[tmtranscripts] September 6, 2012 Light Line Transcript

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Sat Sep 8 14:57:46 PDT 2012

DATE: September 6, 2012

LOCATION: Light Line

T/Rs: Gerdean O'Dell and George Gordon


Secondary Midwayer 0802-AB "JACK" hosts:

Group Teacher TOMAS: refurbished wine sacks

Personal Teacher FRANK: majestic persona

Mighty Messenger CHARLES: cold shower of truth

Prayer: [not recorded]

0802-AB: Jack here. Let me take this microphone before Gerdean loses it. There are certain things that cause allergic reactions in the material world and it seems to be she has developed an allergy to technology. It will be a relief, no doubt, to wake up in Mansonia and not have buttons to push. But let's just consider, for a moment, that we are already in Mansonia, or we are at least in a place that transcends the material, the mechanical, and the technological. That is what striving is for - it is to step up and out of the density and quicksand of the material world, the finite plane. This is not to say that you come to us as an escape, no. I don't mean to imply that this is escapism of any sort because it isn't. It is a yearning to know more, and the willingness to sit still and pay attention, to discipline yourselves, your minds, in order to assimilate something that you need. There is nothing wrong with that. That's a forging ahead, not hiding your head in the sand, so take heart.

We have a full house this evening. There are a number of celestial helpers and teachers who have responded to the invitation to come. I will bring in Tomas first. He has been requested and I don't think he'll take long but let me offer the mic to Tomas for a moment. One moment please.

TOMAS: Good evening. I am Tomas, your teacher, and it pleases me to be here with you again, as always. I am proud to be a part of the Teacher Corps that works with this Teaching Mission to help you learn about yourself and improve upon yourself so that you will be able to teach what you know from a wholesome vantage point.

In the beginning, we noted how programmed you were to an old paradigm, that which you had learned from your peers, parents, teachers and whatnot from the old paradigm, and much of that had to be undone so that the new wine could be poured . not into that old wineskin, but into a renewed vessel, a refurbished wine sack. Every now and then those of you who have purged yourself of many of your deficiencies and retardations still encounter remnants of the old ways, but now you know how to deal with those. You accept them, quickly. You no longer fight that knowledge of being flawed, but recognize that with the proper treatment it can be mended and you can forge ahead, renewed, thus it's not such a burden anymore.

Many of you have learned to apologize. That's a very big growth step for those who were born under the Lucifer legacy which was not inclined to admit imperfection, and so those of you who have learned to say "I'm sorry," "I was ignorant," "That was selfish of me," "I was out of line," "I didn't realize," or "Thank you for showing me the error of my ways," -- these are words that have a tremendous power, not only as a social lubricant but as a spiritual balm. This is progress that you have made, many of you, since we've been here, and it is on-going, this perfecting process. The joy in this is that as you set aside your defenses and your arrogant self-confidence, you can learn to listen and follow the Master and the instructions, directions, and leadings from On High.

(I used the word "leadings" and immediately I was caught up short by Gerdean's reminding me that the detractors of the Teaching Mission would point to a certain scripture from the Urantia Papers indicating that Jesus was able to live a completely God-conscious life without leadings1 and so I am acknowledging that this is true. He did and so have you. It's not that I am trying to lead you anywhere except where you yourself want to go, which is where? Into the light of truth, into understanding. The Thought Adjuster leads you2 and you opt to follow its leadings, so I do not apologize for using that word, but I do understand where there would be some reticence, so let me continue.)

There are so many things that we have seen you learn over the years, some to a greater degree than others but the real value of this is that it has taken place at all, that you are able now to share with each other that you are growing in the spirit without shame or embarrassment to have experienced this as something variable and viable. It is no long something that "weird" people do, it is something that the sons and daughters of the living God do; they reach for clarification of spirit reality; they seek to know themselves better so that they can know their indwelling Adjuster, the God aspects. They acknowledge their god aspects, the nature of god being such things as are set forth in the text.3

It is not out of line to think that you can be godly. And it's not the same kind of arrogant godlikeness that you have seen as a result of the Lucifer legacy, where this massive ego impacts everyone by its braggadocio and glorification of its own self and its own powers, no. The godlikeness that you are learning is that "God is love and love is the desire to do good to others," and so, in order to do good to others, do good to yourself. Find out what that means. Find out the difference between being of service and enabling, between being a caretaker versus a caregiver, or a rescuer. Allow the spirit to lead you rather than allowing your instinct to help you survive at whatever cost.

I have one more point I'd like to make, and that is regarding this process that we engage in, this communication, this format, this paradigm that we've built together, this relationship that has been going on for at least 20 years and certainly more in many cases, and truly periodically for thousands of years as various forward-thinking individuals reach for greater reality and make viable contact with it, thereby bringing spirit down as they lift up, and this process is on-going, and here we get to see it being popularized. It is still very imperfect, but it is such a joy to see it occurring across the globe in many factions of believers. Not just the Teaching Mission and the Monjoronson Mission, but in many segments and clusters and movements, memes, cultures and societies of different sorts. It is a real on-going going on. We are tickled to see evolution taking place before our eyes and even more tickled to be a part of it.

You will find, when you get here to the morontia life, the hoops we went through to create this format for you, and I am reminded of the device, the harp of God4 that is used to increase the volume of spirit messages, in some ways we are the harp that has increased the volume, and when I say "we" I don't mean just me and my peers here, nor do I mean just we here in our movement, but we at this point in time have created this paradigm to solidify and confirm that there is a huge cosmos out there of which we are a part. The universe is our home. We have a right to be here and to consider ourselves part of the cosmic neighborhood. We have brothers and sisters that we are just beginning to meet, to anticipate that we will one day recognize by their personality when we meet On High when we get there . when we get to Mansonia.

It [the Teaching Mission] is, yes, in some ways, as Gerdean likes to report, an allegory or a parable rather than what some would consider reality, or a construct, but that which you garner from it and take to heart to help foster the growth of your soul, that which stimulates your spirit, that causes you to think, that resides in your deep mind and there helps you develop the next leg of your journey, is worthwhile. These are intentional steps forward into greater awareness of your place in the universe and among your cosmic peers. We rejoice in it. Even though it is flawed, even though it is imperfect, even though it is in many ways "illusion," that's okay. There is so much about it that is real and genuine, that will compensate for the problems and errors that occur in learning any new art form or trying out any new equipment.

So I wanted to say this evening, take heart, do not flounder, in particular now with there being so much chaos going on in your collective consciousness, not just chaos but real conflict in the minds and hearts of the citizenry over the political situations, with the election coming up. It's a very emotional time. It's a good time for you to remember your spiritual connection, your roots as it were. Be in the world but not of it. Remember your core self. The still small voice within you will always speak to you and encourage you on the way Home.

Thank you for hearing me this evening. I will return you to Jack who will likely pull up the next personality in the queue to speak with you this evening. Farewell.

JACK: Jack here. No sense in my hanging out. I believe Frank is ready.

George: Yes, he is.

FRANK: Thank you, everyone, for gathering at the table, so to speak. This is Frank and I am the celestial teacher Frank assigned to my human subject. It is with great pride that I do my duty on a daily basis and this evening might even be able to participate; such are the perks of such an assignment. I get to participate in a forum like this, along with the fellows of my association, for you can imagine how many other celestials are queuing up for assignment to the different human beings who are coming to the realization that they live in a universe of much order, that is not wound up like a clock and led to function as long as the energy that was initially wound into that scenario runs.

I wish to address you this evening on the topic of unity. Universal unity, universe unity, human unity, virtual unity . it's all the same. Even two friends who have been in association for some time realize that when they take on a particular endeavor, or even when they are walking around in each other's presence, they do feel the strength that together they amount to much more than the energy of one person. We imagine a scenario where twenty human beings are united and you have the celestials behind those individuals. What can be accomplished from such unity is way beyond even the imagination of those of the higher realms.

We encourage you to strike up such unity. Not only with individuals of like-mindedness, of like conviction, of like intellect but strike up these unities with people you contact with on a daily basis, those with whom you have not seen or heard from for years. Reunite with them and bring to them a sense of assurance, a sense that you are in fact comfortable with your place in the universe. Spread that energy from your core to their psyche that they too will be able to feel at home and comfortable in this universe. The unity that is important for every endeavor in human society, is embodied in the phrase "united we stand; divided we fall."

It is a simple process, my friends. It doesn't take much out of you to find your common core, a commonality of interest, commonality of some kind, even an idea that you might share the same opinion with them based solely on an area of interest. It is the opening of the door, unlocking of the storehouse that you would associate with such a contact. Present yourself as friendly; present yourself as welcoming; present yourself as confident that you have seen the promised land, so to speak. You have not only seen it, you have interacted with celestial beings who have been there, celestial beings who have come back down to this planet to participate in the lifting the sense of awareness of those who my associate comes in contact with.

Present to the world that sense of assurance, present to every individual you meet that high degree of statesmanship, that high degree of majestic persona that you are head and shoulders above the everyday fear , the everyday anxiety that drips its manic in a vicious cycle. You are the ones who will tip the scale and unbalance that equation that will at some time disintegrate the chaos that looms in so many corners of the world and replace it with that growing sense of unity. This is what we implore you to experiment with. It is quite simple. It is an experiment that you might not necessarily be the "harvest "of. Waste no time in trying to measure the effectiveness of your encounters. Be you more concerned that you try every day to make one new connection.

You are the vessel through which the divine agency will impart that sense of assurance, to everyone you encounter, that you have demonstrated assurance in your own status. You must lay claim now to this reality, that you are sons and daughters of God. You are brothers and sisters of a broad universe of personalities. It is personality you are now being made aware of. We are here now pushing the changes that are inevitable, changes that will come about on this planet, changes for the betterment of all, changes for the brotherhood of man.

It is a slow process, and sometimes it is only out of mass disappointment, mass disaster, that certain human beings will be able to experience this kind of unity in attacking the problems that have befallen them. Nevertheless, they have had their chance to participate and expand their consciousness that it is better to give than to receive. If you have given of yourself, given of your comfort level, share this comfort level with the people you meet. Portray this assurance that you know why things are the way they are and that you have full confidence that every day things are improving. It may not be to the awareness of everyone, but you know of an assurity that this planet will one day become that jewel in the universe of Nebadon that is expected.

So my friends, unite; portray unity in your own psyche; try to harmonize your thoughts; try to eradicate anxiety; replace those things with practical endeavors; engage in things that will no doubt lessen that feeling of anxiety, that feeling of insecurity. The more connections you make with other individuals, you too will be assured you will have many more friends than you had at the beginning of the year. All those you come across are indeed friends and eventually you will sense them as a brother or a sister. You will be not only secure in your own family of brothers and sisters by blood, but that particular feeling of assurance will be extended to all the individuals you have connected with, and it is that assurance that will no doubt lessen your own anxiety. The lesson is quite simple, easy to implement, but the results are beyond human incomprehensible.

I leave you with such a lesson tonight and the duty to make it a task to take it on immediately. I leave you this evening. I thank you for the opportunity to participate in this manner. Good evening.

JACK's back, and I'm opening the door now for questions. You have a clear shot at us. No technology to deal with. Any takers? [Pause]

CHARLES: This is Charles. I've been listening in this evening and have decided to step in to embellish both my predecessors this evening. Tomas spoke of first making the tree good, and Frank spoke of rising to your full stature as you go about doing good. And this is indeed the work at hand, to take your reconstituted soul self into the arena to represent the greater reality, that which supersedes the carnal and mundane and banal aspects of humanity that stultify and dull your senses. Invigorate your environment through your clarity of mind. When you find yourself being drawn down into the abyss of mediocrity withstand the downpull; resist the urge of "misery loves company".5

Rather, bring on the fresh air and cold shower of truth that awakes the psyche so as to have a platform, a meeting of the minds, a unity of consciousness, for however brief a period of time, for even a flicker of recognition of spirit reality is enough to have a permanent impact on a person. It may be that you only plant the seed and someone else down the road will water it, but take the opportunity to do what you can while you can without hesitation and in this way we will be effective now, here, today. Do not wait to get to Mansonia to fulfill your destiny. Be all that you can be. There is much work to be done here.

Now that you know who you are, the institutions -- almost all of which have been built upon the Lucifer legacy -- are in need of reconstruction, re-evaluation, re-encircuitment in divine order. Again, it's a very exciting time to be alive and the opportunities are tremendous. Grab one. Grab two and be about the Father's business. We'll be in there with you. Thank you for this moment.

Jack wants to know if there are any questions. [None forthcoming] In that case: Class dismissed!

JACK: Later!


1. 196:0.10 .. The secret of his [Jesus'] unparalleled religious life was this consciousness of the presence of God; and he attained it by intelligent prayer and sincere worship - unbroken communion with God - and not by leadings, voices, visions, or extraordinary religious practices.

2. 34:6.4 Spiritual forces unerringly seek and attain their own original levels. Having gone out from the Eternal, they are certain to return thereto, bringing with them all those children of time and space who have espoused the leading and teaching of the indwelling Adjuster, those who have been truly "born of the Spirit," the faith sons of God.

3. 2:0.2 The nature of God can be studied in a revelation of supreme ideas, the divine character can be envisaged as a portrayal of supernal ideals, but the most enlightening and spiritually edifying of all revelations of the divine nature is to be found in the comprehension of the religious life of Jesus of Nazareth, both before and after his attainment of full consciousness of divinity.

4. 47:10.2 .. (Perfected space communication is to be had on all these worlds; and your anywhere reception of such communications is made possible by carrying the "harp of God," a morontia contrivance compensating for the inability to directly adjust the immature morontia sensory mechanism to the reception of space communications.)

5. 159:3.11 Teach all believers to avoid leaning upon the insecure props of false sympathy. You cannot develop strong characters out of the indulgence of self-pity; honestly endeavor to avoid the deceptive influence of mere fellowship in misery. Extend sympathy to the brave and courageous while you withhold overmuch pity from those cowardly souls who only halfheartedly stand up before the trials of living. Offer not consolation to those who lie down before their troubles without a struggle. Sympathize not with your fellows merely that they may sympathize with you in return.
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