[tmtranscripts] Lightline Teleconference 2012-10-11

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2012-10-11
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, please come and join our raft. Sit with us and be with us here and now as we all come together with a single intention to take this voyage. Come and pick up a paddle with us as we all devote our intentions to casting off from the confines of our strict materialism and be willing to be guided down the river with your loving intentions. That is what I ask at this time. You take the position of guide in our raft, you decide what line we take down this river and we're all willing to invest, paddle, be part of the mission together. That's why we came here today, to assemble to do this. Let it be done so with your will and your intention as our guide. Let us rejoice in the journey together even now. I pray it be so and that my part be pleasing in your sight and be reflective of your will throughout. I pray that this is so, thank you.

Charles: Hello and thank you all for arriving for this journey today, I am Charles. I will be the guide of the moment if you will, I'll take a turn at the oar. This analogy of joining forces together to make our way into the spiritual realm is a delightful one. It signifies not only the willingness to work together but the desire to seek the journey, to capture the rewards of your efforts in the fun that is had in the process, the enjoyment derived from the extension of yourselves. The trip does not happen by itself, the raft will not be propelled of its own accord. It requires participation and that is what is so invigorating about getting together like this to put hands on in the spiritual realm, to actually do the work of propelling ourselves towards spirit. This way, when we pull on the oars together we find the journey is made so much easier and is so much sweeter as there are others to share it with and I get to come onboard with you as do your Divine Parents and all others who feel their welcome and together we get to take this ride.

The spiritual journey itself may be likened to one of these adventures, one of these trips. If you consider that there are many different aspects to any such journey, there may be long stretches of calm water where there is not much excitement and there is time to pause and reflect. Then there are times where you are called to jump into service and navigate some rapids in your circumstance, some events that come before you. You have to sit up and take note and participate so that you aren't buffeted about by events but rather navigate and pick and choose your way through them.

Some elements that present themselves before you, you may choose to want to avoid altogether. Others may hold some attraction for you, some element of thrill or fun or engagement and those you would steer towards and come close to them while the others that you were afraid of, you steer to avoid. Then there are again, the sections of flat reflection that simply require of you some effort to make your way through. Over and over these circumstances change and this is what makes the journey so much fun and such a good time. When you decide that you are willing to embrace the journey with all its aspects then each aspect has the potential to become grand and the entire experience can ultimately be so very rewarding.

Many of you have been on this spiritual journey for some time, have taken many runs down many avenues, have seen many things in your travels and you will witness that as a result of your efforts, you have gained a great sense of satisfaction, that there has indeed been a journey and it has indeed been worthwhile, that you have moved from a previous location of awareness, you have traveled from your original self to a new and expanded self by virtue of your efforts and life and the opportunities that your Divine Parents provide.

The more you travel about in these ways, the more experience you bring to yourselves, the more you can see that you have indeed changed and grown and become a different person as a result of your efforts at exploration and your desire to be about this process and go out and put yourself adrift again. You all may well know the statement that things are easy to be redirected when they are in motion. That is what you do when you come out for these journeys, these explorations. You put yourself in motion. When you are in motion and when you are aligned with spirit and your desire to be made aware, then the forcers at play can bump you this direction or encourage you in that direction and it is easy for you to make great movement once you have set yourself in motion.

That is what is so sacred about your coming to spirit. It signals the universe that you are ready, that you are willing, that you show up for the 'put in,' you are willing to be a participant in the endeavor, in fact, in the end you will be solo in your own boat. You will be the one who decides which line is taken and who puts in the effort to make it so. These trips we take at a time like this when we are a team and we are together are wonderful and joyous and an altogether different experience than the one of being so confident and so purposeful as to be your own pilot when you decide to venture on your own journey and take your own sojourn into spirit.

When you come into stillness, you are showing up at the 'put in.' You are agreeing, that even in the absence of a team, even all by yourself, nevertheless you are still committed and you will still move your being forward as a result of your own efforts and you put yourself in motion, then when you are adrift and afloat and in motion, the tides of the universe may conspire to direct you, to move you as they see you would like to be moved. This and your positioning yourself with divine spirit and grace as your compass are all that are needed. That's all that is required of one who shows up ready for the journey, is to be eager, willing, and have good guidance and be prepared to persevere.

I very much appreciate being handed such a welcome topic to be used as a metaphor on so many different levels. This is true co-creatorship in action. This thought pattern was simply triggered by my associate and responded to. The thought was made word, the word then was out there, the thought was expressed, able to be used, able to be ridden as an energy wave and so I jumped aboard and took my opportunity to invest my energy as well, to grab ahold and redirect as I was led to do. There we have the creative process in action. The thought may have been inspired by the divine, then came through the mortal, then was re-inspired by spirit and this same thread has now permeated all these levels of reality.

I would take the opportunity to respond to another thought pattern offered here prior to the recorded part of this meeting and that is the reference to truth and fact. This is another one of your human paradigms which is so magnificent to behold. As you know, in the spiritual dimension, the closer you get to divinity the more truth is contained. The further away from divinity you get, the more relative this truth becomes until there is a point it can be so far away from divinity that there is no longer any truth contained and it simply ceases to exist as real. It becomes unreal when it is removed completely from truth or beauty or goodness.

You find yourselves in one of these levels, these rings of reality where truth is such a relative thing that it is hard to strictly even define, that there is so much human thought and perception involved. The apparent truth contained within all these thoughts and words is so watered down that it is hard to even define. One may grasp at what are deemed to be facts, these are observable phenomenon as yet not disproven. These facts arrived at through the study of observable phenomenon and its repeated nature, may be used to bolster a view or an argument or a theory and such can stand until it can no longer stand. It stands as your most recent version of truth until any other truth threatens it. At that point, the theory becomes altered, changed and redefined.

And so, while I understand the natural human longing to have a grasp on facts and even more significantly, a glimpse of the truths that these facts represent, I know that it is a very difficult task to accomplish when surrounded by such relativity as exists in your dimension. This is observable phenomenon. You can look out and see that no two human beings have the exact same interpretation of truth. Some think it more relevant, some think it less, some think it impertinent. It is subjective as determined by the individual and there is no one individual which is found to be the central figure of all truth.

So therefore, at best there are shades of truth, there are pieces of truth, partial truths. This is what relative is, this is what it means to have relative truth. It is certainly not complete truth, it is certainly not eternal truth. It is fragmented, individual perception of truth and so therefore one can consider this reality and set their sails accordingly, that is, allow that all these various different truths will be all around them and surround them. It is up to you as an individual to assemble your version and allow others to do the same.

Think about this though, if there is no one and only absolute truth because you are not close enough to it to discern it, then it makes it wide open for individuals to create their own, to establish their own reality. This is what we have been encouraging you to do in the spiritual dimension, to realize that there is no one fixed truth about this. You are capable of assembling your own, based upon your own expression, your own interpretation. When you do this, you literally create this mini-verse of reality where your truth reigns supreme. Your reality has been designed and built by you. You have assembled it.

So what will you assemble? Will you choose to put the things which support you and support your spiritual expressions and promote that which is great and good in your estimation? Or, will you fill your mini-verse with expressions which are unfit to be in your presence, expressions of doubt, expressions of hatred, expressions of discontent of any kind. These are choices you make, to allow them in in order to deny them access. That is the thing about this relative dimension you live in. It is so relative, it is up to you to create it. This thought is revolutionary for some but it is standard operating procedure on this planet. So that is what brings such great joy about meetings such as this. You come together to expand your versions of self, to find more to embrace in the spiritual realm, to bring it into your individual sphere of experience, and this would not happen had you not come to the 'put in' and put yourself adrift.

So I thank you each one for joining in this journey down this little stretch today. It has been a pleasure joining you for this occasion. I hope my words might lodge to bring you inspiration in your journey. Indeed, if we were there to place my hand on your shoulder and say, well done, not only did you arrive, it was a good journey, we have enjoyed all the aspects of it. We have come away changed, we are different people, different entities than we were before. We have expanded by virtue of our efforts here today and it has been my extreme pleasure to have this workout with you. I sense I have taken some time and typically I understand there is a format to allow for others so I will honor this tradition and break away now in gratitude for the experience. Thank you all.

Light: Hello friends, I am Light here. I am not sure how to follow my associate Charles who seemed to be quite at home in his message to you today. I as well appreciate the imagery of the journey together because I see myself as signing on to the vessel. I have rather attached myself to my associate t/r and so I feel as though whenever he sets himself adrift, I have permission to come aboard. So it is my pleasure to join you as well.

I would support the thread offered by Charles of defining for yourself what will surround you in your life, what influences will come to play in your being because in the end, these choices are so very formidable. If you are surrounded by unkind influences, then you will become oppressed and depressed and eventually you stray away from spirit and recoil into the more material and mundane aspects of life and thereby you get more depressed. You have all been witness in your own lives to times like this where you felt oppressed by the energy that surrounded you. You could literally feel the strain of the energy around you.

And then you are all called to witness there are times where everything seems to be going right and you are surrounded by all the right attributes and all the lights work for you and life seems to be grand. You get into a groove thinking well, this is all well and good and you expect that you will see more of the same and typically, you see more of the same until something comes along in your environment to bump you out of the groove, to have some redirecting affect on your experience. These bumps in the road cause you to veer off, perhaps even to go in a ditch and your experience is suddenly changed and altered and it is required of you great strength to maintain your composure and not come unhinged.

All this transpires back and forth in your life experience. Meanwhile, you are the fragment in the center of it all, you are the one with the oar at the back of the vessel and sometimes you may collide with the rocks and have to redirect and other times you may pick a nice direction and have a grand ride for your efforts. But nevertheless, it is you who is accumulating all this experience, growing all this wisdom in the process. The true experienced guide knows that there will be many attributes to the overall journey, many parts of the experience that will feel very differently but they all constitute one grand journey, one long continuum which builds this great base of experience providing you the opportunity to assemble this experience into some wisdom, some knowledge base on which to draw.

If you are fortunate enough to have experience, the little ripples that come up in the journey do not ruffle you. You have a long term view and you see little side-shoots as insignificant in the overall. You are confident in the success of the journey from the beginning and because you are so, typically it is so. The journey is a success if you begin with that intention. This does not mean there will not be challenges that arise which require your attention and your effort to navigate, but the more experience you get at these journeys, the more you are comfortable in the role of navigator, in the role of one who puts the guiding oar into the water with confidence and that makes all the difference.

It is my great pleasure to report that I see many guides here in this circle. Much experience has been gathered and much wisdom has been assembled. No matter what journey lies ahead, what aspect of it appears, there is an overall sense of well being, of mastery in taking the journey. Thank you all for letting me dip an oar with you today, it has been my great pleasure. I look forward to such opportunities and I thank you for this one, good day to you all.

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