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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-12-18
Teacher: Unknown [Midwayer?], Charles, Michael, Light
T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Cathy: [Prayer] Might we envision the circuit from heart to heart
around the group, giving light to our world, to the portal for its
use. I am getting a picture of the portal which is interesting because
in the past it was circular, more like a funnel and it was long. But
[in] this picture [it] is short, like we're getting closer to the
interface, like we were far away and now it's in closer proximity.

Unknown: [Cathy] You are indeed approaching spirit in a closer
proximity, we are reaching down and you are moving up, so to speak. We
are becoming more integrated as energy is added to the system. We are
pulling spirit down and around the planet and as more individuals join
the circuit the ties are growing broader and shorter, the "bandwidth"
so to speak, is enlarging and making a larger capacity for connection.
We on our side are in constant effort to enhance the number and
quality of connections on our "grid". Your efforts at increasing the
interface, your portal, are most helpful in our work, thank you.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings this morning my friends, it is I, your
friend Charles. It is good to be here in this circle, so greetings
from space. The first thing we will do this morning is integrate the
Universe Light Federation into the portal grid, just open up to their
connection, their presence, their willingness to be of assistance and
to lend light to what is already an increasingly brilliant portal, a
brilliant and luminescent portal of light. Thank you for the
conversation this morning.

The anchoring of light, the grounding, the ability to bring it into
your daily presence of reality and how you interact with people is an
ever increasing sign of spiritual growth, of your ability to truly use
this light, especially in your feeling of tremendous need and
compassion for helping people. It is like everyone you meet has some
particular thing at that moment in their life that needs assistance.
You know that when you meet even a complete stranger and something of
this nature is expressed, you have a tremendous desire inside to want
to help them because you empathize with what they are expressing and
you may have an ability to assist them in bringing in spirit, light
and love. All of these are expressive of the same thing. It is
expressive of the beauty, the immense nature of divine personality, of
divine goodness.

The term God may necessarily be a neutral, maybe even cold term, but
the expressions of God are not that way. They express the inclusive
nature, God wanting to be in the middle of everything to help, assist
with that one thing that you are having a problem with that day, this
desire to help because He empathizes, He understands, He has
compassion and He has the ability, the wherewithal, to help in that
moment. As children of this God, we all have this ability in this
moment to express these divine qualities within ourselves.

In perceiving the light, to be able to see with light a negative
thing, is like putting it under the microscope and getting a close
look at its surface, its texture. The texture of something that is
wrong is different from the texture of something that is right for the
texture of something that is right has a different feel, it feels
correct, like the hair of an animals body all going in the same
direction. The texture of something that is not correct is stressed
and the stress will reveal itself in the various non conforming
aspects of the texture, the incongruent quality.

Again, to shed light on something that is evil, is that you find that
there is no depth, it is only a shallow reflection back. Mostly what
it is, is a textured surface. The persistent nature of evil to sustain
itself is its problem; with light you are able to see this and act
accordingly. Evil is in non-fixed motion, it will eventually run
itself out. Once the fuel is reduced and stopped, the fire begins to
burn. When there is nothing left there, it will have burned itself out.

But do not confuse fire with an expression of evil. Fire is just an
exchange energy for it is desirable for the fire of love to burn ever
so warmly in your hearts, the fire of peace, like a cloak that you
wear so that all know that you are a person of peace, that you are
easy to deal with, you make sense, you always have something to add to
the equation. This is part of the behavior, how it begins to reflect
within you, through you, and in what you do.

Thank you, it is so wonderful to come into this circle with you on
this day. Have a good week and we will see you when we meet again,
thank you.

Michael: [Cathy] I am pleased to join you today in celebration of our
connection and family grouping. I am encouraged by your discussion of
belief and faith as they apply to action. We are in a period of action
and expanding love. I have studied rebellions and planned carefully
for a program of correction to remove the products of rebellion. Your
participation has proven most helpful in the implementing of my plan.
As I approached my work on this planet in my earthly life, it became
clear to me that the establishment of my Father's kingdom would need
to overcome many obstacles erected during the rebellion.

I determined to uplift the mortal consciousness over a download
correction from my powers here. It was my goal to bring all of you up
in love and compassion instead of overlaying the existing problems
with a sweeping brushstroke of the original pattern. The result of
lifting all my children up would far exceed the benefit of a quick fix
from above. You have experienced many errors on this world and
correction will come for all of them. In the effort, you will learn
much that will benefit you in growth and capacity to apply love to
future challenges. As agondonters, you have a special capacity to
function in my universe plan. As agondonters, your faith has been
tested and expanded. It is most beautiful to behold. I am most pleased
and as a parent, most gratified. I send my love to you all as you
pursue the path to perfection.

Light: [Cathy] I am Light here to add my energy to the gathering. I am
connected to you in many ways that help enhance your ability to throw
the light, to use it to illuminate the surrounding objects and ideas.
You have great power to wield light but must become efficient in its
use. In [the] future we will work together to enhance this skill. My
love and light to you all.

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