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Fri Mar 30 14:42:44 PDT 2012

DATE: March 29, 2012

LOCATION: Light Line

T/R: Gerdean

TEACHERS: Midwayer Jack, Cherubim Bob and Mighty Messenger Charles

TOPICS: Adjutant Mind-Spirits;

Prayer: Reaching up and out and in to Deity and all its forms, to visit with us, to come in us, to comfort us, and impress us with all the things there are to be learned about the universe and our place in it - at least to the extent we are capable of assimilating and appreciating that vast array of truth, beauty and goodness that is there. And it is our legacy, we who live within the Kingdom, the divine Family, sons and daughters of the living God. What an honor! So let's embark now on an engagement with these personalities of Deity and their associates and assistants, all these many personalities who minister to us and dedicate themselves to uplifting us, educating and enlightening us. We thank you. And we especially thank Michael for arranging our presence here on the world of our origin. Amen.

0802-AB JACK here, eager to go. I don't know where we're going but I'm eager, nonetheless. I see a goodly crowd here this evening and that pleases me, of course, although I would be happy to and have had a chat with one or two, it's nice to have three or four or more, and so thank you for coming and for lending your ear to these many voices that are echoes of the one original Voice.

I see a question has been submitted, and I am also aware of something Gerdean has postulated, so we're off to a good start, but I tell you what. I don't want me and Gerdean to dominate this call, so apply your own spiritual pressure and motivate us accordingly. This is a community function, not singularly one belonging to the host. Okay, the question now. Gerdean, would you read the question?

Gerdean: Yes, Jack. The question is: "Do the adjutant mind-spirits constitute the whole mind . or is there the mind by itself plus the Adjutant Mind Spirits?"

JACK: Thank you, and let's take a look at this. First, I'm going to pawn it off onto someone else to answer. That allows me to play emcee and bring in others who enjoy this process. In this case I am going to give the podium to Cherubim, Bob, who has done extensive work and study on the adjutant mind spirits - not to exclude humans and their sundry states of mindedness or mindlessness. One moment and I'll get him.

CHERUBIM BOB: What about Bob? Well, it has been some time since I have been invited to one of these soirees, and it is just like riding a bicycle. I have not forgotten what it's like. Let's keep up our velocity so that we don't fall off. There was a question about the mind. The mind is one of my favorite subjects; it is so colorful and far-reaching. Your mind is not the same as the mind I use; therefore your mind has always been a fascinating study to those who us who do, in fact, study the mortal races of time and space.

The mind you use is on loan to you for this human experience. As soon as you break on through to the other side, you enter into a new paradigm with a new body and a new mind. Of course, you will retain certain things from this existence, but after you cross over is when you truly, significantly, notice that "of all the things you miss, you miss your mind the most" because it is what you are accustomed to using. The good news is that as you live a full life, and toward the end begin to leave the mortal coil behind, you begin to discard many things of this world and simply fail to think about them any longer. Not just the memories that you have acquired through life experience, involving forgiving and forgetting, but many of the things that you no longer need to worry about or very soon no longer have to retain in your consciousness because they will no longer matter, where you are going.

But while you are here and in the thick of it, you would not function at all without the mind. The question asks: Do the adjutant mind-spirits constitute the whole mind, or is there the mind by itself plus the adjutant mind-spirits? Well, let me put it this way: There is no mind if the adjutant mind-spirits are not functioning for any reason. They are an a priori. The adjutant mind- spirits constitute the infusion of life itself into you and without which you would not be able to function. They come with the package, and they are operating from the get-go, even before birth, and will continue throughout your life-time.

Even if you were to have some kind of serious accident and had brain damage to the extent that you were no able longer to function fully, you would still retain many of your adjutant mind-spirit circuits. They are just part of life. You cannot live without them. And if you can't live, then you can't think and so they are first. But with them constituting your fundamental well-spring of reality for this life, for you and everyone you know, then you can investigate further the phenomenon of mind and ascertain that it has many, many aspects. There's imagination, and cognitive powers, and these still are dependent on the adjutant mind-spirits.

The adjutant mind-spirits are not as elemental as you might think. That comparative analysis, comparing the adjutant mind-spirits with the chakras, is an over-simplification of the power and potential of these mind-spirits that indwell all of you, and that are able to function on varying levels, depending upon myriad considerations, IQ being one factor, and that brings us into the differentiation of minds. Some are definitely smarter than others, some are more imaginative than others, some are able to delve deep into mysterious realms of science and discover new things about the universe, or about life -- research, for example, and the healing of disease. This is a function of the mind.

You will notice that the heart adjutant of knowledge investigates and seeks for answers; they are not merely curiosity questions but solutions, so these adjutants are the foundation to all social structures. A civilization that comes to pass has come into being by and through the efforts of the adjutants as they are utilized by the mortals of their indwelling and/or how the mortals utilize the adjutants that indwell them. It is another one of those co-creative situations that reiterates the point that man and god need each other, that spirit and the flesh are not incompatible; the finite and the infinite are able to work together to advance reality. This is quite profound, so don't underestimate the ability of the adjutant mind-spirits.

When you leave this world, you will inherit the cosmic mind, which has many aspects to it that this temporary mortal mind does not have, does not need, will not need because here you need to know how to maneuver your world, the finite aspects of it, you need it to create civilizations, not only civilizations but the brick and mortar that house the civilization that you can develop and grow into as you civilize your selves and become more sophisticated in terms of aspirations and inspirations that you get from On High, when you begin to appreciate the higher adjutants and press the envelope of your consciousness into the superconscious realms that abut the cosmic mind of Mansonia.

You can, in fact, tap into cosmic mind here, but only briefly. You can't live only with the cosmic mind. It is necessary for you to function here and you need the adjutant mind-spirits to do that with. You know, the ultimate goal of the adjutant mind-spirits is to raise you up to where you can depend upon the spirit of truth to lead you into yet further adventures in spiritual exploration. These explorations may require imagination; they may require the deep mind, depending upon how you have set your navigational charts. The deep mind involves the divine mind, but it will encounter limitations based on your finiteness and when you have dispensed with the finite body, then your higher mind will soar.

Even though, I will tell you, there are limitations and disciplines as well on the worlds to come. Every level of life you visit has its own parameters into which you must adapt yourself if you expect to learn from the experience and give yourself to the experience. The mind - even the mind loaned to you in this lifetime - is an amazing thing. It provides more than enough adventure for mortal creatures, certainly enough to get in trouble and often enough to get back out of trouble and learn from the experience.

Our questioner is not present, and so it is difficult to ask if there are any further questions or if that answers. I am not without respect however, for the listeners here in this Light Line forum and so if there are questions regarding this question or my response, I would pause to hear it. You know, to be heard, you need to press *6 to unlock your mute function. I will wait a moment to see if there is a response. (Pause)

Jerry: Yes, Bob, I'd like to ask if the adjutant spirits are still with us on the first mansion world or just, you might say "super-augmented" because it seems to me we still have our soul and we are still soulful and so much of that soul experience is the mind adjutant. I kind of wonder if they stay with us or if they are just totally superseded.

BOB: They eventually are - Thank you for your question. They are eventually superseded completely. They are for you in your incubator state here, and once you have begun to walk and run in your morontia state, you will no longer need to depend upon these energies, these circuits, to hold you up.

Jerry: I was wondering if we still have those essential-I guess it's hard for me not to pun here, but it's hard for me to think about living without intuition, knowledge, courage, curiosity, and all those aspects. I'm just assuming those qualities stay with us.

BOB: The qualities will stay with you, yes. They are yours; you will have adopted them, mastered them; you own them. They are a part of your character; they are of lasting value -- those qualities that you have assimilated, because the ministries of the adjutant mind spirits are yours to utilize for as long as you need them, but you no longer need to be plugged into the circuitry of finite mind. You will have a new mind On High and that mind will provide all your needs from that point on.

It's not that Mother has abandoned you; it is that she has raised you up, so that you can go on without her. Like a child depends upon his mother until such time as s/he is turned over to the father for further guidance, and then eventually and gradually grows up and leaves home. In your case, you too will eventually grow up and leave home, leaving in fact, your local universe parents to ascend on and beyond to Paradise. So what served in the beginning eventually and gradually falls away as it is supplanted with new and greater realities.

The mind you have here is on loan while you are in the finite form. When you leave your finite form, you also lose the adjutant mind-spirits. But the qualities that are inherent in the Mother will also be inherent in the divine mind, the cosmic mind, if they are to continue to serve you in your existence and future existence. For example, the first adjutant mind-spirit, the spirit of intuition, eventually will morph into a kind of sensory perception or extra-sensory perception; it will no longer be concerned with your survival, for you are obviously surviving. You have obviously survived! Do you see?

Jerry: Yes! This is much more clear. I also take it that in the next form that we have, being so much more subtle and spiritual, our relationship, our perception, our feeling our experience of our Father is probably augmented.

BOB: Oh, significantly! Yes.

Jerry: [Laughing] I guess we could have assumed that, yes.

BOB: Enhanced measurably.

Jerry: Thank you.

BOB: Indeed, is almost a face-to-face friendship, as it were. You are no longer blocked by your finite form in which you suffer many limitations of perception.

Jerry: Well, thank you. That's definitely something to look forward to.

BOB: Adventures abound! I assure you, and also I assure you that nothing is ever taken away prematurely, so when you lose aspects of yourself, it is because they no longer serve. Like, you have no need for baby teeth when you begin chewing meat and gain your second set of teeth. You might ask God for a quarter for the tooth you lost, but I tell you, joking aside, you are rewarded for the lessons you learn, the growth you accomplish, and the triumphs you acquire. God does give you a quarter when you lose a tooth, when you let go of something that no longer serves there is always something to replace it, something bigger, better, richer, shinier, truer or purer.

And this lesson is learned over time. It also helps you to relinquish your tight hold on your crutches and those things and individuals upon whom you depend unnecessarily. You can relinquish many of the fears that you hold tight to and exchange it for the faith that you are seeing unfold in your very life.

There is nothing magic about it. It's all quite logical. In fact, it's all part of the cosmic mind, and you will be so reassured to have it working on your behalf, it will not be necessary for you to have these many animal-based fears and concerns. That in and of itself will be quite a jolt to your consciousness. It will take some adjusting, in fact, and you will enjoy this for the most part although your tendency, your habit to reach for props and crutches will linger as will many of your habit patterns that will quickly evaporate as you find they are ineffective under the new circumstances of the morontia reality. It is then that you will discover the true humor. You will be able to laugh at yourselves much more easily when it is no longer a matter of life and death.

Anything else?

Jerry: No, thank you, Bob. And thank you Gerdean.

BOB: Anytime. I'm always happy to have contact with my mortal associates. Thank you. I will return you now to Jack.

JACK: Jack's back. I'm a secondary midwayer if you were not apprised of that in the first place. I've been around a long time and have enjoyed getting to know so many of these wonderful beings that come here to minister to you and work with you in your correcting time.

Gerdean has a - has something she would like to bring forth, although I am not certain what it is. Let me give you the mic, Gerdean, and perhaps you can tell us what you wanted to tell us.

Gerdean: Thank you, Jack. Actually, I'm not sure that I wanted to tell anybody anything. I wanted, however, to say how much I have enjoyed reading the material from this entity who calls himself Charles. I believe he's a Mighty Messenger, maybe not, but he's assisting Monjoronson, evidently, and he recently had a very enlightening, insightful transcript that came through Daniel Raphael and I wouldn't mind developing a relationship with Charles if Charles would be amenable to that. That's what I wanted to say. I wanted to invite a relationship with Charles.

JACK: Well good! There's no lack of cooperation among the helpers. The work that--Well, let me see if Charles is available. Let me just check. Hold on.

CHARLES: Greetings. I am Charles. I am an advanced mortal, advanced all the way up to divine status, if you will. And I am delighted to be here at your behest, Gerdean. I have heard of your work and am delighted that you would like to entertain a relationship with me. I am pleased. All the teachers are pleased when a student seeks admittance to their classroom.

I understand that you and I have similar interests, in terms of civilizing this planet and advancing it from a place of barbarity and war to a garden environment of peace. You and I both know that that task is quite a long-term, in-depth undertaking and one which will require all hands on deck and so I am, of course, eager to know more of you and your qualifications, abilities, ideas and so forth. When you have some time, come and visit me in the stillness and we will persevere in the process of getting to know you. Perhaps you can set down some questions or introduce some ideas that we can then hash out together. I do understand that you have done much work in conceptualizing advanced societies, indeed experimental life stations and an experimental life station as you set it forth is not that much different than the co-creative design units that are already under discussion.

Any advanced civilization will of necessity be comprised of mortals who have the good sense to seek for guidance On High. Your planet has a history of movers and shakers creating their civilizations not necessarily by following the leadings of divine guidance but of telling divinity what it wants to see done and acting as if God told them what to do. There is a big difference in those two approaches and sometimes it s a very fine line between them.

The mortal mind, which you've been discussing here, is concerned about the finite environment; it is in service to the material world, for the most part, and so it is very easy for humanity to rationalize and justify its actions and embellish those actions with sermon-ettes or scriptures in support of singularly man-made solutions. This, of course, is why it requires a community of conscientious people who can see the value in the short-term as well as in the long-term effects and how its success or failure will impact on others of like mind or similar constitution nearby.

It would be easy for me to say, "because obviously what you've got going here is not working," but that would be most unkind to say because much of what you have here is working very well. And I would not want to negate your many accomplishments, even as we search for and seek to implement the furtherance of humanity.

Gerdean: I feel, Charles, that the seraphic planetary government is essential in this process of reconstructing Urantia from the effects of the Lucifer rebellion and the Adamic default. Could you comment on that?

CHARLES: Yes, of course they will be instrumental, even though they are fairly recent. They are here to, in fact, implement changes and we intend to take advantage of them, certainly. We are all in this together and those of us who will work in this undertaking together will benefit from all those who contribute or participate. It is when we all work together that things are accomplished; this is the value of teamwork.

I would like to go on and dialog further with you, Gerdean, but our time has run out for the day. I don't mind this being a short visit. It was a nice introductory tete-a-tete. Don't worry about our discourse conflicting with the discourse of any other individual I may utilize. Each relationship is unique and each friendship is an end in itself, so don't compare what we have and what we will develop with that which I have developed elsewhere with others. My motivations and theirs and yours are all the same in the end, so despite the colorful way we will go about it in each unique situation, we can consider that as part of the warp and the woof of creating this tapestry of reality that we all enjoy and that gives us such hope for the future.

I bid you good evening.

Gerdean: Thank you, Charles.

JACK: This is Jack, back again, to sign off formally and officially. It's been great fun, gotta run. You know there a million things on my To Do list. It's a busy time on Urantia. It might be evening here but its morning somewhere and the day is just beginning. There are miles to go before I sleep so let me be on my way with thanks to you all for coming. Thanks, Gerdean, for your service. I understand you are transmitting again next week. Perhaps we can ask Charles to avail himself next week and in the meantime, why don't you study up on some of the things he likes to talk about that you also enjoy so that we can all benefit from your liaison?


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