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No. Idaho Team 2012-02-05
Teacher: Elyon, Light, Unknown, Charles, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Elyon: Hello friends, I am Elyon and I want to seize on some of the
threads of your conversation, particularly the part you mentioned
about having to start, having to begin, having to put yourself forward
to break the lock of the stationary and transition. That is really
such a significant aspect of your ascension career, is that one be
willing to break the lock of stagnation and be willing to move and it
does all, in the end, depend on your free will choice to make it so.
That is why you are so important as co-creative beings, you are the
point where the rubber meets the road, the fulcrum can be applied and
the leverage utilized to make manifest that which is of your choosing.

This ability to be able to extend beyond your comfort zone makes you
powerful and potent co-creators. The ones willing to go out on the
limb and step forward into the unknown always find themselves rewarded
[but] likewise may always entertain the doubts, the uncertainties
about the process. But you all have been engaged with this process
long enough to know of its validity and your own individual
experiences with it and we have grown down this path together as it
has been my pleasure and privilege to be with you. I now step aside to
allow this platform to be accessed by others, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] It is Light here to encourage your continued activity
of enhancing our connecting portal. We have indeed created the
structure, we have polished and extended. You have given much energy
for the operation. All of this is good. In the process, your group has
enhanced the ability of individuals to interact with this structure.
We encourage you to experiment with our creation, the possibilities
are endless and we are the ones to begin the discovery of uses of this
structure. Be encouraged to use your own ideas to manipulate the
forces and focus the energy to areas of need. You are aware of need
and have the ability, the tools to manipulate this tool. I also am
endeavoring on this side to join in this effort. Know that I am always
joined with you in spirit and in love.

Unknown: [Henry] In order to become more powerful with anything, is
your ability to empty the vessel you have and fill it full of the
power you wish to exhibit. If you are to become a being of love, it is
important to relinquish all which is not love and to receive a full
measure of love within your being and it will become more practical to
be a being of love. The same with light, one must be able to fill all
of the space which is in darkness within with light to make it
possible to anchor this light into your being-ness and to know you are
being depleted of that which you possess that you may be able to
refill the vessel.

This is true with all things in life. You must fill yourself full of
the things you want to become. To become a being of truth you must
live in truth, your life must reflect truth. Most of the time, that
which you seek must be accessed through a neutral stance, a balanced
and neutral position. The charge of life is more important than the
result of life. In all conscious reality, observation is a tremendous

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to you all, I am Charles here, I have a few
words [for] you of encouragement to see yourselves in a long term
relationship with donating your energies for the good of the project,
that is, expanding your view to this association and relationship to
be one of more long ranging and of longer duration. In fact, you
signed up, as you know, for a long term commitment to your projects
and to your own individual careers, so these donations that you make
so faithfully and lovingly may be utilized in so many different ways
that we will look forward to working with you and directing energies
as they are most fruitfully applied. It is a pleasure to work with you
for such a project that is before us but which continually evolves and
changes and no matter what the specifics may be. The intentions of
service are the same; the details change, the focus does not. We are
focused on our desire to be of service and therefore we shall be
directed and aimed in that direction. Thank you for the opportunity to
have a few words with you today. I bid you all have a good week.

Michael: [Cathy] I am here to add encouragement in this discussion. In
my time on your world there were times of doubt, especially before the
baptism. I was unsure of the path, the will of the Father. I learned
to experience, to take a step, to begin without a full knowledge of
the result. My human mind could discern only partly the final results.
I felt the remainder rested with my Inner Guide from our Father. It
became natural for me to rest in the assurance that truth, beauty, and
goodness will come from the Father's will. I spent much time in what
you know as the stillness, connecting with the Father's will. This
habit became transforming for my human self as it was reaching for the
divine self that was emerging. In the same way, each of you has the
ability to reach out to your Divine Guide and search for the will of
the Father in your daily interaction on this world. Always will you
be supported by your Mother and myself.

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