, the forward momentum, the obvious direction towards spirit will be upheld, is to be maintained. Side roads are part of what make the journey interesting. Many may veer off the path to take other roads, but in the end all roads lead to the same destination and no one can go too far astray because the map is well defined.

Simply continue to do what you do and trust that you are following where you are led, that all is well in the process, that results of anyones activities remain largely unknown. This is an aspect of the paradigm in which you exist. Nevertheless, results of your own efforts do not go unknown. Your own achievements are easy to verify and that in the end is of all the objectives involved in this gigantic game of life, that objective of personal self growth ranks paramount among all others. Without individual personal self growth the Supreme cannot be attained. It is absolutely essentially required that each individual make this investment on their own.

So regardless of what transpires without, the greatest achievements are certainly within and may not be observable phenomenon to others but certainly are as real as any achievement one may make. Hold fast to the Mission my friends. It goes on and on and on and it will not look the same tomorrow as it looks today or as it looked yesterday. But be not deterred that the Mission as you see it, still exists and is changing to accommodate its mission of the day. Allow for flexibility and yet remain constant. This is the challenge in offering your service. Remain constant in your willingness to do so and perhaps flexible in how it is accomplished. Nevertheless, the direction, the momentum and the force remains the same.

I hope that you all can be of good cheer knowing that no matter what, you are on the right path if you are pursuing your own personal growth, if you are engaged in service. If you are living a life that is moral here on this planet then you are involved in the process and all is well and all will unfold before you, even as you have been foretold. Let it be so and let it be with joy in your lives. It is with joy I join you here this morning. I take my leave and offer you my deep affection, thank you, good day.

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