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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-09-23
Teacher: Inner Voice, Jonathan, Light, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris,

Inner Voice: [Mark] Good morning, in response to several references made, I am here this morning. I am referred to as this one's Inner Voice but as your conversations have suggested, there is an overall Inner Voice, a greater sampling of the whole as you all are coming to learn. It is indeed a joyous thing for an individual of the realm to make this great discovery while still a mortal in the flesh, because to such an individual there is now a new and fresh yet previously existing relationship on which to build the forthcoming joyous adventure of ascension.

Once this partnership is accelerated by the awareness that it exists and the choosing to foster it and build it, great strides may be made on both sides of the paradigm having combined forces if you will, in your efforts. As you well know, your experiences on this plane have brought you many well earned and well executed lessons. Such lessons and your willingness to deal with them have brought you to greater and greater levels of awareness allowing for greater and greater perception, a greater lens with which to see all around you.

And through this process of discovery and accepting you've also encountered another element, but it is enough to discover and embrace these great truths which you've come upon in your journey. But to truly utilize this experience and gain the most of the inherent potential, one needs to go a step further, a step beyond the normal mortal paradigm and one needs to exercise their faith as a statement of their trust. Because it is one thing to have a thought in the mind that one should trust, of course if evident and certain, and it represents another and greater step to put your faith where your trust is.

In so doing, the final card is played, the final ingredient to the equation is added and the experience will most certainly transcend all mortal limitations. And so it is we learn about these principles and how we are part of this equation and what we may do along the way in our choosing and our devotion of faith if we will but exercise them and use them. I on my side of the equation have no trouble executing all decisions in faith for I have come from a place which exists as a result of faith as you have but you have come from a different beginning and have had to learn of this thing called faith and have to have had opportunity to practice and experience this thing called faith and to execute this opportunity before you has meant you have needed to be exposed to opportunities.

As a result of this grand experiential experiment, the needful experiences have been furnished to you and now it is your pleasure and privilege to assemble the components and put together the greater pieces of the puzzle. I am at the heart, at the very center of each of you. I am alongside as in fact we journey together. I await with great anticipation and even eagerness your allowing greater and greater access to me so that we may be more and more partners in the episodes ahead. I have complete conviction that this will be so and I will demonstrate in advance to you my commitment for I have arrived, I will be with you, I have chosen you, I have faith in you and the process and I exercise my choice in faith that it will be so.

In this way I arrive with some certainty and conviction that I bring to the equation. I await for the levels of certainty and conviction that you find along the way to build and rise to the occasions before us. I am in faith that this is in process and that is well. That's what faith brings, a sense that all is well. I pray you all share this sense, that you all bring this into your faith realms. As you well know deep inside, when you relax and rely on spirit and exercise your faith there is a great sense that all is well and that you are exactly where you should be.

Thank you for the opportunity to mingle with you this morning, bring these words of inspiration and hope because they are an integral part of this activation of faith. They are components therein and I am pleased to bring them and share them with you this morning. So be it, it is so. I take my leave now but I am never gone. It has been a joy to have voice, thank you.

Inner Voice: [Cathy] I also bring to you a view from within. It is indeed a timeless relationship we have, it is the first connection in an enduring partnership in service to our Father. We have committed to each other to move in unison. We have taken action in the past. It is indeed a process of finding each other and learning ways to connect for action.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hi guys, you know how awkward it is when there is an open mike and no one grabbing ahold. So allow me to stride forward and take ahold of the microphone for a moment. I would bring words of encouragement about this idea, this notion, this direction to investigate and to grow this connection with the Inner
Guide. As you well know, during our sojourn on the planet, it was a great thrill to be made aware in such depth of such a component of our being as the Thought Adjuster was illustrated in the Urantia Papers. Those definitions and statements provided for us such a foundation of awareness and understanding that I'm sure we may all be called to witness the transformation in our lives that these profound statements provided for us and that we then embraced bringing a richer life, a greater awareness, a better understanding.

Even so, much of what was gained in that experience was as an intellectual exercise. While there is nothing wrong with an intellectual exercise, mind needs training and exercise of its own, there is required the lab work or the homework portion of the ability to truly perceive the meaning of this great aspect of the Father which resides within us all. There may be descriptions, there may be encounters revealed, there may even be encounters such as here this morning in which you are indeed very very close. But the real experience to be sought is the personal one, the individual one, the flush of the direct encounter with spirit which may only be had through the individual efforts. They may only be secured by the willingness to do ones own homework, then one can come to class quite prepared and ready for any assignment because having done the homework, the student feels ready and up to the task.

So I will go back and restate what we were shown from the very beginning. The practice of daily trying, of daily stillness, of daily exercise, of daily devotion may not be underestimated. It seems so many other aspects of life are demanding and forthright and require ones available time and energy, and this is so. This represents the challenge that is faced by a mortal on Urantia. But if one chooses to devote the necessary time to the personal and individual homework of finding spirit, then all these other details and aspects of life are made far better, more enriched as the one now doing them has more depth of perception.

Don't forget stillness my friends, ever. It will always be a component of those who are true seekers, always be an aspect of involvement in the ascension career. There is never a planet which one has finished the homework and has accomplished all that may be accomplished. There is always perfection to be attained and this task takes a very long time. I love you all. It is truly a joy and pleasure for me to have a chance to walk up to the forum that we have built and created and to access the microphone from my vantage point. I appreciate all that you do to maintain this portal of connection and honor this sacred space as you do to be used in this process of spiritual exchange. I bid you all have a good day and wish I had something witty to say as I disembark, thank you.

Light: [Mark] Light here, I would like to share yet another image with you regarding the use of light. There is the statement: Where you go, bring light with you. This refers to this Inner Light which endures and transcends. When one brings this light with them they transform the environment they encounter. This notion of bringing the light is a common one to be utilized among those who have experienced and felt the light. Now, I simply invite you to enlarge the definition of this term, the light within, to encompass and include your Inner Guide, your Thought Adjuster, Divine Representative Within. This is truly your Inner Light, this is truly the connection to all that is of the light. This is your fraction of the whole. So when one goes to bring the light into a circumstance or situation, I invite you to enlarge your perception of what you are bringing because when you bring the light you are bringing that which is the greatest aspect of self, you are bringing your divine component to bear and this divine component you are coming to embrace as your Inner Voice, your Inner Guide.

So go out to all and bring your light and realize that when you are bringing your light you are bringing your Inner Guide with you on the journey into the experience and any time divinity is introduced into an equation there are changes, there are repercussions to bringing divinity in, to bringing the light. So now let it be so with more awareness and more perception on your part and let us continue this notion of bringing the light into the equation with greater awareness and faith. Thank you all, I appreciate this opportunity. Farewell and have a good week, good bye.

Monjoronson: [Cathy] I would approach the group to add to this topic referring to the essence of time. The essence of time is as a pathway of experience leading to the Father/Creator who is timeless. In the human experience, time is everything. In the universe reality it is a unique path to build the skills needed to proceed in your journey to our Creator. Time seems to be a solid truth from your point of view. It is a construct useful in the first stages of universe experience. As you pass from the mortal plane it is no longer needed to uphold you. You are in expansion, in growth of perspective.

After this earth experience you are able to connect with the larger view of action in the universe. It is evident in the passage from this plane that you have stepped beyond the need for time. You are going to be able to function at a level that does not require time. Whatever the Father wills, is. This is not conditioned by time, this is beyond time. As you grow in spirit you are beginning to understand connection with spirit. You are stretching your reach, you are loosening your boundaries of reality. This will allow for a movement out of your framework of time. This will allow for a greater sphere of action, this will allow for a greater coordination of action with other entities. We can indeed become a link from time to the timeless. I encourage you to allow the movement beyond your current boundaries.

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