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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2012-09-27

Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice, Michael, Light

T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Henry] We thank you Father for this opportunity, your presence, your resource, we thank you for everything.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, it is I, Machiventa, here to partake as a speaker in this circle of peace, love, and friendship. I am pleased to speak on the topic of relationships. In a greater sense, the word relationship refers to how one holds things, how one holds life in general, how one holds others, how one holds the Father, how you hold yourself in the moment. In a certain sense, your relationship to people and life and personalities should reflect such in the sense that you are not in the relationship with an object, you are in relationship with something that is in motion, like life, living things, all around you, plants and animals. Are you comfortable with that? Are you able to relate on some level? Do you have a relationship with this?

This relationship, this ongoing process of dealing with whatever comes your way, be it a situation, a condition, certain people, objects like money, things of value, the relationship with spirit, this opens up a whole notion that you can hold all of these relationships in a similar fashion and you will find in a spiritual sense this is what one is striving to achieve, the ability to hold everything in harmony and synchronicity, to hold a neutral space, one in which you allow for an unfolding for what you are in relationship with to reveal to you what it is, what its purpose is and how you are to act and respond.

You know, there is a difference between being in relationship to something and thinking that you are in control of it because in actuality, you are not in control of anything except possibly yourself. So I am not talking about that, I am speaking to the ongoing-ness, the breadth between two things, the relationship, the relationship in a spiritual sense between man and God. See, in a spiritual sense we sort of envy you humans because you can have a personal relationship with deity in this time and space moment ongoing to eternity. That is available to you at this time only.

We in the spiritual world are not privileged to acquire Father Fragments. It is important that we exercise faith and trust that the Father is real and that what the Father has intended for us will come to pass and we hold this as a responsibility and an honor. In a certain sense, you also should hold your relationship with your Inner Spirit in a responsible manner because the aspect of Father that lives within you is an aspect that knows the Father personally. It is not actually God, it is a Fragment, it is an aspect that is at the same time one with God and at a different time or on a different side it is seeking to become one with you personally.

So back to this notion that man has a responsibility to hold everything in equanimity, in balance, in homogeneity, whichever word you want to use in this harmonic convergence of dissimilar things, dissimilar in the sense that as individuals, you are all different but the relationship between each of you becomes unique. It becomes a living reality, one which you will be able to draw upon throughout eternity because it is these relationships, your relationship to everything that you own and will carry with you into the oneness of the Father and eventually to the eternal abode of Paradise.

So one must examine that if certain relationships are experiencing difficulty, that you are not quite grasping the totality of what could be in the moment in this relationship you are in with something or someone or even the aspect of God. You must become malleable, you must become able to change to what is demanded in the relationship. In the relationship to God it is not necessarily the Father's responsibility to change anything. The Father is attempting to share with you in your own mind that there is a new and better way that you can relate to everything.

In a new understanding of how to relate to things, you can develop a stronger, closer, safer relationship, a more successful relationship which is harmonious which see each other. You know, the relationship between opposites shares a certain space in that the relationship dovetails, this is how it meets, it dovetails, it fits into these little shapes which were made for each other and it connects. In the sense of the Father which is also an opposite, you also dovetail by achieving through life's spiritual lessons, the necessary wisdom and knowledge to correctly make better decisions about what you are doing here and your responsibilities as you have chosen them.

You know, humans always engender an emotional attachment with relationships. This cannot be avoided for in a growth sense, this is how humans relate, emotionally. You sense that maybe you could achieve this with that whereas by stepping back and allowing what you think you are dealing with to express to you what it wishes to show you, all of a sudden you go wow, you can get to a place much quicker by addressing those things that are spoken and requested and shown to you.

This is true of everything. It is true of objects, you know, we use imagination but imagination is like a vibration from the soul. The closest a human can get to creative prerogatives is imagination. In this imagination, this blossoming, this relationship with thought, you can begin to see some potential which involves you, greater than yourself, whether it is a work of art, a writing, a way in which you do things, a style. Your imagination can reveal to you things which you have control over. You can take a lump of clay and twist it this way or bend it that way or fold it that way or shape it this way. You have complete control over your ability to manipulate this material however experienced you are to manipulate it. A more experienced person will manipulate it in a different way than a person who is new to the experience.

But in the spiritual sense, the beginning relationship of a person with their indwelling Adjuster, they must use the same faith and trust of a seasoned veteran who has been working with the Adjuster for some time. So in this awakening sense that's in you this evening of the possibility that you could hold everything in a way in which it serves you greater is a tremendous notion. The faith in this and the willingness to practice this as a reality will move from the sense of emotion into something palpable, something you can relate to, something which you can begin to experience within your daily life in how you relate and hold things.

Many times it is easy just to react, react to a simple part of something, whether they notice that this little part is part of a bigger thing that is trying to show you something else is like the human body. The human body allows you full access to your thoughts but if you begin entertaining negative thoughts, thoughts related to worry and stress and these kinds of things, what begins to happen is that the thoughts begin to alter your body chemistry and your immune system and then it creates a trauma that must be somehow or another stored in the body because it is unresolved.

As humans, you have lost the ability to resolve this trauma in your life and to move forward in a healthy sense so the body begins to store trauma. Then you notice, in a few years suddenly health conditions, pathologies begin to appear. Well, this is relationship, relationship between you and your mind and your body. You may not even be aware of them but if you take the time and allow it to show you and give it some thought, you will begin to see that what I am telling you is true. You begin to get a sense that is how you relate to things, you begin to have a greater control over consequences of things and in the sense of growing in peace and harmony, this spiritual goal that you seek can be attained in a much more real sense by holding yourself in a neutral stance, in an ability to begin to allow things to show themselves to you, whether it is people, whether it is spirit, whether it is your pet, your family members, the person at a merchant spending shop, grocery store, gas station or it may just be life in general or an inanimate object like money, wealth, power. If you are in a position of power, the power is actually quite pure. It is your use of power which actually makes it what you come to see it as. Remember, the same tools of destruction that are destroying relationships around the world are the same tools and materials you need to create peace. It is the emphasis, the intention of its use which dictates the outcome. It is not what you are using and what you are doing, it is how it is being done and for what purpose.

In this sense, I have intended to joggle you in a sense to show you a little more of the wholeness of relationship and what this can bring to you actively into your life. I thank you for allowing me to share these words with you this evening. Go in peace, have a great week. I will step aside and hopefully allow someone else to speak. Again, thank you very much and good evening.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Hello, thank you for allowing me this opportunity. I would have a few words to say regarding this relationship term and I would invite you to consider it in a different light as well. Imagine that your everyday choices, every decision you ever make, is a defining process for you. Every decision you make either increases your relationship toward something or away from something and in this way, through these series of choices that you make, you define your very character and nature. By choosing this over that, you position yourself slightly in one direction, by choosing one over another you help to define your very character, who you are.

All this, my friend, is another example of your relationship to everything that is out there, of your position to it, because in a very real sense you are hard to define, if not impossible if it is not in relationship to everything that is around you. You embrace some, you reject others. You go towards some, you move away from others. In this process, you show the universe at large and all who can behold, who you are. The aspects of yourself which come together to define you are all a matter of your choosing, a matter of your exercising your free will choice.

So I invite you to consider this aspect of relationship, where things are in relation to you, as your opportunity to define yourselves, as your opportunity to choose or choose not and all the degrees that are involved in between. All of these choices serve to define who you are because you may have all the statements and words to offer but the only really real things of consequence are the choices that were made and the actions that were taken. However, it is also true that your aspirations and your intentions, although they may not come to full fruition in your efforts, count a great deal towards defining who you are. In a very real sense, it doesn't matter as much about the total accomplishment as it matters about the original intention and the subsequent devotion to that intention.

In all these ways, in all the choices you make, in all the actions you take, you define who you are and it is undeniable and recognizable throughout to all with eyes of spirit to see. Let relationship be your tool to allow you the greatest expression of self. Go towards those things which attract your being and away from those which violate it, but do all this in peace, it need not be a violent act to reject an aspect of reality. Let it be in peace that you make your choices and that you follow your decisions. Let it be with more awareness that these things in the end define you and name who you are.

Thank you for this opportunity to share these words with you. I bid you take them within and I pray that those with ears to hear, hear. Let it be so in this hour. I bid you all go in peace.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, this is I, Michael here to share in this circle of relationship, of peace, love and goodness between all of you here, this soul space you are creating. I am here in relationship to you as one who knows you, who loves you, one who has created you, and one who has designed you and one who has intended for you to be. In all of this relationship, I am here with you, one and the same, in our ongoing relationship of revealing the Father's love to a world of people and situations in need.

It may be truthfully said, relationship is all you can own here on this world at this time in your beginning eternal life for relationship is what you partly have control over. It is then a situation that allows you a certain amount of control in how you come to it and how you hold it. It is like your relationship between a father or a mother, a parent and a child. If that parent does not create a safe and nurturing and trusting environment for the child, it will become tremendously difficult when the child grows up for that child to find the necessary peace and safety which should be exhibiting itself in its life.

So as a parent, I feel drawn towards my ability to hold all of you in a tremendously loving embrace, one which compels you to grow in your relationship of knowing the Father and one which honors my ability to hold the whole universe in love and peace in a nurturing, guiding and fatherly way. There is nothing destructive in the universe that could ever corrupt this relationship I have with all of you. This fatherly engendering sense of love or this maternal engendering sense of love for you is an example of holding a relationship with each other, creating a safe connection holding everyone in a way in which everything can express itself the fullest in your lives, on this world, in the future generations to come.

Maybe the actuality of this is not possible of manifesting at the moment, but the groundwork is in place. The relationship is preordained. It has been determined and configured in eternity, the relationship between the Father and the Son, the relationship between of the Father and the Son and the Spirit, the primal Paradise eternal relationships are modeled for all personality relationships.

So we have shared a tremendous insight with you this evening into relationships, into the relationship between things in terms of distance, proportion, quality, integrity and the actual hands on connection to these things. So in all this talk of relationship, your relationship with yourself, with your true self, with what is attempting to be expressed through you, I empower this sense within this relationship for all of you. Go in peace my children and my friends. Know that we hold you in the love we intend for you to express. Thank you and good evening.

Light: [Mark] Hello, I am Light and you might ask, who am I? I would say I am a child of God just like you. I am a gift of grace from on high just like you. I am a result of a creative endeavor just like you. I am a unique individual unto myself in all of creation, just like you. I am a member of the greatest universal cosmic family one can imagine, just like you, and I am a part of this grand family, an organization. I belong, I am an aspect, and I am a piece of the whole, just like you. In all these ways we are related and many more. We are as members of the same family as ones undergoing similar experience, albeit highly individual.

And so I invite you to consider this aspect of relationship as in all these ways stated and so very many more, we are related closely together in the process. All aspects of the whole are results of created ventures, all the results of our choices. So in all these ways we are so closely related. Thank you for the opportunity to shine light on yet another perspective. I bid you all have a wonderful week, good day.
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