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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-05-27
Teacher: Machiventa, Luminerion, LIght
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Machiventa, here this morning to share in a few thoughts with your discussion and in particular, to speak about a subject which has been addressed and a question asked as to whether a Melchizedek has materialized on the planet. What you must understand is, a Melchizedek materialization usually results as a prompting from some crisis on the planet, a spiritual crisis. At this time on your planet, the greatest spiritual crisis is the one which wages war internally with men and women, the spiritual war between acknowledging what you truly get a sense of and acting upon this sense. This knowledge and in this type of crisis there is no outside agency which is certified to deal with such a crisis.

This is part of your human nature, the contrast between the animal patterning and the animal appetites as they are juxtaposed against the spiritual grace and spiritual understanding of the process of transforming the animal appetites into spirit and the focusing of energy on the decision to follow what it is you sense and feel within, the struggle to follow the mob or to follow the inner guidance. The other problem on the planet which relates to the spiritual crisis is the one in which the fragmented religious beliefs on the planet are resisting coming together and seeing the truth in all religions and putting aside the particulars of a religion to celebrate its truth amongst all people.

Again, this is not a spiritual crisis in which an outside agency can come and arbitrate. This is a matter of factions of the religious authorities coming from the extremes and meeting somewhere in the middle and having a genuine nurturing and com-passive sense about their flock. There are no immediate plans for any celestial materializations or program at this time due to the nature of so much ambivalence and conflict on the planet which first must come to some resemblance of a peaceful resolve. It is difficult to address people in the emotional context in which they communicate. When humans are willing to sit at a table and listen, [then] will any such spiritual agency be considered a possibility to truly come down and assist.

Why would a spiritual agency arbitrarily force its will upon an antagonist or an antagonistic social organization? The brotherhood of man is still somewhat in disarray on the planet, albeit it would not take much to bring this disarray into some harmonic alignment. As to your personal lives, from a spiritual standpoint we still encourage you to grow in knowledge and understanding of each other. A greater understanding amongst yourselves is a greater united and organized group.

I will step aside from this format and allow others who are eager to come forth. Thank you for your patience this morning, go in peace.

Machiventa: [Cathy] I am pleased to join the discussion concerning the coming changes on this sphere. In the past, the work has been done by unseen teachers. We have moved to a new phase in preparation for the continuing Correcting Time. Part of this involves teachers in physical form much as the mission I participated in. I was a lone messenger to bring back the original message that was slipping from this world. In this new phase there are others to bring a new statement of the Father's original plan. It has not been determined yet if they will work singly or in pairs. As you have learned from the Urantia Book, the disciples worked in pairs to great advantage.

I realize that there are questions about the process. You need not be as concerned about the process as your own participation in spreading your own knowledge and vision. In your personal sphere you are being counted on to influence souls and bring them to the Father using the skills and knowledge you already possess. In any Magisterial visitation, there is provided an accompanying group to aid the Son in his activity. In this instance we are indeed utilizing Melchizedek assistance, only partially appearing in the human form. The process of down-stepping in vibration to a physical form is intricate and used sparingly unless needed when goals cannot be accomplished by using other means.

You are the other means provided, you are the feet on the ground so to speak. The assistance from our end is mainly to mobilize the existing human component. We count on your help to bring the Correcting Time into action. The brotherhood of man is activated Adjuster to Adjuster, one person at a time through the original teaching of Michael as Joshua ben Joseph. His message is still the way, the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of the kingdom. This message can be found in the Urantia Book through his teachings on the planet. Intention is needed and action as well to spread this teaching during this time of change. You are the action we need, you have the capability, you are called to help, we are ready to assist.

Luminerion: [Mark] Hello and thank you for allowing me first into your consciousness, first accepting the possibility. So very much depends on the human minds capacity to accept, to allow space for certain things to transpire. You refer to your consciousness sometimes as being boxes and containing in them all that you are aware of and around the outside is considered outside of your box. I understand that it takes some faith and some courage to navigate the wall of your box and go to the outside where something that is not contained within your box may be allowed to interface with you experience. I applaud you for your ability to do this insofar as it has been recognizable among you all that you have ventured outside of your comfort zones and have found things out there which are pleasing to you and resonate with your sense of truth and beauty and goodness.

You have piece by piece brought these things back and enlarged the capacity of your boxes, each of you. This is to your great credit for now you have purposely changed the dimensions, your awareness, and brought yourselves greater and greater understanding. This is what is so very important about those of you who are in place as boots on the ground, for you to maintain the posture of acceptance and be willing to accommodate within your awareness, greater and greater truth and larger and larger perspectives. I am here as a result of this willingness. I am here as a result of my name being brought into the conversation and entertained as a possibility and I am here as a result of great acts of faith on your part. I respect that and accept that as part of the process and am so grateful that you do as well.

It is necessary for you to lean on your faith component, heavily at times, for all that you hear and see does not necessarily fit into your construct of understanding. You realize there is a sense of unease because things have not settled into place. These are the times which you need to go and lean on the faith component, that somehow all of the things which you become exposed to are all pieces of the puzzle. By virtue of their very existence in your paradigm, they are part of the whole. They may be more or less relative to you, more or less part of your individual experience, but nevertheless, they comprise part of the gigantic picture.

If you can begin to fully rely on this truth, then you will see some of the struggles that you have in embracing all these myriad aspects melt away and become softened in the process. It is not necessary for you to see yourselves as so distinctly different for other than what is before you as much as it is for you to accept simply that it exists, and you exist. Somehow or another there is a relationship between you. In this mortal life, given all the contrasts that you are furnished, it is easy to take the stance of discerning whether things are good or bad, positive or negative, help or hurt, and make these determinations as you go through life routinely. I tell you the greater spiritual perspective and one you will adopt fully one day, will be not to place a judgement of value on all that is out there as either good or bad. It simply is and it simply is contrast because this thing is not that thing, this over here is different from that over there and in this way, you are relative to all of them.

You are in a different position to all that is, a unique position, and all these contrasts are merely meant to illustrate this point, are merely there to show you all the things that you have a relationship to and then you choose what defines you by your relationship to all that is out there, what you bring in and absorb, what you distance yourself from. These are your choices. They need not be value judgements as much as they are association judgements, that is they need not carry any stigma of good or bad but rather a choice presented to you of embracing and accepting or choosing not. It is really that simple. And, it can be truly said that along the way, there are no wrong choices. There may be better choices or appropriate choices and those may be made at any time. But having made the decision of your proximity to anything that is out there, it becomes associated with you and you with it until you decide to choose otherwise.

I am so deeply grateful for the open and curious mind. You are correct in that I am just another personality to be encountered out here in this great realm of spirit and that is the door I have used to open up and be with you today. It is not so important that you fully understand exactly who I am as it is that you are willing to accept me no matter who I am that gives me the leverage and the latitude to be with you. It pleases me greatly to have been welcomed into this circle. You are correct in that all things are in a state of growth, change, and flux and my visitation here is no different. It is merely another step in the path, but one for which I remain exceedingly grateful that you have provided at this time. I look forward to further contact and now I withdraw, thank you.

Light: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, this is Light, here to address those that have been placed on the healing table and those of you in this circle, to open up to the wholeness and the health dimensions of light, into the interconnectedness between things, into the separate parts being brought into the whole of light that all ailment, that all conditions which attend to the human subject in life experience a revitalization in wholeness and in this wholeness a warm overall sense of love and peace which light brings.

May this light continue to anchor you in certainty, certainty in knowing who you are, in the tasks that are at hand, knowing that you are supported by a great and powerful spiritual brotherhood which supports all of the positive and endearing qualities which you possess, a spiritual brotherhood which feels a greater affinity with what you seek as a human society. We truly wish for you to express this gift amongst yourselves, this gift of peace and understanding and all that is brought into this consciousness this morning. May all of your requests and concerns be made whole again. Thank you and continue to live in the light.

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