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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-03-04
Teacher: Light, Michael, Unknown
T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Light: [Cathy] I am pleased to join the discussion about the uses of
light for healing. I was brought into existence as a seed of light and
have indeed blossomed into a being of intensity through both training
and experience. My hope is that you will join with me in increasing
your capacity for healing on this world both in physical aspects of
bodily healing and in the repair of broken areas of social and group
dynamics. I am always available to enhance light, to focus into areas
of darkness. I am your ally in all efforts to focus light on this
world. You have grown in the capacity to recognize and focus your own
light. I will add to you extra capacity as requested. Opportunities
surround each of you and I am with you always.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, this is Michael. My life
and teachings have not been tremendously popular on Urantia. It has
become such that one must find perfection [within] themselves. One
must be able to see within your own life what it is that you have to
do to move forward. Many are not interested how someone else has done
it correctly, they are only interested in how they themselves can do
it correctly, and I honor them. This is natures way, this is the
plight of the human mind, to at first trust that which it is familiar
with and then slowly, incrementally, to take in one thing at a time
that it has a problem with and get used to it.

It is like loving others; it was no problem for me to love others,
love was my nature, it is my nature; but for many, love is not their
nature. This is something that must be reasoned in the mind and there
must be a reason to love another, according to the human mind. This is
why there is tremendous emphasis on the spiritualized mind, the mind
that has opened itself to a process of evolving thought form into
action, into mimicking universe directives, into seeing that in the
end a perfect human life is a human life of love.

It is one thing to backtrack and feel guilty about all the things that
are incorrect in your lives but spirit does not view a human life as
such. Spirit truly sees the goodness in each of you, it is you who
must learn to see the goodness within yourself instead of focusing on
the things which have not been so good. This was very true of the
individuals that were left on the planet who experienced my life and
teachings while I was here on the earth. They were at a tremendous
loss because I was not there to guide them. Even though I was there in
spirit, they clamored for the physical presence, they were
downhearted, downcast, and at a loss.

Persecution was at an all time high. People had to hide in secrecy to
meet. It was not my intention to set up what has become known as the
Christian Church; these were human intentions, these were necessary
bridges that humans needed to bridge the gap between the actuality of
their lives and the perfection they sought within. The evolutionary
worlds were created for human struggle for it is through human
struggle that the values, ideals, and goals of humanity are defined.
They are not defined in their complete sense at first; one part at a
time, each step of the way must be defined, for as a human
evolutionary struggle, there exists a tremendous possibility for error
which results in the awareness of what needs to be corrected.

This is the part of imperfection seeking to become perfect. There are
constant adjustments which must be made. The evolutionary struggle is
no different than the individual struggle. In this sense, the part is
the whole and the whole is the part. No one of you is without
struggle. The ability to have less struggle in your life results from
a deep personal commitment to understanding who you truly are and to
beam the light which shines within for all to see. Besides the
universe protocol of my universe sovereignty which had to do with my
living the life in the flesh, I came here completely on my own accord,
willingly accepted to live a human life perfectly as God would. As God
is in me, I Am in Him; as He is in you, you are to be with each other.
Thank you.

Unknown: [Cathy] Leverage your knowledge to enhance your experience of
spiritual living.

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