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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-03-18
Teacher: Charles, LIght, Mother
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Hello my friends, Charles here to accept your
invitation to dialog about the issue at hand, that being the basic
level of discontent experienced by so many on this mortal journey
today. This discontent arrives when individuals one by one have
progressed to a state of awakening and this enlightenment that they
have had wakes them up to the great contrast that is before them as
they see how things have degraded in the direction of greed and
manipulation and basic unloving attitudes and they are enraged and
sense that such a chance at life with such a beautiful planet and all
that is going for them is somehow being corrupted by forces outside
their jurisdiction.

This is a normal and natural process that occurs as those who become
awakened begin to make these assessments and discernment's about their
environment and what is right and what is wrong about what they
observe. The problem with this arises when the individual observing
becomes overwhelmed with the information stating the magnitude of the
problem and the danger arises that those individuals who become aware
become paralyzed with the notion that the problems are too big and the
solution is somehow too great and that their impact or even their
opinion of what is right has little or no effect.

So what can be done to steer those discerning individuals away from
the conclusion that all is lost? What can be done to insure those
seeking individuals that there are positive solutions as well as all
the apparent negative conditions? I tell you what will be done in the
end is the example of the lives lived by those who know there is a
bigger picture to observe than all the apparent negative influences
present in the world immediately before you. The conviction and faith
of one who knows of a certainty of a grander picture, of the fact of
Michael's jurisdiction over this world, the presence of all the
administering spirits who would help to see this world ushered into a
correct state, the plan of the Creators of this universe that is in
place for such a world which has taken such an interesting turn.

To all of you who know of these truths and can affirm these realities
in your own lives, your lives are the greatest signal you can send to
those whose lives have been rocked by their awakening because the
stability that you provide in your conviction of a larger perspective
and a greater plan can be a significant anchor point for those who
find themselves in a rising tide of uncertainty. Those who have faith
and those who have conviction and who demonstrate such in the way they
live their lives will be those anchors of stability for many as they
look, desperately seeking for the higher ground, the solid point to
attach to, the fixed point of a north star in the swirling night sky.

That is what you may be to your fellow individuals, your family, your
friends, your compatriots around you, because as the tide of
uncertainty rises and the contrasts grow to extremes, you may be there
with yet an even larger awareness and perspective that transcends the
circumstances and details of any glimpse of time and space because you
have seen it through the perspective, through the scope of your larger
awareness of grander truths that exist behind all these temporal
details. That is what we attempt as teachers, to instill in you this
reaffirmation of a larger picture or a greater plan that is in place,
constantly reminding you that there is more going on that meets your

Just as the parent grows into some wisdom about what to expect during
the phases of growth of the child, so it is, those who are spiritually
aware come into some level of awareness and experience about what to
expect as spiritual growth occurs as well. There always is encountered
some period of great unsettling because one has shown a willingness to
leave the base camp and venture out into the unknown wilderness. There
arises immediately upon that decision a fear which must be overcome
because you are leaving the safety that you know in your base camp and
you are agreeing to let go of that safety in favor of grabbing on to
the new reality that you can only find by having let go of the old.

So bear with all of your brethren who will demonstrate their
frustration, who will exhibit their uncertainty, who will manifest
their unknowingness, this is as it should be. This is a necessary step
in the growth process of spiritual awakening, this is a good thing
although it may be a difficult step from time to time. Most difficult
steps that are taken in growth are highly rewarding. One must lose and
shed an old way, a tooth must be lost so that a new one, a better one
may take its place. But in the interim there is the episode of losing
the tooth and the trauma associated. Nevertheless, the divine plan,
the bigger plan, has in store for a greater thing to happen after this
episode and you all bear witness that this is a repeating pattern.
There must be the giving up of one before there can be the gaining of
another to take its place.

This process is greatly unsettling because there is a period before
you have grabbed onto the new where you are in unknown territory. So
allow all your brethren the freedom to be in this unknown territory
and to, in this process, draw to themselves that which they need to
build a new and better place to reside, a new and better foundation
upon which to build even a greater structure of understanding. Simply
be there for them as you have said; allow them their expression in its
wholeness and all the while maintain your posture of higher awareness
so that they are drawn into your version of awareness and you do not
succumb to wallow with them in theirs. Simply being there for them and
holding the space, holding the reality of higher awareness is a
service to all. Never underestimate the value of your contribution
along these lines in all aspects of relationship; your maintaining the
integrity of one who has certainty and security in universal truths
and principles means you are the high ground which may be sought as
the waters rise.

So be it. I am always grateful for the opportunity to add to the
conversation and potentially to the enhancement of understanding and
awareness. I now withdraw to allow this space for others.

Light: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light and I would offer a few
words. I would build on the foundation Charles has offered. I would
use his imagery of leaving a place of security and safety and
venturing out into the unknown and the courage that it takes to
venture out beyond the walls of security and the influence of spirit
in this equation. But what brings you the conviction to go forward
boldly as you manifest your faith? That is this spiritual charge that
you feel when you act in such faith and such conviction.

I invite you to consider how this plays out in relationship to your
relationships; that is, if you are confronted with an individual who
is manifesting desperation and despair, you have in that circumstance
an opportunity before you just as you are observing the opportunity
before the individual you are being there for. Your opportunity to be
brave and bold and go out beyond your comfort zone may be that you are
bold enough to bring forth some of what brings you stability and
comfort in your life, in your awareness. It may be your opportunity to
go into uncharted territory with individuals as they are wont to share
with you, so it may be that you could share your heart with them, a
story of peace and love and grace, a story of faith and conviction, of
certainty within your heart that all will be well no matter what
transpires in the form of details, a conviction of faith which has
your destiny secured.

You have the opportunity from time to time to share some of your
deepest thoughts, some of your most sincere convictions and there is
no time like when an individual is sending out a cry for love, the
demonstration of frustration, the sincere dissatisfaction with a
current state. This is when you may be most influential in taking that
leap of faith yourself. What if you were to discuss some details of
your vision of how things will get better? What if you were to go
beyond your comfort zone in these realms? The worst thing that could
happen is that it falls on deaf ears. The best thing that can happen
is that you have taken another growth step, you have provided for
yourself another opportunity to express who you are, what your values
are and how they affect your view of life and your very life itself.

You have all gathered to yourselves many tools that can be used and a
great sense of how to interface with universe principles. So in these
times that are before us, when there is a great crying out for an
increased awareness, I pray that we all may have the courage and the
strength in those moments to be bold, to be an act of faith and
conviction in service. Remember, your experiences and your awareness
are absolute as unassailable, they are your personal achievements and
cannot be challenged by another. They may not resonate with all
others; there may be a disconnect of timing but nevertheless they are
your gifts not only to bring to the Supreme, but to offer to your
brethren. I invite you to consider this avenue along with the many
others that are present in the circumstance such as this and invite
you to join into the game as much as you feel you are led to do.

I bid you all have a wonderful week and a good morning. It is always
my joyful pleasure to be with you. Thank you for hearing my words,

Mother: [Cathy] My children, I am here to assure you of our steadfast
care in these uncertain times. Our plan is underway, our plan is
designed for your best development. As all parents, your Father and I
have created a safe environment for you to experience growth. We watch
with pride as you move forward and exercise your prerogatives, your
freewill choices for growth, both of your personal growth and a new
vision of growth on this planet. We are so proud of the progress being
made at this time. We will hold your hand as you step into the
unknown, we will support you as you find a new way to grasp the needs
of your fellows. We will be the bridge across the gap from known to
unknown. Our love and care surround you always.

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