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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-01-15
Teacher: Charles, Michael, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Hello again friends, this is Charles. It is a pleasure
to join in with such a jolly crew to offer my contributions to the
thought stream and as you have said, there is so very much on the
banquet table to choose to indulge in. I hardly know where to begin
but I think it will be with the questions I discern in some of the
narratives regarding what steps may be taken by the individual to in
effect, bridge the gap between where you see your society and culture
today and where you envision the future taking you.

I will attempt to make these analogies. For instance, when you come
and seek spiritual guidance as you do at this time, you are reaching
for the unknown and stretching to be able to grasp those things which
you feel may be just outside your reach. You are willing to extend
yourselves and come in open-minded sincerity for what you might find
into this place of spirit, this place where you perceive you may find
answers to your questions which are not readily observable before you
in the real world. You are right and correct to come in this direction
for such guidance, as you state, because this direction of spirit
moves in the direction of truth and certainty and conviction and
faith. This is where you find those attributes which make it easier so
you can navigate the real world that is in front of you that you are

As a result of coming to this place of spirit you are learning that
this place does not have some of the same restrictions, that is, you
may not be restricted so much by the influence of time when you are in
a spiritual space. Indeed, that is why you are able to come and get
answers which extend beyond your current circumstance; you are in
effect stretching the boundaries of your time existence by coming to
the spiritual plane. This is how you may be most effective as an
individual for once you have fore[seen] a better way, once you have
foreseen a higher way, then it is within your capabilities to, as the
saying goes, be the change that you can envision; because you have
glimpsed it you may become it, you may assume its characteristics and
traits and in so doing you traverse time. You travel through this
portal of spirit into the realm of potential and possibility and for
you having adopted this as truth, the very changes you wish to see,
you may be. The very influence you wish to have will be borne out
through your example.

So this desire of the human heart to have a more perfect condition, to
undergo the changes necessary to arrive at a better [shore], to pursue
ideals which may guide your principles and motivation, these are the
tools and the techniques you will use to transition from the place you
find yourself to the place you can envision. There is this common
phase of "be the change you wish to see," and truly that is the most
powerful thing an individual may do. You may also find yourselves
drawn towards other like-minded individuals as you enjoy in the
circumstance of this group who would help support your freedom to
entertain these visions of grandeur, these ideals that you see out
there before you.

This happens to be as well a holiday weekend and the cause for this
holiday is the observance of Martin Luther King. Let him stand before
you as an example of one who ventured out before his time, who
traveled beyond the restriction that he found himself imposed under
and ventured into a higher realm allowing himself to capture and
envision the truth that lay in the future and bring it back to the
people of his time and say that he had a dream, he saw a vision, and
that it was this way and that it would become this way. In so doing,
he gave all those who followed him this vision to build and latch onto
and create and join with him in the journey that he took to foresee
this vision and foretaste it in time. Likewise you can be these
messengers just as he was, messengers of a new and higher way that you
can envision and see, that you pursue and seek as in this format we
share and the creation thereof which is a manifestation of your desire
to reach into this dimension and to use it as a means of transport to
a higher realm that you can allow yourself to embrace.

Thank you for this chance to jump into the conversation. It is always
my pleasure to grab a couple of these threads which have been woven
into the tapestry and attempt to bring them together and tie up some
loose ends. I now step back to allow for the influence of others in
this realm, thank you.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings this morning my friends, it is I, your
friend Michael, here this morning to share a few words in response to
the overwhelming discussion this morning, to point out that the notion
of narrative prose and poetry of life, the ability of one person to
see a universe in a grain of sand and another group of people just to
see a handful of sand, is the ability to find that greatness within
yourself. People have, since the dawn of man, searched the planet for
the richest and most valuable thing. Now during these times of
spiritual awakening there is a tremendous search going on for the
spiritual gem of reality on this world.

Do not think for one-second that seeing correctly and expressing it
will go unfounded by others. There is a tremendous need this day for
the poets of this world to express themselves, to show forth the
beauty in the commonness of reality, to show the greater spiritual
beauty which overshadows all earthly transgression, to see the
greatness of a thought against the power of a decision and to see the
heart of indecision open to the consciousness of compassion. I myself
can relate to the singular walk in this world of the person with a
vision for a greater humanity. I know all too well what it is like to
be silenced for what you truly believe and express.

Though I was not the only person to have shown this on your world, the
power is within each one of you to walk this path, to sow seeds of
righteousness and beauty in a fertile but unproductive soil. No matter
how many weeds grow up, it can never choke out the vital grain which
has been sown and which people seek for nourishment. Just because the
garden is overrun by grass doesn't mean that you can live on it. Just
as you have searched within your soul for the meaning for your own
lives, you give hope and courage to others that first, life does have
a meaning, that it is real, that it can be found, that there are ways
to begin to trust what you feel is welling up inside of you as a time
when you must give these thoughts expression, expression in the lives
that you live, the lives that you lead, the friendships that you
nurture, the people whom you smile to meet.

I have all the confidence in the world in all of you to move into a
greater sense of awareness, that though in your time, the fullness of
greatness may not be achieved but the foundations of greatness have
been laid. I don't have to tell you what season you are in, you all
have observed all too well what season you are in and where you are
at, what is your play in this fight for righteousness. I too know this
struggle yet do not become burdened by the severity of the situation
but become grateful for the situation that has produced the kind of
people you have become.

Goodness is not born from ease, goodness is borne through a
persistence to show forth something that is missing. It is like the
world is a paint by number portrait and your task is to pick a section
and put color to it, give it the meaning it deserves. This is the
tapestry of your lives for you are all being woven into a mass
movement of mankind. You do have control of the design which you
display. You all have control of the color of your thread. You all
have been gathered from the hair of life into a strong thread spun
within the looms of heaven. You who have given evidence to the
greatness within, go forth, show your true colors. Just because the
world has become black and white does not mean that the spirit has
been drained from you.

So my children, go forth in peace with my love, my blessing and my
companionship for I am in the midst of you all. I am the battle cry
for peace and righteousness and you are my true colors. We continually
embrace you in our arms of love. Go forth and know that your task,
though great it may be, one day will shine in all of its glory, thank
you. Have a good week.

LIght: [Cathy] I am here to add to the conversation. In the process of
reconstruction there is always the period of de-construction of the
existing, to make way for the new. We are indeed in a period of
reconstruction on this world. In the past our world has operated on
principles of self interest and greed. We now see that this path must
be changed to bring the planet into alignment with universe
principles. The Father's plan has been brought forward to bring
correction to this time of rebellion and confusion. It is proceeding
most admirably as intended.

In this process will be a period of dismantling the structured
institutions that were built upon greed and manipulation of the
freewill of individuals. In place of these old institutions will be a
framework based upon truth, beauty, and goodness. The original pattern
will be dusted off and polished to show its strength and viability.
This will show a new path for individuals to move into the intended
era of Light and Life. Together we can shine our light on the path and
draw others to a new vision. This is a most exciting possibility for
individual action and group cooperation to move the planet in a path
toward a new type of living with each other. Remember your ability to
focus the light and concentrate the light as we move together to bring
this new pattern into the worlds consciousness. I will always be with
you in this effort.

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