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No. Idaho Team 2012-02-19
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa, Mother, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Hello friends, Charles here accepting your invitation
to join into the lively conversation. About this mornings sharing, I
would say, behold the wonder and miracle that is portrayed before you
in how the system works. Behold and witness that you bring to these
conversations, aspects and attributes and traits, some of which are
old to you, that is, you were exposed to some time ago, some of which
you were coincidently exposed to quite recently. All these tumble
about in your sphere of awareness and recognition until at some point
there becomes the final edition of the final component which causes
the like elements in your soup of awareness to combine and settle out
and show you a new taste, a new look at things which have been a part
of your awareness but have not been connected by your awareness until
they reach a point where they become focused and the solution settles
out and provides for you something you can see as real and definite,
something you can feel in your awareness as true and good and beautiful.

These components may have been swirling about in your solution for
some time but the addition of one grain of truth causes these
components of your solution to bind together and become something that
your soul can identify and see as clearly as when the solids settle
out in your science experiments. This is the beauty of the process and
the program which you are involved in. All these things become added
to your solution in life; as you seek to bring them into your
awareness you add these components slowly and carefully as you deem
them appropriate and good and you stir them into your solution, thus
changing forever the composition of your individual solution, your
individual mix.

The more you seek to experiment and to bring into your field of
awareness these different ideals, different truths, different
perspectives of understanding, the more different components your
solution contains which may be brought together and bound together by
their natural attraction, thus forming real and solid particles out of
what were dispersed ideas and random truths. There were so very many
good and positive grains of truth brought to be added to your
solutions today that it is hard to seize on any one of them but i will
take some of the last offered and support this notion that while you
engaged in this rather scientific process of assembling all these
components and seeing what settles out in your own individual
solution, realize that these activities are largely undertaken with
that part of you which is the mind which is structured to allow these
experiments and which is positioned to observe and to accept the

What draws the scientist into the laboratory is more than just the
mind and its curiosity, there is an underlying yearning of the soul to
experience to its greatest capacity, that which is out there and to
grow in the process. This process then becomes turned over to the mind
as the one in charge of creating this growth, largely, through this
experimental process you call life. You are all learning that there is
one observer behind all of this action that you take and all of these
results that you observe. This observer is the one who is growing in
the process, the one who is benefitting from all these exercises of
the mind. It is this yearning of the soul which you are attempting to
feed in these processes of discussion, observation, and
experimentation. While the results may become visible to you, even in
your mortal life as you perform these trials and experiments, the
values contained in these results are only understood and embraced by
the observer, by the soul, by the one who continues, the one who
embraces these values and is changed by the experiment forever.

So while you endeavor to put two and two together on this world, to
reread and restudy and perhaps glean new facts and information which
support your observation of truths, always realize that there is the
observer behind all who is not merely seeking the results of this
experiment or that experience but who is assembling to their eternal
destiny, the values contained in these observations and experiments.
These are your possessions not only in this life but forevermore;
these are the things which go beyond mind, go beyond body and are part
of your eternal experience and your eternal observation. But I stand
in gratitude with you at how this process works and how it is so
designed to provide for you that which you seek, to bring you the
experiments of life, to provide for you the opportunity to observe and
to promote every effort that you make at seeking for more which is,
the building of the soul.

It is my pleasure this morning to be granted the opportunity to bring
these words. I understand that this is a public forum and will allow
it for use by others. It has been my pleasure to join you this
morning, thank you.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning my friends, it is I,
Machiventa, here to take this opportunity in this friendly open forum,
to share a few of my observations on the discussion this morning. It
occurs to me that water is similar to the mind. In the mind, one
erroneous thought can taint the whole of the mind. Focus of this
tainted thought can render the mind completely worthless to the higher
functions just as one rarified and elevated thought can alter the
continence of the mind.

Water has similar qualities. Water takes on whatever it is that it
touches and like the mind which is composed of 98% water as a brain
functioning, water can also hold thought patterns in its consciousness
that can actually affect its physical characteristics just like
erroneous thought patterns can alter physical characteristics of your
own body. Worrying, worrying about things you have no control over
results in a less than optimum feeling of satisfaction, more so it
empowers the feeling of anxiety and stress which form undue
functioning in the weaker parts of the body itself until it manifests
in pathology.

So just like thought, there are aspects to reality that support and
strengthen the healthy functioning of the mind and body and the
building of soul. Truth is like a mental fertilizer, it brings the
necessary ingredients to bear upon the mind that aligns it, brings
everything into a perspective that correct decisions can be acted upon
and correct thinking can bring in certain thoughts that can come in no
other way. I like the word soup, because in the human body, water is
like a soup, it is full of all kinds of things.

It is interesting what gets evacuated in the body through water and
what does not. The cleanliness of the body is related to the
cleanliness of the fluid which the body contains, it has a
relationship to the mind. Yes, it is interesting to note how all
things are related and how they function together even though they're
functioning may go unnoticed the large part of the time. It is like
the movement of the hands of a clock, they move without you're being
aware of their movement but when you look at the clock you go: Oh, it
is eleven or oh, it is five o'clock or oh, it is midnight.

So to view life as a continuum is to view its wholeness and how
everything directly relates to this experience of life which you have
been given. You live in times where awareness is being given a
priority, conscious awareness which at one time was used by a select
few is a groping endeavor by the masses of life on the planet at this
very moment. Everyone is becoming conscious of their value as a son
and daughter of God. They are becoming conscious of justice, conscious
of the freedoms they may or may not have, consciousness of the quality
of life, consciousness of the potential endeavor of life, and
conscious of the small part that one plays in the larger expression
which life is offering.

So it is possible to conceive that in a short period of time, as
eternity goes, there will develop this tremendous consciousness on
Urantia which will break the social constraints of manipulation and
create a condition of peaceful endeavor in which the blossoming of
life can function and the greater ideals of the spiritual universe can
be fore-tasted as it is now in individual lives, [and] one day will
become the manner of operation here, even on this sphere. So as little
parts of the big picture are beginning to appear in consciousness
being blended with the human experiential consciousness, there, growth
in consciousness will result as a tremendous advantage for mankind in

I offer all of you today the water of life as a spiritual metaphor of
the grace and compassion of the almighty Father to you today. I will
leave you with a new term, wash your water. Thank you and have a good

Question: Earlier in our discussion, a question arose about the belief
that every cell in our body is regenerated every so often. The
conventional wisdom is that it is every seven years and yet we seem to
be replicating the aging body instead of a renewed body. Perhaps the
statement regarding the time period is incorrect. Could you comment on
that please?

Machiventa: Thank you for this question. There is a cycle in which the
physical body replicates itself on a cellular level. In all honesty,
this is a personal matter, meaning that it is not quite exactly the
same with everyone though in general it is. This is why when you watch
a child grow, you see outward changes of the cellular expression of
growth, of reformatting the different parts. Then sometimes the time
clocks are off. For example: Your bones can grow longer than the
muscles or the tendons to the muscles thereby putting an undue amount
of stress on the ligaments and tendons of the body as happens during
adolescence when certain children grow too fast that genetically parts
are not coordinated in their growth.

Like in some genetics there is a tremendously large brain in a large
head. All of the cellular response is individual in this respect, in a
genetic sense. In a general sense, what this patterning refers to is
that if you are trying to alter something physically in your body like
responses to stimulus, the way in which you act upon these responses
to stimulus, that if you are able to hold a certain space for a length
of time, that the new and resulting cellular formation can contain
this pattern that you are attempting to duplicate or change or alter
within your structure.

For example: Using a negative example let's say you have had an
accident and the accident has left one arm impaired and you favor this
impairing of the arm, you put it in a sling and you leave the sling on
indefinitely. Well, even after the arm heals, the way that you have
been holding it will continue to express itself even though on a
cellular level, all impairment to the arm has been healed. Another
example: You take an arthritic person that is bent over and they
cannot stand up straight and they can barely move the joints in their
extremities and you lay them on an operating table and give them
anesthesia. As soon as the anesthesia takes over their body and they
go out, everything straightens out and relaxes normally. As soon as
the operation is complete and the person is brought out of anesthesia,
they will go back to this hunched over crunchy form that they are
familiar with.

So these are some indications of how the mind can condition certain
aspects on a physical level. It is like a little tree, if it is tied
down and bent to one side, it will grow with that bend in the tree and
as a large tree you will never be able to remove the bend. But unlike
a tree, the human body responds to an individual mind, the mind of
that body. The consciousness of the tree does not have an individual
mind. It is something external which has come upon and put a condition
onto the tree which will perpetually express that condition.

But rather, in the human body, if something external causes a
condition in the body, it can be changed internally through the mind
and there is a relationship between the cycle of cellular reproduction
rather than regeneration. Regeneration means that it is returning to a
former state much like what was discussed with the 'system restorer'
in the computer. But if the cellular body just replicates itself, it
is replicating the aging of the cell, it is not regenerating the cell
as it replicates it, it is just making an old cell to continue to live
by regenerating all of the information in that cell. If you intend to
regenerate the cell, you must add consciousness, you must consciously
be able to hold a state of regeneration in your consciousness on a
cellular level so that the cells can respond to this state in which
you intend.

This of course deals on a quantum level, this speaks of a mind that is
tremendously focused and tremendously in control of itself. So there
is the notion that things become the way they are because they are
allowed to. If things are not allowed to go the way that they are
going, they will not go that way. So here is a very interesting
concept that spirit has achieved, this consciousness. This is why
spirit operates on an entirely different level than the human level as
you operate, though you are hooked up and connected with spirit and
you are slowly discovering many spiritual benefits.

There is the constant juxtaposition between the human tug against the
spiritual tug, there is a tension and the ability to relax this
tension will yield a greater spiritual result in you life. I'm not
certain that I have adequately answered your question but this is what
I am offering you for thought this morning.

Q: Thank you, that was most helpful. Some of the pieces of the puzzle
just locked together and I am very grateful.

Mother: [Cathy] I am reaching out to you in the process of creating
health and vitality. The physical body is an accumulation of the
physical forces and the elements of chemical components that create
this vehicle that you inhabit. You do indeed have the capacity to
recreate your form continuously. I and my helpers are in constant
effort to guide this recreation process to the benefit of your
spiritual experience in this life. Your thought patterns have a
molding effect upon the physical component that has just begun to be
recognized. As Machiventa mentioned, negative thoughts and emotions
sometimes interfere with the optimal usage of the hormones and
nutrients at a cellular level. Blockages can also develop that distort
the intended use of the physical elements.

My mind spirits are intended to participate with you in your
experience on this planet in your mortal life. It is within their
capacity to enhance your physical functions by bringing you nearer to
the universal pattern. This help of spirit through mind is available
to alter some of the blockages and dysfunction in bodily functions.
You have knowledge that the body can be enhanced by nutrition and
strengthened by usage and exercise. Your mind also has enhanced
function available and the mind spirits are designed to aid you in
interactions with other elements in the environment. We are here to
help, we are available and waiting. We have been operating at an
unconscious level but you are also able to consciously use this help
to enhance your function. All elements are available to be brought
together to enhance your time on this world. My love embraces you as
you take these first steps to function at your highest level. I am
most proud of your efforts.

Light: [Mark] Hello friends, Light here to take advantage of this
extraordinary opportunity to add some water to a seed that has been
planted here today in the hopes of nourishing it and allowing it to
grow in your concept frame. We have all been involved together in this
portal project, building this doorway into an alternate dimension and
all the while that we have been engaged in this you have each been
constructing your own doorway, your own portal into your own spiritual
dimension. There have been some great discoveries and observations
along the way as to how to traverse through this doorway, how to
observe spiritual truths and expand spiritual awarenesses on the other
side of the door as it were, and through willful intention, to then
bring these ideals and awarenesses into your present arena of
awareness in this mortal realm using this most wonderful tool of mind
that was just referred to.

Having indulged in this process and engaged in this pursuit, you have
learned that there is a real validity to this observation and have
brought these greater awarenesses into your presence and observed that
they have impacted your lives and brought you expanded parameters that
you observe from your seat of awareness and all this is well and good.
Seeds I would fertilize and nurture today that have been planted, is
that I observe that when this happens and ones who have gone as you
have gone before your present state of awareness and have returned
back with new levels of awareness, oftentimes this awareness is
brought back and positioned even immediately before you where you
reside in your current position.

The thinking is that these new and expanded horizons which you have
exposed yourself to still lie to the outside of you, before you, for
you to experience at some subsequent time, at some future moment, even
bringing them right up to your doorstep often saying to yourselves, I
will experience this next or later or as soon as I am able. I invite
you now to foster this new seed of awareness; we are going to build on
this platform that you have constructed thus far. We are going to
include the idea [in] your awareness that you need not wait for
anything, that your moment of now may be immediately influenced
through the use of the tool of mind that has been observed, and that
your very instant of now, not your moment of the future, your very
instant of now may be impacted and altered as a result of your
spiritual growth and awareness and even, and here's one that may be a
new one, your awareness of spiritual truth that is out in front of you
and before you may not only be brought back into this instant of the
now where it may modify you and change you forever, but it may also be
brought to bear on that which has come before you in your experience.

That is to say, many things that individuals harbor in their
experiential data base were experiences encountered without the proper
basis for understanding the proper level of awareness. So these past
experiences loom large for you because they were not able to be
properly interpreted. They were misunderstood as a result of your
basic immaturity as a developing being. This of course was not your
fault, not understanding what may have happened to you in your past.
Your mind, being such a powerful tool and one ultimately [which]
defends you in times of need, has done its best to interpret these
past events and store them and secure them so that they may be of
minimal harm and impact to you.

But these were not interpreted through the eyes of a spiritually aware
being with the experience of one who knows greater and better truths
and perspectives. Now, what I say to you is: You are not only able as
spiritual beings, to bring that which you venture out beyond your
parameters and find, back and influence your current moment, the
instant of the now, but if you are hindered or troubled in your growth
by instances of the past, you may also bring to bear upon these, the
new eyes you have developed of spirit, the new awareness that you have
fostered in your growth, to reexamine and reinterpret these
experiences and to put them in proper perspective.

This is how the healing that you have discussed goes on that you
desire to undertake for cleansing your own personal grid, your own
personal parameters of self. There may be times required that you
engage in such activities because there are many experiences mortals
have which chain them to the past, which literally drag them down. As
much as you may have a desire to move forward and your soul may seek
spiritual growth, there is the matter of your mortal existence which
must be reconciled. Left up to the mind it is likely stuffed and fails
adequate interpretation. The way beyond these obstacles is to simply
venture both ways on your time line, to go forward through the door of
your portal and find the perspective needed to properly interpret and
then go the other way through the door of your portal and seek to
reconcile unreconciled events with the new eyes of spiritual awareness.

I know that this has not been discussed before but this seed was
planted and I have fertilized it and given it the water of life. Now
we may see if it thrives and can be added to the foundation and
structure of your spiritual awareness. Again I behold with you the
magnificence of this process, the building of one truth upon another
and the growth that ensues. Thank you my dear ones, it has been my
pleasure once again. I bid you all have a good week, farewell.

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