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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2012-04-12
Teacher: Charles, Light, Machiventa
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, you know all things, therefore you know
the desire of our hearts to come close to you in this hour to join
with you in the process of sharing that part of ourselves that is like
you, that we recognize is part of you. We are so blessed to be in your
presence as you shower us with the affection that grants us the
opportunity to approach you in the unique fashion we have come to
develop which we know as this transmitting/receiving process. I
recognize this is a gift. I seek to do my part to uphold the sanctity
of this gift and desire nothing more than to participate in a fashion
which is pleasing to you Michael, who I know to be my Father and
Creator. I now offer my services to be rendered as they may be useful
at this time for the benefit of all, thank you.

Charles: [Mark] Good evening to all, it is my pleasure to greet you, I
am Charles. It has been my extreme pleasure to get to know more and
more of the groups that accept my presence and join with me in the
ministry of the Father's service. There were many good topics you
offered for discussion or to put into play as you say, but I will
start with the one offered of this notion of being pioneers. It can be
said that throughout the ages mankind has enjoyed waves of those
pioneers who have moved from place to place, who have colonized vast
areas, who have gone where others have not gone before and then as
you witness, the doors are flung open and many will follow.

But, it took the first individuals to push the boundaries of all that
was thought possible, to go out beyond the perimeters which had been
explored and to seek to define new areas, to chart and map new zones
that had not been charted or mapped before. It takes some very strong
individuals to be these pioneers. They must be willing to embark on a
trip into the unknown, forsake all that is their security with the
trust and the idea that they will be okay on this journey into this
grand experience into the new. The faith and trust that they exhibit
is what blurs the line of what is possible and what is considered not
possible. A trust and a faith in some larger, grander truth and
reality, propels these brave individuals to walk forward, past the
traditional demarkations of known space and move into the realms of
the unknown, as yet to be known areas before them.

This brings up an interesting additional issue. It is not of course as
if any areas are entirely unknown, they just remain unknown to those
who are unaware of them. So it is in the spiritual realm, all is known
and encompassed, but many who are involved in the process are unaware
of this truth and this fact and therefore see themselves as somehow
separate or distant. The greater perspective shows that all is known,
merely bits are being discovered by the individual, piece by piece.
But this idea that there are the ones who must go first, they are the
ones who must brave the new frontiers and discover with the first eyes
of the human to see, the great discoveries awaiting them.

So it is, all of you are the spiritual pioneers of this day. There is
much out there for you to explore and discover as you are led and in
this process you will chart a map for yourself, a way you will
navigate through all that is out there, what you will take in, and
what you will leave beside. This is the glory of your ascension
career, of the job that is before you which lasts an eternity. It is
my great pleasure to share part of this journey with you at this time,
to bring you these words of encouragement, words from the home post,
that the frontier people are well known and appreciated by the grand
plan and all of those involved. It's easy for those on the frontier to
feel isolated and as though their contributions may never matter, but
I assure you, once the trail has been blazed, it is used. Once the the
way has been charted through, it may be chosen by others. Once it has
been proven safe and sound, the route will be thoroughly adopted.

Thank you for the opportunity to join in your discussion this evening.
I now withdraw to allow this precious format, this creation of yours
for use by others, thank you.

Light: [Henry] Greetings this evening, this is Light here to share a
few thoughts on what has been spoken and what has been insinuated. The
process of connecting with spirit is a conscious process, one in which
the human is much more intent and aware because the evidence of spirit
is tremendously subtle. For example, it is like a breeze. You couldn't
really feel it unless your windows were open or you were outside, you
know that it exists but you cannot feel it until you place yourself in
a position in it. So there is a tremendous awareness and consciousness
on the human level to perceive any evidence, any out-working of
spirit, be it a nudge, a glimpse of awareness, a motivation, a thought
process, a synchronicity in your life.

There are tremendous ways in which one can evidence spirit and spirit
is not evident the same way by everyone. All experience spirit
differently and it is these subtle awarenesses that begin to
accumulate into a consciousness, of knowingness, of certainty, of
almost factual knowing and in a certain sense it can work as a second
nature but really, it is in consciousness that it is born. It is true
that spirit is eager to help and always working with an aspect of
human nature and human beings. Spirit is truly in love with the
opportunity to be in service to humans. As spirit sees this, humans
should be eager and motivated to be in consciousness with spirit. We
feel there is a tremendous reciprocal nature which must be met here.

It is like what was previously mentioned about pioneering. There is a
resistance that one must break through to be free. It is like breaking
the sound barrier. There was resistance over time with different
experiments when the sound barrier was broken. It took tremendous
rebuilding of the airplane. There was emotional and psychological
stability and aggression of the pilot. The sound barrier was like a
demon, it was something overbearing and overpowering that seemed to
resist any effort to penetrate it. But once the craft was developed,
the pilot and the craft together broke through the barrier; then it
became easier in a short period of time to move beyond that.

This is one of the challenges of the human/sprit relationship, to
break through this inertia and tension which is created by the unknown
and begin to know the unknown, to begin to experience within your own
life the tremendous love and grace and blessing which comes with
working with spirit, with being conscious, with responding in kind to
the direction which spirit is moving you. There is a tremendous drive
within the great spirit which lives within [that] is constantly
bringing you to this threshold of awareness, this pressure, this
resistance, this thing that you don't want to do because it demands
everything that you have at the moment. You are exhausted; you are not
willing to give it the last amount.

This is kind of where human society is today. There is just as much
goodness as there is resistance to goodness and the goodness can
conquer because it takes tremendous dedication to pierce through this
wall of stubborn resistance which has dominated your society and your
social evolution for so long. But my friends, you are right on the
precipice, you are right on the fence. You have within your grasp to
collectively push forward now to use everything that you have and
dedicate it in and effort to regain your dignity and respect as human
beings capable of representing the garden which was meant to be and
the beautiful beings that were meant to live in the garden, the
children of God loving and enjoying each other in their life here.

This is within your grasp. Begin to put it within your consciousness.
Begin to believe what you actually feel is possible. Even though you
may not fully experience it here and now, by bringing it and realizing
it in consciousness you create the pathway for it to come into play
for this human stage, this social arena, this evolutionary momentum
from barbarism, through imperialism, through all of the political
systems, all of the religious motivations to be free and love one
another with spirit and trusting this relationship.

It is in great respect for you which I say these things. I thank you
for this forum, this opportunity to present these thoughts. I am your
friend Light, thank you.

Machiventa: [Mark] Hello my friends, I would take advantage of this
opportunity before this meeting adjourns to address the question
offered earlier as regards the use of specific words or meanings or
phrases. I implore you to use the widest possible perspective when
viewing the significance of any word or word phrase or associated
construct of understanding around what any word may mean to you as the
observer. By this I mean, we are so very limited to such a very small
vocabulary that may be utilized as pertains to getting across
information that we are constrained to make use of many phrases that
will strike individuals in very different ways.

I give you simply an example: the word Jesus. To some, that word
elicits great fondness and a great admiration and love wells up with
such a word. To others, Jesus is a symbol of a reality that they do
not understand and does not exist for them and therefore this same
word will have a great negative connotation. It is the same word and
it is simply a matter of how it is deciphered by other individuals,
how it is embraced and accepted. The meanings may be very different to
the very different set of observers. Nevertheless, we are constrained
to settle on certain terms and words in no small part because they
simply arose and existed.

The name of the system or capitol or mansion worlds all have existed
before mankind, before there were language that is used today to try
to describe the reality seen by the observer. Language itself is a
transient thing. From our perspective, it comes and it goes, it is
cultural, it changes and morphs constantly. So we are all together in
this great challenge of attempting to use such limited things as word
symbols to offer adequate description of truths and realities. These
words are not the truths, they are the signposts pointing to the
truths, they are our best attempts to describe the truths in any
language at any time, however they are not the truth itself, they are
a map to understanding it, a description, an attempt to reference.

True understanding is of course, wordless. True knowing goes beyond
vocabulary and description. True awareness is and requires no attempt
at description or no word symbols. But as you are so throughly
involved as mortals of the realm in the use of words and word symbols,
it is natural for you to try to obsess a bit over their use and the
correct application of their use as you currently understand them in
your culture. I invite you to not get hung up on particular words or
phrases which cause you doubts and uncertainties but rather broaden
your perspectives to include the overall truths that these words are
attempting to describe.

It is not important the names of systems or system sovereigns as much
as it is the understanding that there is a great and glorious pattern
to behold. Names will be adjusted as the observers are able to
assimilate more and more versions of truths, more and more accurate
depictions of reality. In the meantime, we are left struggling with
language which we all attempt to use in order to communicate with each
other, get on the same page, and feel as though these words have
guided us to an understanding of what they are attempting to describe.

I hope this is helpful as this is a completely imperfect process and
as such we must navigate our way through these imperfections and
around these obstacles to our understanding and attempt to strive for
the biggest picture, the grandest perspective which will allow the
smoothing out of the incidental blemishes into a total of
comprehension. It has been my pleasure to join you all this evening. I
bid you all farewell and we will, as you know, be back in touch with
you again as it is so made available to us, farewell.

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