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Subject: LIghtline Teleconference 2012-03-08
Teacher: Charles, Voice Within
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, once again it is this time of the week
where we come together, to put our hearts together in this process of
exploring the spiritual realm. That is where we come to find you,
Divine Parents. That is where you reside and that is where our hearts
bring us to at this time, to seek you out in this space and all your
emissaries of light who we delight to share with in this time. Thank
you for this opportunity and the structure of this instance where we
come together and thank you for being willing to meet us partway in
this process as we assemble to meet you partway. We extend ourselves
in faith and trust that we make this connection in joyous connection
and be present in this moment of connection with you. Let it be so
even now, thank you.

Charles: [Mark] Yes, let it be so even now, I am Charles desiring as
well to let it be so, even now. It is this desire, this yearning to
come together that makes it possible so I thank you for extending in
the direction of your spiritual component and I thank the forces at
play that allow us to join in this fashion. Like you, I rely on this
great sense of trust and faith. Like you, I always entertain some
small quotient of doubt that the process will go as it has gone
before, that the participants will all be invested and engaged and
like you, I come to a meeting like this hoping for the best and
reaching out in faith and stepping forward such as I do now to
demonstrate my commitment to the process. All of you have assembled
here today in demonstration of your commitment and this commitment is
honored. Those ideals that you put into play are honored by the
universe and supported by a great network which rushes to accommodate
such ideals.

You all are growing familiar with this principle in practice in your
own lives. You all are learning that when you invest yourselves in an
ideal, in a positive direction, you are met more than halfway, that
there is a great sense of accommodation which rushes to your aid in
such times. This should comfort you and be a symbol to you that all of
this grand process in play is there to support you, to nurture you and
draw you forward into your spiritual dimension and your ascension
career. It is this process which allows us to interact at this time;
it is this process which brings to you, all that you have need of as
you traverse the long and winding trail of your ascension career.

The more you activate this principle and observe it and participate in
it and even wield it to your own ideas, the more you relax into the
process and exercise your faith and your trust to a greater and
greater degree. This is a great aid to you as you move forward in
growth, to be able to relax into the process, to be able to have so
much trust and so much faith that really, all room for doubts is
squeezed out, that there remains no more room in your consciousness
for uncertainty for you have tasted for yourself the certainty that
your conviction has brought to you as the process has unfolded before

You are aware, that as a child of the realm, here in your mortal
status, there is a great degree of timidity and uncertainty because
there is a great lack of experience as a youth. This experience brings
with it more and more conviction about life, how it works, what
happens, and what your role to play in it is. The more experience you
garner to yourselves, the greater sense of conviction you have that
you are in more and more control of your lives and even in control of
letting go and relaxing into the faith and trust that your life is
indeed cared for and that you are nurtured all along the way, all
along your ascension career.

The more this happens to you, the more conviction you have just as the
child who grows up learns to be more and more comfortable with their
life surroundings. The more contact with spirit you have, the more
easily you embrace the whole concept of interacting with spirit, just
as the more exposure you have to your peers as a youth, the more
relaxed you are and at ease in that environment. You have ventured out
into the spiritual arena, a new environment beyond even your greatest
mortal experiences. This environment brings with it a whole new set of
awarenesses, of understanding, of perception and it takes repeated
exposure and the experience that provides for you to feel more and
more relaxed and comfortable in this arena, activating this aspect of
your being.

This whole pattern of growing through basic insecurities exists
throughout the growth process. It is always a part of what must be
navigated as you grow, this confronting uncertainty, this challenging
of doubt that is part of a lack of experience. Until you get this
experience there will continue to be this challenge before you of
overcoming uncertainties and doubt and utilizing courage to exercise
your will and push yourself beyond your parameters of doubt. I honor
you all for having come into this arena of your own accord.

It is your choice, your many choices along the way, that bring you to
this place where you may start to gain the necessary experiences from
having come here repeatedly to instill in you a steady and sure sense,
a real conviction beyond faith, past faith, into a real knowing, a
real certainty where there is no more room for doubt because you have
seen through the veil of doubt and you have individually experienced
the certainty that your faith has provided for you. Then having such
certainty and such conviction, you are forever changed and a
knowingness replaces the uncertainty, an awareness transcends the
doubt and literally they are crowded out of your being. They no longer
have a place within your constitution.

This is the exercise that you do at times such as this, to add another
notch of experience to your belt and deepen your sense of conviction
and this process frees you from the limitations of uncertainty, of
doubt, and enables you to expand beyond even the perimeters you would
establish in your wildest dreams. It is my pleasure to join you here
at this midway point, at this place that we gather, in this place
where we gather in this arena of experience and awareness and
understanding and the knowingness that only comes from your personal
investment and the rewards thereof. I make this investment with you,
side by side and we are the better for it.

I thank you and the creators of this paradigm which enable us to grow
together in this way. I now take my leave and allow this sacred space
for use by others as well, thank you.

Voice Within: [Henry] Greetings friends, well done. You have placed me
in a correct perspective. I am that spirit within which is seeking to
bring you to the same level of substance as I am in terms of
personality. At some point in your career as a full fledged spirit
being, you will one day embark upon the shores [of] the Isle of
Paradise. But until that day, it is me and you as one that march
towards that day and we will truly traverse the whole of which the
universe has to offer you. I will safely bring you through each and
every situation in which you will find yourself, whether it is
something that is familiar or something which is unfamiliar, because
as God, all is familiar to me. Everything comes from me.

I like the notion of a personal God. I do try to be that in the human
sense. I want to be a person, a parent-like figure, ideal which you
aspire [to], which you look up to, from which you draw inspiration,
from which you find the necessary directions and advice which you
seek, the necessary love you need to share with yourself and with
others. Once a human being begins to loosen the shackles of his mind
and realize that the Spirit Within is like a spiritual water, it
nourishes everything. Everything in life needs water and in a
spiritual sense, everything needs spiritual water, spiritual water
which penetrates right to the core of the matter, spiritual water
which reduces the tension of a situation, spiritual water which
rehydrates, brings back the correct poise and balance, spiritual water
as nourishment for your soul.

I can be all of these things. With your help I can bring you to a
better understanding of who you truly are. Many times individuals try
to be something that they are not until they eventually come to
understand that it's best to try to be who you really are no matter if
that is radically different from another. It may be extremely
different from the mainstream of how people think they are, but only
you in conjunction with your inner spiritual guidance can truly
understand who you really are. No one else outside of yourself can
bring you to this understanding. True, situations will challenge you
and this helps to define who you really are, how you handle situations
or how you don't handle them. Both are correct because if you don't
handle it correctly, you do learn how to handle it correctly. If you
do handle it correctly, believe me, more situations will be
forthcoming. We need more individuals to handle situations correctly,
to be a negotiator for the side of spirit, to be emissaries, to be the
light of spirit.

So if you have not given the idea of a personal God a tremendous
amount of thinking or awareness, begin to entertain the idea of God as
this ultimate person which you can relate to who is tremendously
sympathetic to who you really are, He is tremendously sympathetic to
your needs and I may or not use the gender pronoun but I am speaking
to both genders, because inside of a female God is female, and inside
of a male God is male. He is neither either one but as a human
reference He is. Human references are just as important in
understanding divine prerogatives. So don't get entangled.

So the awareness of a personal God should bring you into a greater
sense of awareness of yourself because to come to the concept in your
mind of a personal God, you pretty much have to be naked, transparent.
You can't come to God with an agenda pretending and all the while
trying to pull one over. It doesn't work that way, God totally
understands, He lives within your mind, He is privileged to every
thought, every action, even thoughts you have not given expression to.
So try it on for size. Make God personable. As a Thought Adjuster I am
not the First Source and Center; I am not the almighty all powerful
Being which is that God. I am an aspect of God and as such, reflect
all of those qualities that strongly indicate who I am.

Mankind needs to begin to understand and believe that God can actually
come down to the level of where you are at any moment in time. God has
that ability and from there God can help you move through the quagmire
of life, the maze of life. It doesn't necessarily exempt you from
anything but it gives you a greater surety, a certain certainty that
beyond any doubt, you truly know who I am and who you are. This is a
beginning where spirit and human mind work together to achieve a more
resourceful and synchronistic condition of life.

I thank you for allowing me to share these few thoughts with you
today. Go in peace and I also leave this sacred space for others to
[use], thank you.

Voice Within: [Mark] Hello again, I would pick up once again through
another and you will observe a different tone, a different flavor, the
difference being the personality I am attached to because expression
of an Adjuster is filtered through the personality of His mortal
counterpart. This is how divinity becomes fragmented into all the
different manifestations. The divine nature and character of the First
Source and Center is represented through this Inner Voice connection
and then is expressed out to the world in partnership with the mortal
counterpart and the personality of this mortal associate.

There was reference to venturing out into the spiritual arena and
gaining experience and I would suggest to you that whenever you do
such, I am there. As a matter of fact, I have been sent by the Father
to broker such deals, to gently inspire you to extend yourself in
faith and as you do, I am there to facilitate the process. Every time
you are involved in a spiritual adventure I am there with you along
for the ride. I bring with me the Father's desire for you to have an
increased capacity so that you may be more and more aware, have more
and more faith and conviction and trust. I am assigned to you for this
purpose and I have your best interest at heart, therefore do I make it
my full time commitment to navigate with you the distance we must
travel together.

There are many different ways you may look at your approach to the
First Source and Center and I will be there with you every step of the
way to join you in your exploration of whatever ways present
themselves that please [you] and I will be forever patient as I wait
for you to make the choice of your own accord to proceed in any given
direction. However, I am always there as counsel and may be called to
act with you as one in partnership more and more. You see, it was
never part of the grand design that you be left alone, on your own,
for you are the children and there is a great design to usher you
through these successive stages of your growth and development.

Whenever you venture into an area you may seek the counsel of my
wisdom and you may or may not choose to accept it but I will
nevertheless be ever faithful in offering it should you seek it. This
journey that we are on together is made with my absolute and complete
conviction of certainty that this joyous ascension career will
culminate in complete success in your having grown to be a divine
being and us having grown together in this process so that when we
arrive back to the First Source and Center from which we were issued,
we will do it together. We will be as one, you providing your
personality and your gift of individual self, and me providing my
guiding light to direct us back along the trail towards perfection.

It is my delight to be involved with you in this process and more and
more I discern it is your delight as well. You are more and more aware
of our relationship and I am deeply pleased to see this transpire. You
are never alone for I am always with you and I have been sent by the
Father to bring you home. Together we will make this journey and
gather to us along the way, a rich attainment of experience and there
will be great faith, there will be great conviction, and there will be
great certainty in the outcome.

I thank you for this opportunity to continue in this vein of
attempting to illuminate this relationship that we have to each other.
We will continue this as long as it takes, even for an eternity if
necessary. So be it, I bid you all farewell.

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