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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-08-19

Teacher: Jonathan, Elyon, Light, Michael, Charles

T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Cathy: We have requested our friend Jonathan to be part of our group. In response I have received a message from him.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I am here to reaffirm the validity of our contact. I know that you have been somewhat skeptical about this process. It is merely an extension of all the activities of these many years. I am in joyful contact again with this group. It is indeed a humbling experience in the view that I had my own reservations about the possibility of this contact when I was still on the earthly plane. I was as skeptical as many of you are. It is a joyful affirmation that this contact still exists between us although we are in separate locales. I am amazed to see our accomplishments from this vantage point. I am just beginning to realize the extent of our activities and their results. I am full of optimism about your ability to function at the higher levels that will be required. My love and blessings to your projects, I will help as I can from my position.

Elyon: [Mark] Hello my friends, Elyon here, thank you for the introduction and the opportunity to join you once again. I cannot adequately convey the sense of appreciation I have developed for my opportunity to be involved on this project that we have worked on for this time we have worked together. Indeed we have come up against many walls of perception, of capacity, of values, and we have examined each of these parameters and we have identified one by one, these perimeters that we set up around ourselves. Some of these we have been able to shed light on and to dissolve some of the misunderstandings and see them in their more true light.

After availing ourselves of this process of honest accepting investigation, it has been determined that these boundaries need not exist. My friends I call you to witness that at that moment of discovery, at that time when you are willing to let go of a particular preconception, notion, or idea of how things are or should be, at that very moment the barriers disappear, they fall away or at least they fall down so that they may be overcome easily. You will all call to witness, that having accepted this dissolution of boundary, you were able to then move into a bigger, wider arena of experience which contained many things which were not considered in the smaller arena.

Thus it was with our initial contact in the many years we have spent coming together like this. First there were the walls, the doubts, the fears, the misunderstandings of the process, and the uncertainty due to sheer lack of experience. Little by little we were able to chip away and overcome these barriers and rise over these obstacles that were before us. You all have come to see now that the arena you function in has been so greatly enlarged over the original dimensions when we first started this process. Now you accept as, to use your words, out of the ordinary, and now we stand and witness that much of what we consider to be normal these days, regular, routine, is so greatly expanded over what we had command over at one time.

Now we stand at the edge of our awareness and look around. Currently we come up against the barrier before us of the individual’s acceptance of being able to communicate with spirits on the other side. I applaud your observations that everyone who is not with you is a spirit on the other side. There is very little distinction and difference made. Once one has crossed over into the spiritual dimension they are by definition, on the other side. You are most willing to interact with individuals whose signatures and whose names you are familiar with. I pray your capacity [be] expanded to embrace the truth that this is possible with anyone who may be on the other side. It is not limited simply to particular representatives or individuals who are allowed to make this crossing; rather it is a matter in free-form that is conditioned by your will and your desire as much as it is conditioned by the desire and will of those who have crossed over.

Be not afraid my friends. You have demonstrated this capacity to an admirable degree and I invite you to lean on this original principle. Be not afraid, for where we go together we go in the direction of divine pure love. We may not take the same path, we may not take the same time in our approach, but we all are traveling on these paths at the same time in our journey and sharing back and forth as we are able. I applaud your efforts to date to reach beyond your boundaries and to extend beyond your perimeters. Your ascension is nothing but a series of these same steps taken over and over again, expanding further and further your horizons and bringing to you more and more of all that is true, good, and real.

Let it continue to be so. Let us all have the strength to fear not as we venture forth. Indeed we are together in this process. We have each other for comfort as we create the realities around us. Thank you for the opportunity once again my friends, to join in your round table discussions. I now open up the space for others, farewell.

Light: [Cathy] I am thrilled to join you today in celebration of the reunion of our spiritual family. We share the great connection of the heart. We share the power of light utilized. We share the search of our Father's will for the universal pattern and path to the Father. As the light intensifies on this world, your ability to use this power will also increase. Please proceed with intention to access this process and work with all the powers available. You need only allow yourself to expand to the need. Allow yourself to believe in the possibilities. Allow your spirit to fly, as it were, in all things the Father's will, will prevail. I have no reservations about your lack of shadow and blocking of light capacity. You all glow with increasing brilliance and clarity. Together we will move on to a greater capacity. I will be available to help. Feel free to contact me.

Michael: [Cathy] I am in great appreciation of your dedication and faith. Indeed, think of me and I will be overjoyed to be with you. I love you all my children.

Charles: [Mark] Greetings folks, Charles here to throw out a few more thoughts for consideration. I invite you to consider how it is that you have time and time again overcome these barriers before you, these obstacles in your way of growth and ascension. I invite you to consider that universally, this technique has been for you to venture out in spirit to investigate these new arenas and these new possibilities that have challenged your assertions. As a being who is more and more directing themselves into the spiritual dimension, you have repeatedly decided to go and find out the validity of this or that on your own as an individual, to seek out and find the truth, the correctness, the properness, the application of that which you are exploring.

You have done so by bringing it within, and looking at it with the light of spirit, examining it for its true worth, and then finally embracing it as something you will associate with or identify with, or not. There are cases when you decide you will not associate or tolerate a given attribute or aspect that becomes identified by you. But nevertheless you are making these choices with that greater part of yourself. That spiritual component of your being must be willing to go out and investigate and bring back for consideration that which is beyond the current capacity that you hold.

If you continue to follow this method of expansion it will serve you well because more and more of your spiritual self will be involved in the discernment and more and more you will be led by spiritual attributes of truth, beauty, and goodness. More and more the decision will be easier for you as all things are interpreted differently with the use of the spiritual perception, the eyes to see. Stand firm in your willingness to be able to cast yourself forward to see what is out there and be ever willing to consider it as it is found beyond the walls of your awareness. Consider its relevance, its truth, and its purpose.

All things that you encounter are by design, part of the great picture of which your small segment is just that, a small piece. Great things exist outside of your small piece, that exist whether you are aware of them or not. The structure of this environment is for you to open up more and more, to be able to let in more and more of what exists out beyond your awareness, to bring it in, to welcome it, eventually to incorporate it and associate with it as you come into awareness of its existence. As I say, this process is repeated and this technique is the method by which you can continue to grow step-by-step, sometimes leaps and bounds, depending upon how willing you are to venture out and bring back that which you find.

That concludes my contribution to today’s discussion and I thank you all for your attendance. I now take my leave.

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