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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-10-07
Teacher: Light, Charles, Michael
T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Light: [Cathy] I'm pleased to join the discussion today. It often appears that there is conflict between individuals on this world. In most instances, conflict arises due to the perspective of the individual. Each one sees with a unique vision formed by life experience. Each one has a unique framework for processing life experience. Each one has a connection to the light and universal understanding. In the creation of each one on the planet, intentionally different and unique, an individual perspective was guaranteed. It was entered by design. The original pattern included an orientation toward the light. This light is the inclusive component that focuses all towards goodness and truth. As each one becomes en-light-end in the light, the forces of divisiveness are overshadowed and darkness dissolved. To advance the world towards Light and Life, be the light, the kingdom will come.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you all my friends, it is I, Charles coming into this circle of friendship, this circle of light this morning. It must be particularly challenging as a human individual to use discernment for discernment is ones ability to go within and correctly assess a situation as it relates to the particular individual themselves. Discernment does not mean that you qualify or justify something with an ego response, discernment is more like a spiritual echo; it is something that resonates in your very being.

Of course, when you have neglected to develop spiritual qualities in your life, it will become exceedingly difficult to discern anything correctly in the sense of accessing a larger picture of the reality of things, where you stand in the moment in relationship to what has not been unfolded. This is also one of the qualities of discernment, its ability to become dimensional, to be dimensional in the sense that it relates to things you are not aware of and you cannot even see at that moment. Yet in faith, this discernment guides you. It is like walking through a devastating catastrophe unharmed.

It is very interesting to observe human interaction, how quick humans are to want to appear to be in agreement with someone else no matter what they may think or discern. It seems somewhat that this gregarious nature of humans, this social network of humanness, is directly related to the consciousness level of the individual humans. In that respect, you guys are still at the common denominator. You have not reached a spiritual quotient, a number of beings spiritually aware to qualify some great and mass social change.

Even in the hierarchy of people who presume to have access to information and know things, they sometimes are not willing to accept that life must gradually unfold. This is the universe way; there is no sudden change. Something may appear suddenly which may help to promote change but genuine change that will last and work towards a spiritual quotient of wholeness is not something that happens overnight no matter what you may be told. Humans are too quick to believe what they read, to believe what they are told, to not question. This is not spiritual discernment. Complacent agreement with the majority may necessarily reflect what is going on today but it doesn't genuinely reflect change, it just says we agree to keep things like they are.

Spirit cannot command human minds or tell the human mind what choice it should make, what decisions to forgo, what direction they need to travel in. Spirit just holds this tremendous loving space in which the human goodness can resonate, feel supported. A lot of decisions are left to you personally and they are difficult decisions. Spirit has never advised that decisions are not difficult. Spirit is just available when you go to make these decisions. You are left to follow your own heart, your own feelings. To read from life's experience is what you have experienced into the impending confusion which ensues around you.

One could almost say, observing humans, that sudden change is next to impossible the way you guys relate to each other, in the manner in which you do. There is no general agreement, there are many agendas which conflict which many are not willing to forgo because everyone is feeling that God is personally giving them their personal agenda, why should they change? Humans must learn to go within, to feel the flowing tide of spirit. You live on a world where some people don't believe in spirit. Some people do believe in spirit but they don't believe that spirit is actually communicating with you or can "talk to you," that is blasphemous.

Then there are those humans that see an opportunity in spirit talking to people that well, maybe they could have spirit say what they feel humans need to hear because humans want to hear something easy. They don't want to hear that they have to contact the spirit within, they have to listen, that there are no rules and regulations, they have to use their own discernment. That is too difficult for most people, they want it easy. They want the instant Jesus, the instant God, just add hot water and stir.

But those of you who have discerned spirit have discerned spirit through tremendous and challenging difficulty and time. It has not been easy for you to discern spirit and spirit is well aware of this. Now, you are in the times where there is the sense of impending change, that something needs to happen to correct what is going on and everyone is having a sense that this must come from the outside because no one has a sense of how they could search within themselves and bring about this needed change within themselves and trust and have faith that this will generate change in others as well as themselves. It is easier to think that something from the outside is going to change everything and bring everything into order but this is not necessarily the case.

This tension between the humanness and your spiritual nature is a tension and it is tremendously delicate. It can break at any moment. You must find ways to use this tension to release itself so that the discrepancy between the human part and the spiritual part is not tremendous, that it is quite similar because the reality is you cannot separate who you are from who you are becoming. You must accept who you are to become, who you are becoming, because if you can't accept what you've become already it will be tremendously difficult to move forward. Your inability to accept who you are is only an indication that you are still working to become who you want to be.

In this forward struggle which this life on this planet adequately supplies, you will develop those necessary tools to discern. You either do the work or you don't and in the big picture you are serving God or you are not serving the Father's will. It is as simple as that my friends. Yes, you must love each other as humans and you must come to love and respect each other but spirit is not stupid. Spirit is not expecting you to love everything everyone does or what everyone says. You must learn to separate what a person does from who the person is. You are all sons and daughters of God but in this earth trauma you are desperate human beings struggling in your existence and many of you will do whatever it takes to succeed.

My words this morning are not intended to chastise the sacred human nature. My words are meant to and intended to draw a distinction and you my friends will bring the quality of distinction together, this is your job. Many of you have been in this Teaching Mission for many many years. You have taken part and read the lessons. You are doing the necessary work, the groundwork of going within and honoring God supremely in your own minds and hearts, in your own beings. You are learning to become who you really are. Even though you love another person dearly, many a times there are no words to use that could effectively change another persons way in which they feel or see things. They can only discover something in themselves because they see it within you, not because they read it in a book or you're preaching it to them out of your mouth but they see it in your lives, they see it in the way you relate to them and others. No matter what anyone says, you know that what I speak resonates within you. You know that I am drawing you close to your own inner soul, into your own inner sanctuary.

We want to see things change just as much as you do but out of our love and respect for you, the integrity of your own mind, we will not interfere in your affairs, personally or otherwise. We are there for support, in all areas of expertise we are there for support, in your governments, in your churches, in your hospitals, in your schools, in your workplace, in your family, in your homes, in your communities. We are there as observers, we are there to offer guidance and assistance, we do care. We could correct these things for you but you would not have earned them if we correct them for you. Solving it yourself will give you the greatest ease of satisfaction that is possible.

My friends I take my leave now. I ask you to go in peace and continue to be who you are and who you are becoming and in time, what you desire will be revealed to you. Good day and thank you.

Michael: [Mark] Hello dear ones, it is I, Michael, here to ask you to gather close to me as I feel welcomed into this group this morning by your references to the life I lived as one of you and the contribution I made, just as you make a contribution with the direction of your life, the service that you provide by living a life charged with spirit. You mentioned this distinction between directing your energy to choose what you approve of and like and what represents the greater qualities and alternatively the choice to choose against some other aspect which you deem to be not worthy of your choosing and these are regular activities occurring daily in you lives, this deciding whether you will or won't, whether you do or don't, whether you can identify with this or that because all of these aspects are out there to be chosen or not.

This chance that you have to go through this maze of experience is your opportunity to express your individualism by exactly what it is you choose to bring close to you and be a part of you and manifest in some way, or, what you choose to disavow yourselves of or show yourselves in opposition to or whether you simply decide to forsake them and give them no space to exist within your experience. There are all these many levels which can be engaged in an experience in the flesh as I know well, so many choices one is confronted with. As a result of each and every opportunity that arises there is this second and greater opportunity to choose, to direct ones energy, to focus ones attention because ones attention and energies are all they have to direct in the equation. All that you have jurisdiction over in fact are your intentions and choices.

So, that being the case, it becomes wiser and wiser for the individual to realize that ones energy is somewhat precious, is holy in a very real way because it is all one has jurisdiction over, all one has to give back into the equation. So the more enlightened one is, the easier it is to simply choose with all your intention and will, that which is good and beautiful and true as best as you can discern at any given moment and to simply direct all available energies thereby depriving all that you do not choose, all that you decide to forsake of all energy. In this way, those things which you do not choose are more and more distanced from you, less and less pertinent to your reality and in a very real sense, less and less real as they are combined of less and less energy.

I bring this up to you today because you have questions about times you are referring to before you, times of great change and most importantly, times of great choosing. I ask, have not you been told this time is coming for some time. Indeed, the time is coming in which all beings will be required to boldly make their choice and stand by it, to assert their relationship to that which is divine or to deny and decline such a relationship which, as you have discussed, is their right. I love my children, the Father loves us so much that within this design, within the fabric of all that exists, there is the opportunity for all to choose and to choose not that which they do not relate to or identify with or want to manifest.

And so, there will arrive this time of great choosing wherein you are presented with the opportunity to express that which is your greatest contribution, your greatest asset to the equation, your choice. I ask you to observe that in my life, these choices were made with a certain grace, that is, the choices were simple and geared towards expression of truth, beauty, and goodness without any baggage of disassociation or disapproval or dislike in any way of that which I was forsaking to choose. In this way, I was always managing to stay in grace as I never indulged in the counterpart to grace, the indulging in the negative and the 'what's wrong,' and why it's bad and bringing life into that equation.

I encourage you to adopt these traits as you refine your art of living techniques. It is always a great pleasure of mine to gather with you and to be together in fellowship of all that is true and beautiful and good. When you go within, I am there to be found and I enjoy being welcomed into your spiritual arena to share your inner space with you as I enjoy sharing this communal space we have this morning. I stand in gratitude for the opportunity, for the grace that provides such an opportunity and for the grace that may be had if we would seek from our Divine Parents in how to navigate the many many choices before us.

I'm certain that there are no choices which can deter any of you from your path to find divinity, to find me, your Divine Parents in the equation because you are pointed in that direction. You are bound through the use of your intention and there is a clear path that you have struck out on, formed by your many many choices and manifested by these choices in your lives, in your direction, in who you are. You all are such beautiful bouquets and combinations of those attributes you would bring into your being which you deem to be worthy, those attributes you deem to be beautiful and true and good you have adopted and identified with and indeed they have colored who you are just as you have given these very principles life energy. Your contribution to the equation was to choose them, therefore they live through you, in you, as you.

So be it, the universe principle in play, activated by your choosing. I pray you be in awareness of this relationship and be in command to the degree that you are desirous. Let it be so. Thank you for your devotion and your attention to these lessons and my words. I take my leave now but as I have mentioned repeatedly, I never am far, always awaiting your acknowledgement and invitation. Be in peace and be in love more and more, farewell.

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