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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-05-06
Teacher: Charles
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Charles: I do have something to say this morning and thank you for
asking. I enjoyed the part about the notion that God rather enjoys
humanness. From a celestial standpoint, we cannot deny that the Father
has an infinite fascination with bonding with the human element.
Therein is a mystery that those of us who do not possess Thought
Adjusters are not privileged to understand or experience. So it is
always good to hear from a human standpoint how humans think about
this and how humans feel about the notion that an aspect of the Divine
indwells them. You know the interesting thing is that the universe has
dedicated a portion of its functioning to the servicing of mortal
ascendants indwelt with the Mystery Monitors, the Thought Adjusters.
There is a tremendous interest in this phenomenon on the celestial
side, unfortunately I have to say, there is much more of an interest
than on the human side at this point but that may also change. So
there is not much wisdom that I can offer such as yourselves about the
complex and intimate nature of the Indwelling Spirit in human
consciousness. It is my understanding that there is a tremendous
quality in the relationship aspect of the Thought Adjuster when the
human subject turns inward and [attempts] to identify the Adjuster as

As to the part about history, it is also interesting to consider that
from a celestial standpoint, history is always present, meaning that
history is kept alive in the sense of consciousness. History from a
celestial standpoint, has a lot more collective analysis than it does
on the human consciousness level; whereas a lot of your history is
partially factual, from the celestial standpoint, history is
completely factual.

Back to this notion that in a sense the Father cherishes the human
experience, there is a growing sense that the Father is made more
complete in the human experience, that there is even an aspect of the
Father that evolves. It is called the Supreme, and this aspect evolves
when the human experience becomes complete. [It is] from this
standpoint of the Supreme, this completed relationship of God and man,
that a more profound and complete aspect of Deity coming into being
will transform the way that Deity functions. Again it is quite
difficult to say what it is that the Father is particularly interested
in in the human experience as far as the human functioning since a
large part of the Father's indwelling has to do with transforming the
human consciousness into a spiritual and divine consciousness. It is
also true that those who act, get there faster.

So in a sense, if the Father is comfortable being with you intimately,
we are also comfortable with you on an intimate level and we continue
to apply spiritual presence that one day it may become part of
universal consciousness. We will have become one with all of you. I
thank you for allowing me to share these few words. Have a good week,
thank you.

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