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Subject: No. Idaho Team 8-05-12
Teacher: Machiventa, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Machiventa: [Henry] Good morning, this is Machiventa here to address something that was mentioned this morning in the discussion to the effect that the Divine Creators were absolutely crazy or insane to consider putting an aspect of the Primal Deity in animals. Actually, this thought is not an original thought. This thought for a tremendously long time was appalling in a spiritual sense, that such a variable as giving an animal complete free will choice would be the wisest and best decision for the universe. This is one of the reasons that a whole spiritual aspect of the universe is devoted to the education and the advancement of the recipients of Thought Adjusters, of the Divine Aspect.

This is one of the dilemmas which eluded Lucifer, but the notion that he had no reality, no real concept of the Father and the fact that the Father would endow Himself on an animal was appalling to Lucifer because Lucifer saw no visible evidence of a Thought Adjuster in humans so it was a tremendous dilemma in his mind about the reality of God. I mention this because it is because of the nature of God that He allows for the possibility that an animal mind can meld and become one with the divine aspect of mind that makes for the whole evolution of life on worlds such as the one you live on and herein is this tremendous earth drama of God finding man and man finding God because there is a tremendous aspect to this life on an evolutionary world that does not happen on the mansion worlds.

The tremendous latitude of choice which exists on your world does not exist in the same fashion once you leave this world. So in a very big sense, the intelligence of the Father super-cedes all intelligence. Its sight and vision is tremendously completer and even though the complete aspect of the Father is, there is an incomplete aspect that is evolving in which you can take part in personally and in which you do take part in personally, this evolving aspect of the Father and this tremendous generous and gregarious nature of the Father is combined in the human paradox, as you call it, and here you are, attempting to bring in some evidence of spirit into your lives, into your daily thoughts, into your complete activity. This is where the rubber meets the rock. This is where you discover what you have and don't have as a human. This is where you finally figure it out, this point you have come to in understanding this knowledge that you possess and this desire that grows in you to become more and more refined and rarified, spiritualized, complete.

So I thank you for these few thoughts this morning. Enjoy, have a great week, go in peace, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] This discussion of focusing the light brings me to you. I have said that the intention to focus light is the tool that will produce changes in all of the physical levels. A scheduled time set aside for the concentration of the mind and the visualization of the projection of light onto the physical aspect of yourself or others in your sphere would produce results. I am also available to concentrate the focus during this process. It is my great desire for all the groups to participate with me in this exercise at this time. Together we can infuse this intention and light into the portal project. This portal is indeed a great accomplishment of our group. It is still under construction as it were; additional effort to embellish and expand this interface would be most appreciated by those on this side needing a reliable access. At this time there is not much use being made of this portal but an increase of light power would enable easier access for all. You of course, are encouraged to make use of the portal from your side by the focus of intention. Together we can enhance and up-step this portal for greater use by all. I surround you with my light and love.

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